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Predix Features and Reviews

Predix IoT software delivers shared capabilities, asset connectivity, big data processing, analytics, and machine learning that powers businesses driving the global economy.


The Predix IoT software is an asset-centric foundation that provides secure application platforms that run and extends digital solutions for different industries. It handles billing and financial transactions for various companies and financial institutions. Professionals use the software for analytics-driven outcomes. Predix can be optimized for low latency, high volume, and integration-intensive data management.

Predix IoT helps companies innovate and optimize their asset performance. They use the tool to help with investments and the plans of the organization. The platform allows them to deploy processing and analytics power to control assets in real-time or through the cloud. The tool creates a digital twin, which is a dynamic representation of physical assets and analytics for building custom apps and solutions for various businesses.

Developers, Controls Engineers, and Data Scientists use Predix IoT software to process and manage data, operations, and assets. With the platform, users can centralize data, apply analytics, visualize the results, and then act on the insights provided. Companies can monitor conditions and manage incidents with Predix without requiring software development. The platform helps them reduce downtime, increase reliability and availability, and lowers maintenance costs.

Engineering and aviation sectors use Predix IoT software to predict when a machine part needs repair, saving them time and money in the process. It is an automated platform that can run apps for the industrial world.

Product Details

Predix IoT software delivers visualization, analysis, and machine learning applications to industries and tech companies. The platform features a built-in user console that provides event management and IoT visibility without needing to create custom software or apps. Professionals utilize Predix’s integrated capabilities and workflow for analyzing anomalies and alerts, monitoring data and assets, and resolving cases using a unified work environment. Companies can also extend or customize their experiences with a rich set of APIs.

Predix IoT software utilizes analytics and machine learning for detecting anomalies. Users benefit from the platform’s predictive maintenance and prescriptive controls. The tool helps industries import or create machine learning analytics to support their most demanding workloads. With Predix IoT software, organizations can make data-driven decisions that help in automating their business processes. It drives efficiencies and allows users to predict critical failures of their machines by sending out regular maintenance alerts and more. The feature will enable businesses to conduct preventive maintenance and avoid unplanned downtimes.

Predix IoT software allows industries to utilize its asset-centric Digital Twins to reflect on past and current conditions, and future predictions of machines. Enterprises leverage the application to deliver the proper maintenance and health of their equipment. Then predictive properties of the software allow users to optimize their companies’ operations and achieve better industrial outcomes. Predix IoT software’s Digital Twins capabilities provide increased reliability and availability for businesses while reducing their risks and maintenance costs. The tool uses performance data and historical context to understand past events and present conditions necessary for predicting future states.

Predix IoT software adopts a secure-by-design mindset that allows industries to protect their data while it travels from one point to another. Users can monitor and analyze data in a flexible environment without worrying about cyber-attacks. The Predix platform maintains integrity throughout the life cycle of data. During the process, the runtime environment is scanned for anomalies that could compromise the machine’s systems. Any suspicious event found is compiled in an incident report and sent to the engineers for immediate resolution.

Predix IoT software connects industrial assets to the cloud and each other. Instead of connecting coffee pots to alarm clocks, the software focuses on advanced features such as linking jet engines, turbines, and locomotives to each other. The platform leverages its understanding of asset models and operations to develop new values for industries. Companies can bridge the gap between software and processes, allowing them to add value and innovation to their organizations.

Predix IoT software provides core capabilities needed for industrial internet applications. Companies can leverage the platform’s asset services to create, import, and organize data models for their businesses. It also uses the appropriate storage technology to preserve and store data, making them available to applications whenever they need it.

Predix IoT software provides a host of industrial services that work in concert with each other. The platform offers customers a way of modeling their assets and associating them with data sources. Predix’s analytics services allow users to analyze massive amounts of data and detect trends or insights about their assets. Engineers can use the platform to determine, optimize, and update the temperature range of a turbine. They can also ensure the proper shutdown of the machine when necessary to avoid major failure of the engines.

Predix IoT software supports Cross-platform and Multiform factors for desktops and mobile devices. Predix operates in various environments, making it possible for professionals to use wherever and whenever. The software can be launched from the boardroom to rugged environments such as oil rigs. It synchronizes data between remote devices and enterprise domains with the help of the backend services; this way, developers can create intuitive and easy-to-use applications. The mobile software also supports offline interaction to assist users working in remote areas.

Predix IoT software helps industries unlock access to almost any data source. Users collect, filter, process data, and send control signals with edge-based apps and analytics. They are then forwarded to the cloud for further processing. Predix provides users with secure channels to monitor and change setpoints for their connected industrial machines with the help of a technician console. Equipment providers and operators use the software to enhance the availability and functionality of their equipment – gaining a competitive advantage in the process. Predix IoT also enables companies to reduce servicing costs and improve their customers’ satisfaction.


Predix IoT software provides organizations and firms with the capabilities they need to develop innovative and valuable industrial solutions for their customers. Gathering the data and operational skills of intelligent devices allow them to improve their business prospects significantly.