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PRTG Network Monitor

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PRTG Network Monitor Features and Reviews

PRTG Network Monitor Network Monitoring Software offers IT pros a unified monitoring solution that helps them detect and report problems in their entire network and solve them in real-time.


PRTG Network Monitor Network Monitoring Software is a real-time monitoring solution that can detect, visualize, and solve problems in an entire network. It places the user ahead of IT infrastructure issues and prevents the problems from escalating or becoming critical to a business. Over 300,000 system administrators worldwide use the software to monitor server and hardware performance, website accessibility, or virtual environments.

One can use the software to monitor traffic, devices, systems, and applications in an IT infrastructure. The licensing is fair and straightforward, and users only pay for e PRTG allows users to add anything with no need for plugins or downloads. It is easy to use and is suitable for all sizes of businesses. Plus, it provides pre-configured and auto-discovery device templates, so it is easy to start using the software or switch from any other network monitoring tool.

Midmarket or enterprise-sized companies often distribute their IT teams across multiple offices, data centers, business units, legal entities, or areas of responsibility. Using a single monitoring solution provides a consistent result throughout the organization.

PRTG Network Monitor Network Monitoring Software is optimized for usability, so within ten minutes, one can install the entire software. Installation includes the web server and database, and it starts scanning and monitoring the network during the installation process. The software guides users through the installation steps and provides libraries, drag-and-drop map editors, and other features that ease the administrator’s work.

Product Details

PRTG Network Monitor network monitoring software integrates well with the entire IT infrastructure of an organization. Users can use the software to create dashboards to integrate all their network components. So, one can monitor anything, including cooling fans, memory, processors, power supplies, and any other parts.

The software makes it easy to personalize maps with custom HTML or make them publicly accessible through URL. These dashboards and charts visualize the network in real-time. It immediately detects when a switch or router fails and alters the functioning of the server. Virtual servers are not left out as they are automatically recognized and added to the monitoring system.

PRTG Network Monitor network monitoring software allows users to choose their preferred alerting system. When PRTG discovers unusual metrics or problems, it alerts the user. It is flexible, so users can choose to recieve alerts through email, HTTP, or push notifications. They can also schedule alerts or customize them according to their needs. An example can include not getting ’low priority alerts’ at night. It offers dependencies for users to avoid alarm floods. Users can customize their notifications with PRTG API.

PRTG Network Monitor network monitoring software is an all-in-one bandwidth monitoring solution. Reduced bandwidth can be critical for businesses or large organizations as it can lead to loss of sales. So, it allows users to analyze their network bandwidth and detects bandwidth overloads. The software supports WMI, SNMP, Netflow, and Packet Sniffing. The software shows real-time data like upload and download speeds and prevents network strain.

One does not have to be a professional to use the software to find available bandwidth. Users can determine how much bandwidth their applications and devices are using. The software monitors data from a router to measure the traffic on a network. It informs users of all ingoing and outgoing traffic so they can see the servers or applications that consume the most bandwidth. PRTG Network Monitor Network Monitoring Software shows bandwidth usage in graphs and toplists, and the consumption parameters can be based on IP addresses, port numbers, protocols, and more.

PRTG Network Monitor network monitoring software offers a quick way to troubleshoot. Looking for network problems, including the causes of slow applications without a monitoring tool, can be costly and consume time. PRTG sends prompt alerts to ensure those system failures are prevented in advance or do not last long. It helps users recognize when to increase their capacities in medium to long-term.

PRTG Network Monitor network monitoring software recognizes when users’ bandwidth usage spikes. It monitors the network long enough to start identifying the usage patterns of bandwidth to detect peak periods. This helps users to plan for more bandwidth for those times. It may be a period when updates are made or increased demand on your website.

PRTG Network Monitor network monitoring software is an all-in-one server monitoring solution. It monitors mail servers, web servers, database servers, virtual servers, and more at a glance. The software checks the servers regularly, so users can know their status at all times. 

The software provides an overview of a server’s resources and notifies users when they have exceeded certain pre-set thresholds. This is important to system administrators because it allows them to improve their network performance and stability. The software dynamically adjusts to the size of one’s server landscape, and all licenses can be upgraded as more servers are added.

PRTG Network Monitor network monitoring software gives a more comprehensive overview of database performance and availability. The software has over 200 pre-defined sensors for database manufacturers. It pings the network to create appropriate sensors automatically and save the system admins a lot of time. Users can see the execution time of their entire database on their PRTG dashboard all the time. It queries data from your database with a short connection, query, and return time.

PRTG Network Monitor network monitoring software monitors large IT environments. The software simplifies monitoring while ensuring clarity, performance, and ease of use. It can handle thousands of systems and devices in multiple locations. Yet it offers increased visibility and control as the infrastructure and devices increase. 

A larger setup may mean an increased load on monitoring solutions, which may lead to problems like false monitoring results. As a central component of most IT environments, PRTG is vendor-agnostic with a flexible API and allows users to customize solutions that match their business.


PRTG Network Monitor Network Monitoring Software is a customizable software that can monitor the entire infrastructure and applications of an organization. Users get prompt alerts when the software detects problems or overuse. They decide how they want to receive alerts and the types of notifications they want to get per time.