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Qlik Sense

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Qlik Sense Features and Reviews

Qlik Sense data visualization software drives data literacy and analytics in organizations from any industry with analytics tools, augmented intelligence, and scalable multi-cloud architecture.


Qlik Sense data visualization software enables every member of an organization to make better, informed, and data-driven decisions. This software goes beyond data visualization — it focuses on providing analytics solutions for decision-makers, retail, executives, salespersons, customer support, and analysts. Plus, AI powers the automation of data analytics processes.

With this software's multi-cloud architecture, users can deploy it on-premise, private cloud, or enterprise SaaS. Qlik Sense offers enterprise-grade integration, flexible data governance, and open APIs, which serve as a foundation for data analytics. Additionally, users can explore data from multiple sources with no pre-aggregated data holding them back.

Qlik Sense's AI functionality allows users to develop smart visualizations, reveal outliers, and spot hidden insights with ease. The AI-powered capability of this software can extend to voice and visual prompts. Data expertise is not necessary to effectively use this software. Besides, it supports users at all skill levels.

This software allows users to organize and distribute insights to drive action. The architecture of Qlik Sense enables users to develop automated data pipelines and share data analytics securely at an elastic scale. These real-time data refinements, publishing, and distribution speed up the availability of data. Plus, users can access their data both online and offline.

Users can access, analyze, visualize, and collaborate with their data on the go using mobile devices. This software allows users to access data and insights without affecting their workflow quickly. The flexibility Qlik Sense offers users to meet any use case. Additionally, users can explore and visualize both small and large data sets.

This software allows users to discover insights and interact with analytics using tools like Skype, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. The interactive dashboard and reporting function on this software help users make better business decisions.

Product Details

Qlik Sense data visualization software guides users into making discoveries with the aid of AI. This software features automated insight suggestions and auto-generating analytics based on the search criteria of the user and the data set. Plus, users can explore both conversational and visual analytics on this platform.

Factors like user behavior, industry knowledge, user feedback, and trends power this software to adapt, learn, and generate applicable insights. This software's advanced analytics integration with real-time data exploration helps users to make smart discoveries using data science. Besides, the simplicity of this software makes it easy to drive data literacy amongst users.

Qlik Sense data visualization software allows users to interact with their analytics on messaging tools directly. Users have access to conversational and natural language insights that drives analytics adoption both on the software and on messaging tools like Skype, Slack, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams. Besides, Qlik Sense possesses a self-learning AI functionality that provides relevant visualizations and insights when asked.

KPIs can be easily measured and tracked using this software. Integration with voice interaction solutions like Alexa is possible. Users can seamlessly move between visual and conversational analytics without workflow disruption. Plus, members of an organization at any level can make decisions quickly.

Qlik Sense data visualization software embeds analytics to allow users to access relevant data quickly. Users do not need to use a different analytics application as they can access it directly on the software. Organizations can empower their employees and customers with relevant business information they need without slowing down their workflow.

Businesses can embed analytics at the point of decision within the software for different departments to foster business growth. Users can add interactive analytics to their insights to increase the web and mobile user experience. Plus, this software allows users to use dashboards and visualizations to boost revenue and drive adoption.

Qlik Sense data visualization software allows users to create analytics and collaborate with their team using any device. This software has an intuitive design built for mobility. Users can access this software through the mobile app or an HTML5 based client on mobile browsers. Besides, It offers a fully optimized, customizable layout and functionality regardless of the device used.

There are no data exploration and analysis restrictions on mobile devices. Users can access both conversational and visual data analysis seamlessly on their mobile devices. Plus, users can search all their data to uncover relevant analytics and insights.

Qlik Sense data visualization software features dashboards that help users to understand their data fully. Users can build and distribute interactive dashboards to help them stay on top of their business.  Global search functions allow users to get any information they need quickly. Additionally, interactive dashboards can be analyzed to drive better business decisions.

Qlik Sense data visualization software enables users to explore data without any limitations. No predefined queries or pre-aggregated data can hold users back when exploring all their data in any direction. Users can get relevant insights by using interactive selections and global search functionality. Plus, users can combine all their data sources seamlessly.

With one click, users can update all their analytics. Analysis can be done quickly, even with complex data sets and a large number of users. This software allows users to manage their data and build custom applications effectively.

Qlik Sense data visualization software allows users to create, publish, and share reports in different formats. This software supports popular formats such as PDFs and Microsoft Office. The flexible designs and functionality of Qlik Sense enable users to create any type of report they need. Additionally, users can schedule and customize their reports for delivery via a centralized digital hub, shared folders, or email.

Qlik Sense data visualization software allows users to build custom solutions seamlessly. A full set of open APIs is available for users to create custom analytics apps or extensions. Plus, the pre-built collection of developer solutions empowers users with a robust ecosystem.


Qlik Sense is a robust data visualization software used by people across departments in multiple industries. Artificial Intelligence, multi-cloud architecture, interactive dashboards, mobile mobility, and reporting tools are a few of the functionalities on this software. The core strength of this data visualization solution is its emphasis on scalability.