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Qubole Features and Reviews

Qubole Big Data Analytics software provides end-to-end and open data lake services for machine learning, ad-hoc, and streaming analysis.


Qubole Big Data Analytics software provides cloud-native data management services that allow organizations to utilize the power of data to get valuable insights. The platform offers a unified environment for various data processing engines and major cloud providers. Companies use Qubole to simplify their data management, engineer data, and run-time services. With the software, they can secure reliable access and collaboration to improve productivity and lower the cost of cloud data.

Qubole offers users incredibly fast access to petabytes of secure and reliable datasets for machine learning and analytics. It supports different open source frameworks like Hive/Hadoop, Apache Spark, TensorFlow, Presto, and Airflow. The platform utilizes near-zero administration. Users can also add or subtract computer nodes dynamically.

With Qubole Big Data Analytics software, industries can reduce data lake costs by 50 percent. Qubole offers services that self-manages, self-optimizes, and learns from usage through machine learning and heuristics that allow users to handle complex data. The software also helps companies to run a persistent metastore that reduces cluster uptime. Since Qubole uses cloud services, organizations can take full advantage of the scale and elasticity of the system to eliminate risks of vendor lock-in.

Leading brands such as Disney, Adobe, Expedia, Oracle, and Gannett, use Qubole Big Data Analytics software to innovate and transform their businesses. The platform reduces the financial resources companies need to invest in big data, putting it within reach of startups and small businesses.

Product Details

Qubole Big Data Analytics software enables users to analyze structured and semi-structured sets of data. The platform allows businesses to connect and preview new datasets and complexities by performing data profiling. Users can select optimal scalable infrastructure and compose queries with Qubole’s unified interface. And once the analysis is completed, they can download the complete result sets to visualize with a tool of their choice. The notebooks and dashboards allow users to collaborate and share the results with team members or clients.

Qubole Big Data Analytics software uses advanced security systems to safeguard users’ data in the cloud. The platform allows companies to monitor compliance with confidentiality and security continuously. It leverages the capabilities of public clouds, resources, and policy strategies that are designed to detect and avoid gaps that could lead to future breaches. Qubole Big Data Analytics software also enables analysts to encrypt data when it is stored in the cloud for protection purposes.

Qubole Big Data Analytics software monitors the user’s system and allows them to visualize real-time insights based on data clusters. Companies can monitor key business metrics and take immediate action when necessary to improve business operations. With the detailed reports of commands that Qubole provides, users can investigate patterns and trends in data analysis. The platform helps industries manage and control costs by providing granular visibility of infrastructure spend at various levels. Professionals can also justify business plans, build ROI analyses, and prepare budgets.

Qubole Big Data Analytics software helps team leaders to govern data by providing rights and privileges to datasets. The platform allows users to anonymize information based on the column and row filtering. Qubole Big Data Analytics software restricts particular user access to insights and resources. Analysts can mask data using a single policy across multiple engines and systems.

Qubole Big Data Analytics software lets industries leverage predictive analytics to predict future changes in the business world. Ecommerce platforms can analyze historical data to help them improve promotional campaigns by discovering what their customers prefer. Businesses use the software to create better target promotions based on their client’s habits and shopping patterns. Qubole helps users to identify operational issues that need addressing and then defines the criteria required to solve the problems.

Qubole Big Data Analytics software provides companies with rapid operational insights via real-time views on streaming data. With Qubole, data engineers can manage thousands of data pipelines within a single window, enhance productivity, and reduce operating costs. Users create pipelines that capture the benefits of real-time data for ad-hoc analytics and machine learning. Qubole improves game analytics, connected vehicles, fraud detection, weblog analytics, operational monitoring, and more applications. Advanced users can use the software to design a data pipeline-interface without needing to write any codes.

Qubole Big Data Analytics software enables managers to empower their team with self-serve analytics. Businesses can discover, visualize, and query big data with Qubole’s unified platform. Pressing data challenges are handled without the hassle of cluster performance issues, data bottlenecks, or traditional provisioning methods. Users can focus on the discovery and exploration of data with Qubole Big Data Analytics software. The offline feature helps them inspect notebooks and queries without running a cluster.

Qubole Big Data Analytics software supports ETL processes that allow organizations to move data from multiple sources to integrate into one place. Professionals can extract, transform, and load event data. After getting data from sources that are not optimized for analytics, Qubole then cleans and optimizes it for analysis. Business intelligence teams run queries on the database before presenting it to organizations to use in making executive decisions. Companies use cloud-based SaaS applications to store significant amounts of their business-critical data.

Qubole Big Data Analytics software helps businesses to innovate and modernize their operations with data science and machine learning. With Qubole, organizations gain full visibility into entire data pipelines to explore and query insights and trends. Users can accelerate machine learning with the platform’s intelligent spot management and autoscaling options. Jobs are rapidly configured and improved with specific optimizations that Qubole provides. Industries can deploy trained models, create, monitor, and schedule production workflows.

Qubole Big Data Analytics software enables companies to perform run-time services on their systems. Users can avoid cloud compute costs that are associated with idle clusters by shutting down nodes upon job completion. Qubole helps them shut down a cluster without risking the loss of data in the process.


Qubole Big Data Analytics software provides valuable business insights to organizations with machine learning and analytics. With Qubole, users can build big data apps and expand from traditional data warehousing to big data ones.