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Quill Features and Reviews

Quill natural language generation software transforms users’ data into stories and inserts them directly into their dashboards or domains.


Quill natural language generation software helps businesses to automatically write their data stories in seconds and showcase the crucial aspects to their users. Quill uses an advanced Natural Language Generation (NLG) platform to transform data into actionable insights that organizations can use to make informed decisions. With the software, analysts and analytics leaders can ingest and interpret data before turning it into stories that everyone in the company would understand.

The software takes structured data, including numbers and symbols, mines, and converts them into the user’s natural language, which is English. The reports explain what the data describes, providing talking points for professionals when dealing with clients in real-time.

Quill helps businesses to improve their customer relationships and increase productivity in the process. Professionals can use the platform to gain valuable information that is relevant to their roles within the organization. Quill natural language generation software processes and generates data in real-time and in a customized package.

The platform supports various industries, from small businesses, medium-sized ones, to large enterprises. Quill natural language generation software translates data into specific formats that different members of an organization would understand. Quill also helps users to focus on the positive aspects of their portfolios and how well it tracks against their personal goals.

Quill natural language generation software allows businesses to access and mine multiple datasets, before telling the stories behind them.

Product Details

Quill natural language generation software helps users to understand the significance of data findings and insights by automating business analysis. The platform allows companies to save time and resources by interpreting and identifying the most significant parts of data before generating reports in plain English. With the technology, analysts can transform codes into Intelligent Narratives at an unprecedented scale and speed. Quill allows professionals to spend less time writing reports and more time acting on the insight derived from their customers’ data. Businesses use the software to gain the information they need to make innovative decisions and improve engagements with customers.

Quill natural language generation software allows companies to add data stories to their favorite dashboards. With Quill, businesses can empower their users to act on insights by offering them data stories they can understand. The platform enables exploration by creating stories that respond to users’ visualizations. Analysts can add, remove, or reorder different parts of a story based on their level of importance to their organizations.

Quill natural language generation software helps users facilitate and analyze customer interactions to improve their products and services. Web designers can use the technology to provide a more user-friendly experience for their users. Software features such as autocomplete, spellcheck, or auto-correct help customers locate the information they need at a particular time. Quill also allows organizations to aggregate and decode all of their clients’ feedbacks on multiple platforms.

Quill natural language generation software integrates with business intelligence tools to interpret trends in companies’ data. The platform allows businesses to automate time-consuming and high-volume reporting workflows by explaining what takes place in their graphs and charts. Quill interacts with users’ data and keeps them informed on significant trends and insights contained within it. Businesses then take the feedback provided and make decisions that would improve their operations.

Quill natural language generation software enables business executives to have adequate talking points while dealing with clients. Analysts can use the technology to analyze real-time data and gain talking points during meetings with board executives. Quill eliminates the time they would have spent analyzing the data and creating reports by providing complete information on the company’s operations. The software also allows users to improve their portfolios and discover new business opportunities in the process.

Quill natural language generation software helps customer service teams improve their level of interaction with customers. Organizations can use the platform to manipulate human language, extract meanings, or generate texts to suit specific business purposes. Quill detects several useful breadcrumbs between companies and their customers that enable them to pinpoint the reason for their dissatisfaction or discontent. With Quill’s natural language generator, analysts can monitor their client’s intent by transcribing and analyzing call recordings. Users can also deploy chatbots or automated assistants to provide immediate response and decrease the workload of customer service teams.

Quill natural language generation software allows industries to analyze unstructured data generated from external databases to gain valuable intel. Users can understand their competitors’ behaviors by creating and analyzing insights from the market. Companies also use the platform to monitor their reputations and handle business intelligence. Quill natural language generation software determines the attitude, emotional state, or intent of customers by assigning polarity to their texts. It also helps professionals by recognizing information that would impact their operations.

Quill natural language generation software helps e-commerce businesses to track or match specific keywords that indicate users’ interest in their products. Retailers can place ads and use the platform to discover interested customers. Quill’s NLP checks to see if certain words are included in users’ texts and social media posts. Companies use the result to restructure their ads and figure out the best ways to get them in front of their audiences.

Quill natural language generation software allows pharmaceutical companies to gather information about their patients based on web search trends and patterns. The technology enables them to extract crucial details such as names of drugs, patients, or diseases, using rule-based or statistical methods. Quill identifies keywords and converts them into forms specified by the organization. Healthcare practitioners can use the platform to extract adverse drug events from unstructured clinical narratives or electronic health records. The information gathered by these professionals allows them to utilize the trends to improve the performance of their next products.


Quill natural language generation software helps various industries to explore both structured and unstructured data by creating stories that respond to their visualizations. The platform provides users with intelligent narratives that allow them to gain a more profound understanding of their operations and carry out informed decisions.