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ReadSpeaker Features and Reviews

ReadSpeaker natural language generation software helps brands and organizations deliver personalized and better customer experiences, save costs and improve business outcomes. 


ReadSpeaker is a cloud voice technology and natural language generation software for professionals and companies. The company delivers natural-sounding synthesized voices and utilizes deep neural network (DNN) technology to enhance voice quality. 

ReadSpeaker delivers voice and text-to-speech solutions across industries including automotive, accessibility and conversational systems, media and entertainment, healthcare, learning management and assessment systems, educational institutions, public address, and broadcast systems, nonprofits, and the government.

With ReadSpeaker webReader, companies can add speech to their applications and website to make their content accessible to a broader audience. The software provides over 200 natural sounding voices in more than 50 languages and reads out content in a loud voice on multiple devices. Educational institutions use ReadSpeaker webReader to deliver content to people with learning disabilities, literacy difficulties, language learners, defective vision, elderly people, and busy professionals. 

With ReadSpeaker docReader, organizations can allow third-parties to view and read their document on any device easily. The software supports multiple file formats, including PDF, XLS, DOC, DOCX, ODT, ODS, and more. Additionally, the platform supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Dutch, and more. 

ReadSpeaker formReader makes online forms easily accessible. With this feature, companies can acquire leads faster, increase the number of website transactions, and build better customer relationships. 

ReadSpeaker speechCloud API allows companies and developers to create speech-enabled software applications and devices, including medical devices, interactive kiosks, translation apps, ebook readers, talking clocks, and more. The tool increases the interactivity and usability of desktop web and mobile applications and provides high-quality voices in multiple languages. 

ReadSpeaker speechMaker lets companies generate high-quality audio files using advanced text-to-speech technology. Companies use this software to create dialogs for animations and movies, reading manuals and guides, creating speech-enabled PowerPoint presentations and multimedia files, creating talking books and audio, etc. Users can change voice pitch and speed, create unique vocal effects, and convert multiple texts to audio. 

Product Details 

ReadSpeaker webReader allows managers and organizations to reach a wider audience and enhance user experience. With this feature, educational institutions, website owners, corporations, nonprofits, and the government can provide website visitors or customers with superior user experience. 

The tool lets users add speech to their website or application so that their customers can listen to audio versions of their content. Companies can enhance content accessibility and make written material available to more people. 

Educational institutions use ReadSpeaker webReader to deliver their content to people with learning disabilities, literacy difficulties, language learners, defective vision, elderly people, and busy professionals.

ReadSpeaker offers over 200 natural sounding voices in more than 50 languages. The platform reads the content out loud on multiple device types without the need for file or plugin downloads.

Companies can customize pronunciation and dictionaries to their specific needs or according to industry-specific terminologies. Managers can access usage statistics to analyze how often visitors listen to their website or mobile app. 

With ReadSpeaker webReader, managers can get more value for money. The company has a qualified support team that provides linguistic, implementation, advisory, and development support. Users can select or enlarge text, and download an audio version of their web content for offline use. 

Organizations use ReadSpeaker docReader to make their documents easily accessible. With this tool, companies can enable employees, suppliers, learners, contractors, and other third parties to seamlessly view and read their documents on mobile and desktop devices. 

The software supports Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice file formats such as ODP, ODS, and ODT. The tool also supports Microsoft Office file formats and other file formats, including XLS, XLXS, PPT, PPS, PPTX, DOC, and DOCX, RTF, PDF, and EPUB. Additionally, the platform supports multiple languages including, German, English, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, and more. 

ReadSpeaker docReader lets companies customize the tool to optimize their visitor's reading and listening experience. Users can customize the docReader interface using CSS, add logos and styles to reflect their brand image. The software offers HTML5 support and a user-friendly interface for iOS and Android devices. 

Companies and developers use ReadSpeaker speechCloud API to create multiple speech-enabled devices and applications. With this tool, companies can build interactive speech-enabled web, desktop, and mobile devices, including household and industrial appliances, social network readers, ebook, SMS and email readers, pronunciation apps, interactive billboards, and more. 

ReadSpeaker speechCloud API offers seamless integration and access to high-quality voices in multiple languages to allow customers to read texts in devices and applications. The software enables software applications to send text and receive text-to-speech generated by audio files that can be played back on internet-enabled apps and devices.

Developers can integrate ReadSpeaker speechCloud API with open-source application and communication platforms such as Asterisk. Users can add text-to-speech capabilities to private branch exchange (PBX) and interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

The software supports multiple audio file formats, including mp3, Ogg, wav, A-law, u-law, and PCM. Also, it has a built-in customer-specific dictionary that lets customers control how some words are read. Developers choose between several voice types and languages. 

ReadSpeaker speechCloud API has sample codes in multiple programming languages, including Java for Android, Objective C for iOS, PHP, ASP, Flash, and ActionScript. The tool lets developers access a statistics interface via API or web. 

ReadSpeaker speechMaker allows companies and professionals to convert text into high-quality audio. With this tool, companies can quickly produce sound for marketing, sales, and operations purposes. Users can use the audio files for offline and online applications, web applications, mobile apps, e-learning materials, or presentations. 

ReadSpeaker speechMaker lets businesses customize the tool to suit their needs. Users can create their pronunciation dictionary and add adaptations to the built-in dictionary by adjusting the reading of specific words, abbreviations, and acronyms. The tool allows users to change the voice pitch and speed, create unique vocal effects, preview the audio file before production to ensure that the generated file meets quality standards. 

ReadSpeaker speechMaker allows users to convert multiple texts to audio and speech. Users can adjust the pitch, speed, and volume for batch files. The software provides detailed statistics and insights into the number of audio files that have been generated using different voices and languages. 


ReadSpeaker allows organizations, educational institutions to build and deliver speech-enabled applications, and devices. With this tool, managers can convert text to high-quality audio files, enrich their training and e-learning manuals, and create dialogs for animations and movies. The software helps organizations increase customer engagement and improve customer experiences.