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RStudio Features and Reviews

RStudio statistical analysis software creates a sustainable open-source business that allows R users to perform data analysis and share computing resources within an organization.


RStudio uses an open-source integrated development environment for the R programming language. The software supports direct code execution and runs on desktops as well as on a server accessed via the web. Developers can run R commands in the console, view history in context, and reuse their codes.

RStudio statistical analysis software utilizes a source editor for writing R scripts. Users can inspect data sets with the platform’s Data viewer. The software’s workspace makes it possible for analysts to view objects in the global environment. RStudio provides a searchable database to its users so they can always find every command ever entered into the console. The commands are displayed in the History tab in chronological order and grouped by block time.

RStudio provides users with the tools needed to make their work more productive. The software offers a full-featured text editor that handles syntax highlighting, bracket matching, parenthesis, and more. The cross-platform interface means that the application works the same on all platforms.

R package manager provides various packages that simplify the process of preparing data for analysis. The different line of codes helps professionals to reduce the time they spend preparing for the review, giving them enough time to spend on the analysis itself.

Lots of companies and industries around the globe use RStudio statistical analysis software to handle statistical computing and graphics.

Product Details

RStudio statistical analysis software offers professionals an integrated development environment that was created solely for R. The platform takes care of syntax highlighting, smart indentation, code completion, and data analysis for users. It streamlines the processes by executing R codes straight from the source editor. While using the software, analysts can quickly jump to function definitions without any delay, allowing a project to run smoothly. The powerful coding tools enable businesses to enhance their productivity levels.

RStudio statistical analysis software enables users to bring their workflow together with the integrated R help and documentation. Businesses can manage more than one working directory while using projects. The data viewer and workspace browser makes it possible for professionals to visualize data and improve their work efficiency in the process. The software helps companies streamline their deployment process and unify their development team.

RStudio statistical analysis software makes it easy for analysts to write scripts. When users create a new script, the RStudio windows automatically adjust so they can see both the text and their results in the console. It tends to occur while they are running syntax. With the tab key, analysts can recall potential syntax options while they are writing to improve their productivity.

RStudio statistical analysis software allows industries to view and interact with the objects stored in their environment. RStudio’s window helps users find all the objects they saved, such as vectors, matrices, model outputs, and scalars, along with their summarized info. Analysts can click on their data sets directly to open the files and view them as spreadsheets.

RStudio statistical analysis software enables professionals to set their working directory and access all their files on their computer. RStudio helps programmers working with Windows to establish a working list to access their files easily. Users can navigate to folders on their systems in the “Files” window and view the data in that folder while setting it as a working directory.

RStudio statistical analysis software makes data graphics more accessible for inexperienced users. The platform sets aside a dedicated window that allows analysts to save graphics as they go. Users are allowed to click back and forth between data plots and adjust their sizes without rerunning the code. After that, they can copy or export the files to other documents. With RStudio statistical analysis software, professionals can use R’s graphical devices the same way they as they would with the basic R user interface. Advanced users also benefit from RStudio’s source editor, tabbed editing, console combination, and more.

RStudio statistical analysis software supports advanced visualizations that allow users to create scatterplots, histograms, or line plots with very little code. R’s functionality makes it convenient for analysts to visualize their companies’ data before starting the analysis process. Within a few seconds, users can view their data and gain insights that would not be visible otherwise without the feature. With RStudio, professionals build industry-standard graphs, add maps to their visualizations, or make them animated.

RStudio statistical analysis software helps users to diagnose and debug errors swiftly. Developers that encounter bugs while working on software can quickly identify and fix the problem before continuing with their work. The software helps users stay on track during a project and avoid the setbacks that occur due to system error.

RStudio statistical analysis software runs on most desktops and a web server, making it easy for professionals to navigate. The platform works on most operating systems, from Linux to Windows. The open-source nature of RStudio enables users to get a copy of the source code from sites such as GitHub. They can even redistribute it under a general public license after editing the src.

RStudio statistical analysis software enables developers to manipulate a parameter using the slider control. Professionals utilize the software to add interactive capabilities to standard R plots. The feature works by binding inputs to custom controls instead of the static hard-coded values.

RStudio statistical analysis software supports multiple calculations performed by the user and runs code without any compiler. The platform utilizes R, which is an interpreted language that interprets codes into a full-fledged program. It also has various tools that benefit data scientists. The autocomplete and suggest feature helps new users to handle data analysis efficiently by suggesting the command they should use at a particular time.


RStudio statistical analysis software enables data scientists and statisticians to turn into data engineers and app developers without learning any new programming language. The platform provides users with access to highly productive tools that comply with their company’s security and IT needs.