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Rulai Features and Reviews

Rulai Natural Language Processing software enables organizations to develop sophisticated Chatbots and Virtual Assistants with minimal AI knowledge.


Rulai Language Processing software focuses on delivering scalable self-service with an Omni-channel experience to companies to enable them to build advanced Virtual Assistants. This enterprise-level solution offers sophisticated capabilities for advanced implementations needed by business customers with strict requirements and standards. This software automates both simple and complex conversations, and it helps users to deliver consistent customer experience. Plus, organizations can use the Rulai Language Processing software to deploy and improve chatbots.

This software can have a multi-round conversation in real-time without users' writing any code. Users can use the Rulai Language Processing software to automate over 50% of all customer service interactions seamlessly. This software has an RPA engine built in to create conversational dialogues and automate workflows with ease. With the Rulai Language Processing software's Javascript engine and integrations, businesses can connect to enterprise systems or third-party platforms.

Rulai Language Processing software automates critical steps like acquiring knowledge, identifying use cases, identifying gaps, and generating training data. Companies in different industries use this software to develop robust Virtual Assistants that will provide exceptional customer experiences. Organizations in the Insurance industry can use the Rulai Language Processing software to simplify underwriting, increase self-service policy management, assist agents with mundane tasks, and uncomplicate payouts. Besides, retailers can use this software to develop a customized shopping experience across different channels and support customers throughout their shopping experience.

Contact centers can use this software to automate help desk support, onboarding, training, agent hiring, scheduling, and shift management to increase productivity. The banking industry can leverage the Rulai Language Processing software by increasing account self-service functionalities across channels, simplifying customer onboarding, and providing personalized guidance all through the customer lifecycle for deeper engagements. Users in the Life Sciences industry can use this software to develop customized patient engagements at scale and foster communication with other stakeholders. 

Product Details

Rulai Language Processing software offers users pre-built APIs for fast and straightforward integration. The API allows designers to use existing ticketing systems to fill form fields for the creation of tickets. This software provides businesses with access to analytics data, text to speech/voice to text capability, and chat transcripts. Plus, the Rulai Language Processing software seamlessly integrates with platforms like Chat channels, Smart AI agents, Conversational UI, and other third-party APIs.

This software enables companies to execute business tasks and retrieve user data points using backend CRM. Agents can escalate tickets to email and a wide range of ticketing platforms like Zendesk. With the Rulai Language Processing software, users can perform real-time analytics for monitoring and escalate issues to live agent channels like InContact and Salesforce Live Agent.

Rulai Language Processing software enables businesses to configure and deploy chatbots with ease. Companies can redesign conversations and implement new designs quickly and flexibly. This software offers an adaptive learning system and a workflow editor to design scalable communications. Besides, the Rulai Language Processing software provides AI-powered clustering to inform users about issues and improvements.

This software gives organizations the ability to display and manipulate personalized content conditional to values of data points. Users can perform A/B testing configurations, and they can scalably test the performance of the chatbot. Businesses can define new collective entities or leverage familiar NLU entities for conversation flow design.

Rulai Language Processing software provides users with a flexible JavaScript Cloud Engine. Businesses can integrate business logic and specialized functionality into chatbot components using this JavaScript Cloud Engine. This software enables users to define complex modules and action rules where they can use all of the conversation context information. Additionally, the extensibility of the Rulai Language Processing software allows for dynamic queries to support sophisticated tasks.

Rulai Language Processing software provides recommendations to users for enhancements and updates based on observed patterns in past transcripts. Businesses can use this software to identify common problems, which will help address more customer cases and improve the resolution. This software provides context to give users visibility into a recommendation. Also, Rulai Language Processing software allows organizations to reduce the rate of human intervention.

Rulai Language Processing software supports complex conversational dialogue. This software offers users natural language understanding with context and the capability to understand standard conversational intents. Users can use this software to handle and detect multiple-intent, and it can distinguish different types of standard NLU entities. Plus, the Rulai Language Processing software enables chatbots to ask clarifying questions and understand when someone changes their mind.

Rulai Language Processing software's dialog manager can use entities to specify information collected from customers during conversations. Users can use this software to present chatbot suggested responses or knowledge base to live agents with ease. Rulai Language Processing software supports over 170 languages, and its Artificial Intelligence model incorporates misspellings and synonyms. Besides, this software offers businesses advanced NLP capabilities like sentiment detection and analysis, configurable suggestion modes, complex multi-round query support, and  AI-assisted recommendations.

Rulai Language Processing software offers users different deployment options. Businesses can deploy this software on hosted private clouds, or Rulai hosted AWS. This software allows enterprises to build AI chatbots without any data or with existing data using Rulai's third-generation AI chatbot solution. Additionally, domain experts do not need any AI expertise or coding to develop and control AI chatbots.

Rulai Language Processing software provides real-time insights on chat session KPIs and metrics. Users can use this software to get metrics on the performance of workflows all through the lifecycle. Rulai enables businesses to customize their dashboard to show their relevant stats essential to their priorities. Users can use the Rulai Console dashboard or the analytics API to access data. Also, Rulai Language Processing software provides real-time access to raw transcripts of both completed and active chat sessions.


Rulai Language Processing software is a conversational AI platform that businesses in different industries can use to build Chatbots and Virtual Assistants. This software delivers a scalable self-service to cover advanced customer experiences. Developers do not need to write any code to develop this software.