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Sage Intacct Features and Reviews

Sage Intacct accounting software helps finance managers and organizations to automate billing and revenue processes, generate real-time financial insights, and make strategic business decisions with confidence.


Sage Intacct accounting software is cloud financial management software used by businesses of all sizes, including startups, enterprises, public corporations, nonprofits, and the government to improve organizational performance and achieve financial productivity. 

Their financial management solutions and accounting software tools deliver exceptional accounting and automation capabilities across multiple industries, including healthcare, retail, and wholesale distribution, hospitality, financial services, accounting firms, construction, and real estate. 

With their core accounting tools, businesses can manage cash and improve cash flow. Accountants monitor real-time transactions across multiple accounts, credit cards, locations, and sources, import transactions from bank accounts, transfer funds between accounts, and reconcile financial statements at the click of a button.  

Sage Intacct accounting software helps freelancers and professionals to get paid for services faster. With this software, users can send invoices via email, and offer multiple payment options to clients, create recurring invoices to receive and manage subscription-based payments and repeat transactions.

 Businesses use this software to monitor accounts payables. Managers can view payments, issue approvals, and access reports, including vendors aging reports, liabilities, and more. Sage Intacct accounting software allows companies to automate order management processes. Sales teams can create and send quotes, sales orders, backorders, returns, credit memos, and more to customers using predefined templates. 

Procurement teams use this tool to create or adapt existing purchasing workflows to suit their business model. With this software, users quickly access vital company or stock data to create purchase requisitions and orders, receive shipments, approve purchase transactions, and return defectives items. 

Sage Intacct accounting software uses a general ledger with modern architecture. Users can set up the general ledger based on cash, accrual, or both, create sub-ledgers, and customize their chart of accounts to suit their financial reporting procedures.  Businesses use this software to generate accurate financial and operational reports, analyze real-time performance, and make strategic business plans and decisions. 

Product details

Sage Intacct accounting software helps businesses, and nonprofits to automate core financial processes. With this software, finance teams can save time and increase productivity by more than 40 percent.  

The cash management feature provides a clear picture of the cash position and helps companies to improve cash flows. This tool allows accountants to manage multiple bank accounts and credit cards, view transactions and reconcile bank transactions with ease. Users can automatically import transactions from the bank, match invoices with electronic payments, spot irregularities, clarify bank errors, control fraud, minimize audit risk, and maintain accurate cash balances.

Sage Intacct accounting software helps sales teams to streamline their order management process. Users can create workflows to automate sales orders, order fulfillment, returns, and exchanges. Procurement teams use Sage Accounting Software to manage and accelerate the procurement process. Users can create purchase requisitions, orders, and fast track approvals.

Sage Intacct accounting software helps companies, freelancers, and professionals to pay bills and get paid faster. Businesses use this tool to track accounts payable, liabilities, and make payments to vendors as at when due. With the vendor payment services, backed by the American Express Global Commercial Services infrastructure, users can process and track credit cards, check, or ACH payments with ease. Managers can view payments, issue approvals, and accounts payable reports.  

Professionals and Freelancers use Sage Intacct accounting software to bid smarter, streamline project billing and costing. This tool automatically captures unbilled expenses and allows users to create invoices and bill customers based on materials, quantity time, milestones, percentage completion, or fixed fees. More so, users can use different billing methods on single or multiple projects. 

Furthermore, Sage Intacct accounting software allows users to create contracts, and usage-based invoices to manage recurring transactions and subscription payments. Users can attach files and documents to transactions for references. 

With this software, organizations can speed up payment collection. Users can communicate with customers and recieve feedback about invoices, send payment reminders to customers, assign team members to follow up on customers and collection cases, and centrally record all received payments. Businesses use this software to monitor accounts receivables, improve collections, and increase positive cash flows. 

Businesses of all sizes use Sage Intacct accounting software for budgeting and planning. With this feature, managers can create budgets and forecasts and collaborate with team members to solve budgeting challenges. This tool allows users to invite relevant stakeholders to develop, edit budgets, present estimates, or budget plans to management.  

Sage Intacct accounting software helps managers to seamlessly create budgets and projections, including cash flow, sales, and revenues, expenses, and more. Users can create multiple what-if scenarios to analyze forecast, compare projections, and the potential impacts on the business. 

Sage Intacct accounting software has advanced functionalities to help companies streamline accounting processes.  This software allows finance managers to track, manage, and calculate depreciation for fixed assets. The inventory management feature will enable businesses to monitor, value, and keep accurate stock records. 

Sage Intacct accounting software allows project teams to manage time and expenses on projects. Users can quickly create invoices, add project time, labor costs, and expenses incurred on every project. 

With the spend management tool, organizations can track expenses, and keep spending with the purview of the budget. Users can create spending limits, and the software will send alerts if the request exceeds the spending limits. Managers can monitor variance in budgets and actual spendings. They can adjust budgets to cater to emergency spendings. 

Sage Intacct accounting software allows organizations to generate real-time operational, financial, and business performance reports. Finance managers can customize reports and dashboards to meet the needs of different stakeholders, including investors, management team, finance, sales, procurement, and other departments. 

This software allows users to generate multiple reports, including cash flow, income statement, balance sheets, purchases, sales orders, vendor aging, and more. Users can select key performance indicators that viewers should look out for and control access to specific areas of the reports. 

Finance managers use compelling report visualizations from this software spot trends, compare multiple data points across different reports, parameters and business drivers, flag anomalies and exceptions, view successes and failures. Furthermore, users can drill down into individual data and transactions to gain deeper insights into trends. 

Financial reports provide visibility into operational and business performance. Businesses rely on insights from this software to make strategic business and financial decisions.

Sage Intacct’s platform services and third-party integrations help businesses to drive growth and productivity. With the platform services, organizations can create solutions and customize workflows within the software to gain a competitive advantage. 

Sage Intacct accounting software supports integration with Salesforce. This seamless integration allows companies to boost productivity and increase revenue. Furthermore, Sage Intacct has an open API that allows developers to build and integrate third-party applications into their system. 


Sage Intacct accounting software is an integrated financial management software for organizations of all sizes. This software helps finance teams to automate key accounting processes, create accurate budgets, maximize revenue, and improve cash flow. Finance managers use this software to slice and dice critical data, generate accurate financial reports, and visualizations. Management teams use insights from this tool to analyze real-time performance and to make strategic business plans and decisions that will accelerate growth and success.