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Salesforce CRM Features and Reviews

Salesforce CRM helps marketing, sales, service, IT, and other departments within any organization to deliver personalized customer relationship experiences.


Salesforce CRM is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) tool for small businesses, non-profits, governments, corporations, and startups. Users can access the software on their mobile or desktop, in their offices or on the go.

Organizations use Salesforce CRM to understand their leads holistically. The software collects, stores, and provides salespeople with all the data that’s tied to a lead. These pieces of data include contacts, accounts, tasks, and opportunities. This level of granular information about leads helps businesses track each lead’s activities over time. The details ensure that any member of the team can carry on a conversation with a complete understanding of previous discussions.

However, human intelligence is not always able to utilize data to its maximum, so Salesforce has turned to artificial intelligence for help. The artificial intelligence feature of this tool helps businesses make better decisions. Another unique strength of this CRM solution is that users with zero coding skills can develop apps to automate repetitive tasks.

Salesforce CRM also supports data visualization. Data visualization helps users to quickly spot trends, understand their data, digest complex information, and make important decisions without needing to study and understand a pile of text.

Productivity is a key reason why businesses turn to CRM solutions. Salesforce CRM supplies salespeople with tools to quickly build proposals, quotes, develop pricing plans, and get approvals for deals. The platform simplifies complex sales processes, lead scoring, templates and best practices, and opportunity management processes into point-and-click tasks.

Furthermore, the platform supports workflow, email, marketing and reporting automation. Automation minimizes the risk of error and ensures that more work is done in a short time.

This tool’s edge is that it simplifies otherwise complex CRM tasks. Ultimately, Salesforce helps its users convert more leads, close more deals, and gain a complete understanding of their entire business.

Product details

Salesforce CRM marketing automation and lead generation help organizations align their marketing and sales. Aligning marketing and sales can boost conversions by 38 percent, increase number of deals closed by 67 percent, and help marketing generate 209 percent higher revenue. In practice, this feature helps Salesforce users generate high-quality leads, keep the leads engaged, and then connect with them at strategic times to close deals. This CRM’s marketing automation helps create personalized touchpoints for leads, build connections with the right leads, and calculate return on investment. 

Salesforce CRM workflows and approvals help users leverage workflows to develop and implement any business processes using point-and-click. Managers use workflows to effect flexible approval processes for expenses, discounts, tasks, and more. Meanwhile, workflows help agents qualify sales conversations, make intelligent recommendations on a deal, and automate manual tasks such as building complex proposals or filling out orders.

Salesforce CRM lead management has three core functions. It helps users track their marketing campaigns across all channels so that leads don’t slip. Secondly, lead management routes and assigns leads to the persons who should handle them. Finally, it helps sales reps convert leads to opportunities.

This feature has a robust activity timeline that contains all the information about your lead. It also helps sales executives score their leads and close those leads while they are hot.

Salesforce CRM analytics provides users with a business intelligence tool that helps them discover opportunities, forecast results, get recommendations, and do more with data. It leverages data to help users make sense of complex business questions. This explains why 79 percent of salespeople are turning to analytics tools to understand their data.

To provide simple answers to complex business problems, Salesforce CRM relies on artificial intelligence. AI uses internal and external data sources to provide salespeople with actionable insights.

Salesforce then feeds these AI-driven answers into a visualization dashboard to help users see their entire business metrics in one place. This feature stands out because users can extend the functionality of their Salesforce analytics by creating custom metrics and developing AI models without coding.

Salesforce CRM contact management helps users schedule tasks, manage deals, and organize their contacts. Contact management allows sales reps and managers to get a complete view of their customers’ activity history, communications, internal discussions on accounts, and vital business contacts. Salesforce contact management feeds customer accounts with their social profiles to help sales reps get a deeper understanding of their customers.

Salesforce CRM quotes and pricing solutions empower sales reps to find and recommend the right products or services to their customers. It helps them streamline complex sales cycles by relying on preconfigured solutions and preset rules.

This CRM tool simplifies quote management for Salesforce users by helping reps model different deal scenarios when developing a complex quote for customers. Users would leverage predefined pricing rules when setting prices for products or services. Using a rule-based system ensures recurring, one-time, and usage-based pricing and discount when pricing a product or service.

Users can rely on this feature to generate customized, branded quotes that match any pricing and billing criteria they want. In short, this feature has four functions: guide salespeople in their selling process, use configurations to manage complex scenarios, manage pricing rules, and build quotes.

Salesforce CRM email integration feature makes it possible for sales reps to use their CRM data to automatically sync and track everything from tasks to contacts and events. This feature helps users integrate their Gmail or Outlook account with Salesforce to get a complete view of all the interactions that happen in their business. Managers and reps can create new cases or deals from their emails, eliminate repetitive tasks and boost productivity, and they can leverage AI to make smarter deals and decisions right from their email.

Salesforce CRM custom reports and dynamic dashboards feature lets users build reports without help from their IT department. Team members can make alterations to charts and view these changes on one dashboard. Users can filter for and generate customer reports that reflect what they want to see in real-time. The key benefit of a dynamic dashboard is that users can generate custom reports that help them focus on what needs their attention.

Salesforce CRM sales forecasting helps salespeople within an organization to gain real-time insights into their entire team’s sales forecasts. Management can see their subordinates’ sales pipelines and forecasts and subordinates can see their management forecasts too. Sales forecasting empowers team members to get an accurate view of the entire business; it helps them spot top sales performers so that they can do more of what works.

Salesforce CRM files sync and share feature helps salespeople publish highly relevant content to convert their leads to buyers. Salespeople can share and collaborate on files, and track their activities right in Salesforce. These users can quickly search for and find files and documents that they need from anywhere and on any device. The feature ensures that users only publish the latest information and eliminate errors from their files and contents.

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Salesforce CRM is one of the most feature-rich customer relationship management platforms in the market. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to make marketing, prospecting, lead scoring, sales, and nurturing smarter. Besides, users can automate time-consuming tasks by building custom apps, and they do not even need to learn any coding to do it. Ultimately, the platform brings teams, leads, and customers together in one place to solve sales and marketing issues faster and more efficiently.