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Salsify Features and Reviews

Salsify digital asset management software enables e-commerce businesses to customize their business pages and deliver customer-centric product experiences.


Salsify enables e-commerce sellers to deliver better online shopping experiences using flexible data modeling. With this software, e-commerce businesses can convert numerous sources of data to customer-ready content, which helps them generate more sales. Even more, the software enables brand manufacturers to access data from anywhere. At the same time, they can create and import content from multiple sources and make modifications as required. Also, the software accesses these content to ensure that they meet the requirements of brand manufacturers' sales channels.

Additionally, the software integrates with scheduled exports and imports, as well as a wide range of APIs. Salsify receives user's data from multiple sources and allows them to send their product content to numerous systems using each channel's optimal format. Users can view where content is, as well as monitor their statuses. The software also integrates with review and rating sites, e-commerce platforms, analytics providers, content agencies, distributor and retailer portals, ERPs, and so on. More so, users can download whatever content they need, as well as share or create product catalogs.

Salsify also gives users access to their product- and category-level content performance information using machine learning, giving them insights on how to improve product content. Even more, the software has an elastically scalable infrastructure that allows businesses to scale as their products increases. Users also have access to a set of user permissions and roles, data encryption, and single sign-on capabilities.

Product Details

Salsify digital asset management software allows users to import data from different sources easily. Users can import data from numerous tools, operating systems, and devices to a centralized hub. This helps businesses with multiple databases easily discover specific content or assets related to different projects. More so, users can quickly provide information from spreadsheets of their records to customers and clients, which cuts down wait times.

Salsify digital asset management software enables users to view data for individual channels. With this software, e-commerce shop owners can view the content they post on different channels on the go, without having to switch platforms. Users have a single database on their mobile devices to track the progress and status of their data on the channels they use. Even more, Salsify enables businesses to view the requirements of each channel, allowing them to make appropriate adjustments to contents and optimize consumer experiences. The software provides users with a digital view of their data using an active search engine.

Salsify digital asset management software provides users with bulk editing capabilities. Businesses with a lot of digital assets and data in multiple places can make modifications and edits cumulatively, helping their marketing team save time. More so, this feature allows users to maintain consistent themes and branding by enabling them to edit data on multiple channels, keeping their assets aligned even during rebranding. Plus, with this feature, users can avoid inconsistency in the content on various sites and product catalogs.

Salsify digital asset management software enables e-commerce businesses to prepare content for multiple channels. Data and digital assets can be prepared for users' preferred channels from their numerous databases. Users can transform their digital assets and data into buying guides, user manuals, videos, and digital images, which helps them prepare them for their intended purposes. Plus, the software allows users to turn their assets to a different format than they were initially intended for. Even more, Salsify provides integrated editing tools that allow users to rotate images, rename data, as well as crop or resize content. More so, these edits can also be done in bulk.

Salsify digital asset management software allows e-commerce sellers to manage and create product categories. Users can manage data on the products and services they offer via e-commerce. Also, storing product data in a centralized place and categorizing them by individual channels where they'll be posted helps users organize digital assets for the rest of their team. With this, marketing teams that post content can know where to find the content and how to manage them best. At the same time, online store owners can easily prepare and post information about products across multiple channels.

Salsify digital asset management software provides users with content analytics. These analytics help businesses make better and informed decisions on their content. The software compiles these analytics in real-time using machine learning, allowing users to see what's happening and also make modifications in real-time. More so, this feature enables users to monitor the performance of their online products, giving them insights into how well specific products are represented and those that need tweaks. This also helps users identify the right actions to take.

Salsify digital asset management software enables businesses to manage governance on a global scale. Companies can be up to date with governance as they expand to other locations around the world, which helps them avoid violation fines. The software also allows businesses to modify their data in a single place to fit changes in regulations across numerous channels. Also, users can manage global governance locally by optimizing their digital assets and content. This allows marketing teams in other parts of the world to manage digital content for marketing easily. More so, businesses can maintain consistency in the legal sides of their assets, which saves them the need to come across possible litigation or fines.

Salsify digital asset management software provides users with a digital shelf. The software gives users access to a collection of digital touchpoints that can be used by their customers to engage with their brand and purchase, research, and discover their chosen products.


Salsify assists brand manufacturers in offering consumer-focused product experiences by utilizing flexible data modeling methods. With the software, brands can pull information on their products from anywhere, at any time. Users can also form or imports numerous kinds of content from multiple sources. Also, the software helps brands ensure that their content fits into the criteria of the sales channels where they are published. Even more, Salsify allows end-users or clients to generate digital product catalogs with automatic updates. Plus, brand manufacturers can download the required content whenever they want to.