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Sayint Features and Reviews

Sayint voice recognition software helps organizations and managers analyze calls and uncover hidden insights that will drive productivity and improve operational processes


Sayint is an AI-based speech and conversation analytics solution for managers, teams, and businesses. The software empowers sales managers to gain valuable and real-time insight from customer conversations. 

Sayint voice recognition software collects customer feedback from multiple sources. The tool processes and transforms the data into actionable insights. With this software, users can drive operational efficiencies and enhance their customer's experience by improving agent training, sales processes, audit, and compliance scores. 

Sayint voice recognition software supports automated audit and compliance monitoring. Organizations can audit 100 percent of their calls and conversations to ensure they adhere to regulatory measurements and organizational compliance requirements. The tool notifies relevant departments and teams about potential breaches and threats and helps minimize the risk of penalties. 

Companies and managers use Sayint's voice recognition tool to analyze agent performance. They can gain deeper insights by leveraging built-in metrics, including sold-out prices, sales negotiations, and sales-pitch. 

Sayint voice recognition software helps users improve service effectiveness. Managers can map customer journeys and evaluate the efficacy of their customer experience objectively. Users can measure parameters, track escalations, and attrition statistics to determine if their customer experience strategy is delivering expected results.

The software allows business leaders to enhance sales productivity. Managers can analyze sales effectiveness, gain insights on the best strategy, and replicate the results to achieve sustainability. With this software, teams create new metrics using over the top service ( OTTS) such as percentage, absolute number, and the average time between two stages 

Businesses and teams use this software to train agents and track performance. Managers can evaluate agent performance by setting key performance indicators (KPI), agent objectives, and monitoring them. This tool helps users increase sales conversions by running custom training modules and viewing agent performance. 

Product Details 

Sayint voice recognition software helps companies drive sales and increase customer retention. This software offers end-to-end analytics from call recordings and uncovers information deeply rooted in customer interactions. The tool provides a simple user interface, call sniffer and recorder, VOIP network, signal analytics, online keyword spotting, natural language understanding (NLU), text analytics, and speech recognition engine. 

With this software, managers can perform cross-channel analytics across voice, webchats, web, emails, and social channels, including forums, Twitter, and Facebook. This software lets managers gain real-time insight to track agent performance, drive sales, and retain more customers by leveraging metrics, including sales negotiation, sold-out sales-pitch, and sold-out price.

Sayint voice recognition software reveals essential performance metrics such as objection handling, script adherence, talk-over analysis to help sales teams identify knowledge, training, and capacity gaps. With sales intelligence and analytics, sales teams can track, engage, and close deals better.

This tool enables team leaders to categorize multiple call types, dive deeper to pinpoint why customers call, and create queries to monitor changes and identify reasons for call trends or surges. This software allows companies to analyze interactive voice response (IVR) calls, segment calls based on the customer journey before and after a call, profile customers, and drill down for more insight. 

Businesses use Sayint voice recognition software for real-time operations planning, forecasting, and business intelligence. This software helps operation teams improve operational processes and support other groups working on critical projects.

Sayint voice recognition software helps companies and teams comply with regulatory standards and procedures. This tool supports automated compliance monitoring and audit. It allows companies to audit about 100 percent of calls and conversation against the industry standard which is about two to three percent

Sayint voice recognition software alerts companies about potential breaches and threats to minimize the risk of sanctions and penalties. Additionally, the software makes it easy for managers to perform compliance proofing and documentation. 

Managers use Sayint voice recognition software for auditing their calls, ensuring adherence, and complying with regulatory and organization-wide measures.

Sayint voice recognition software helps businesses improve service effectiveness and customer experience. This software uses a holistic approach to capture critical metrics such as customer satisfaction scores (C-SAT), Customer Effort Score (CES) Net Promoter Score (NPS) based on industry benchmarks. With this tool, managers can measure customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and willingness to recommend the product or services to other customers. 

Sayint voice recognition software shows customer journey reviews from diverse data sources and proactively engages in essential services. The tool digs deeper beyond surveys and scores client interactions objectively. Furthermore, the software identifies sentiments, intent, and overall customer satisfaction journey.

Managers and team leaders can listen to call snippets on critical customer issues and bring the data to life by building strong narratives. The software lets businesses can track customer feedback and dissatisfaction. Organizations can examine customer complaints, mismatches, drivers, and key terms associated with customer complaints.

Sayint voice recognition software helps organizations of all sizes improve service effectiveness. Managers can map customer journeys and measure the customer experience objectively. The software allows managers to understand critical parameters, track attrition, and escalations metrics to determine if their customer experience strategy is effective.

Sayint voice recognition software helps sales teams and organizations drive productivity and increase sales. With this software, sales and marketing teams can boost revenue generation and collection. 

By measuring sales effectiveness, companies can model conversations and gain insights on the best short and long term sales strategy, steps that should be taken, and ways to replicate success to drive productivity and sustainability.

Managers can use metadata to determine the relevance of multiple products and compare calls focused on product promotion. With Sayint voice recognition software, managers can improve campaign effectiveness by analyzing inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, evaluating customer interactions, and correlating them to improve outcomes. The software helps organizations perform competitive analysis by identifying when and how often their customers mention competitors' products or services. 

Sayint voice recognition software helps organizations monitor and improve agent performance. The software tracks the quality of interactions between companies and their customers and automatically generates scorecards to identify knowledge and training gaps. Managers can access in-depth and real-time insights from this tool to consistently enhance agent performance, improve brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and retention. 


Sayint voice recognition software helps organizations and managers audit conversations and gain valuable insights. With this tool, organizations can improve agent and call center performance and service effectiveness, drive productivity, and increase revenue.