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SEMrush Features and Reviews

SEMrush helps companies, brands, digital marketers, and marketing managers improve their SEO, website’s SERP rankings, site traffic, and brand visibility.


SEMrush uses data visualization to empower businesses and marketers to improve their marketing performance and tracking for both organic and paid search. The tool provides features that allow brands to boost their visibility, drive quality traffic to their pages, gain leads, and increase their sales. SEMrush features SEO toolkits and solutions for digital marketing professionals, marketing managers, e-commerce companies, and businesses. 

One of the strongest benefits of using SEMrush for SEO is its competitor analysis feature. SEMrush SEO helps users evaluate their performance against their competitors’ using data visualization. Users can research top competitors and their SEO activities, discover valuable keywords, audit their backlinks, and build quality ones.

Businesses and digital marketers also use SEMrush SEO to search for growth opportunities. For example, they would find high-quality keywords that their competitors are ignoring or not fully optimizing and then target those keywords. Marketers may also spot and track their competitors’ keywords to find untapped traffic and sales leads.

SEM rush shines in the quality and quantity of data it provides users. The tool provides in-depth analytics and reports that marketing managers can rely on for insights into their website's search data, traffic, keywords, and CPC. The software also aids a better understanding of your competitor's traffic sources and their most successful strategies.

SEMrush features a unique metric called competitive density. The competitive density of a keyword tells a user how many advertisers are competing for that keyword in paid search. Whereas, another keyword metric called keyword difficulty signifies the difficulty of ranking for a keyword organically.

Another feature of SEMrush is its on-page SEO checker tool. This tool provides step-by-step recommendations on how to improve your website's performance using key SEO strategies. SEMrush provides 24-hour support to users.

Product details 

SEMrush SEO toolkit helps businesses, marketing managers identify their key competitors and evaluate their performance. The domain analysis and comparison feature of this tool let SEO professionals gather competitive intelligence. Users can compare their traffic, keywords, and domain to their competitors’.

More so, this competitor comparison feature provides a comprehensive overview of the keywords that competitors are ranking for, their referring domains, traffic, and the primary source of their website traffic. This tool allows you to analyze the competitive landscape on mobile and desktop devices, identify your main competitors on organic search results, and more. 

With this feature, businesses can gain insight into their competitors' SEO tactics and refine their competitive strategy. 

SEMrush SEO toolkit provides website and backlinks audit tools to help experts find and resolve on-page and off-page issues. This feature allows users to perform a detailed assessment of their website. They can carry out more than 60 technical checks and audits, access exclusive reports about HTTPs, AMP, and hreflang issues as well as website crawlability. SEMrush SEO provides actionable tips on how to fix those technical issues. 

Toxic backlinks can weaken your authority and backlink profile. SEMrush’s backlinks audit feature allows you to review your site’s backlinks, detect and remove toxic backlinks at the click of a button. 

SEMRush helps companies research and identify opportunities for growth. With the on-page SEO checker, digital marketing strategists can analyze the Google ranking factors that are impacting their site performance, such as content quality and relevance, backlinks quality and reputation, and more.

Furthermore, the on-page SEO checker will provide practical recommendations on how a user can optimize their website and improve your rankings on search engine results. The step-by-step instructions will include keywords that can enrich a user’s content, content length, websites where they can earn backlinks, and other referral opportunities. 

Google Analytics hides some of the keywords that are driving traffic to websites from organic search. With SEMRush, users can uncover these hidden keywords and the volume of traffic they bring to their site.

Besides, users can track changes in their page rankings to understand how these changes affect conversions. Using data from their discovery, users would then optimize those pages even better. This feature also helps users identify high-potential keywords to boost their website traffic.

SEMrush SEO toolkit provides templates to help SEO professionals create SEO friendly content. The tool analyzes your target keyword, examines the top ten ranking pages based on those keywords, and provides recommendations on how to create quality SEO content. You will get tips on how to improve your keyword, backlinks, text length, readability, and other elements. 

SEMrush has a link-building feature to help users acquire high-quality backlinks. All search engine optimization experts agree that link building is vital to their success. Link building has been hailed as one of the two most important SEO activities. Hence, with the SEMrush link building tool, marketing managers can discover high-quality backlinks and referral opportunities, and reach out to prospects by email to acquire links. Additionally, the tool can help users track their link changes as it reports new and lost backlinks when they happen.

SEMrush SEO toolkit features a keyword research and management tool that helps users discover profitable keywords that earn them drive traffic and boost their ROI. This tool performs an in-depth analysis of keywords and provides vital metrics, including volume trends, SERP rankings, and keyword competition level. The keyword gap helps businesses uncover unique keywords that are targeted by their competitors. 

Furthermore, SEMrush provides millions of keyword suggestions using the broad and exact phrase match types to help improve your SEO.

SEMrush comes with analytics and reporting tools to help users track their SEO activities and results. With the backlink analytics feature, brands can monitor a competitor's new and lost backlinks and uncover link building opportunities that can improve their page rankings. 

Furthermore, marketing managers can track their Google and search engine rankings in any location and on tablets, mobile, and desktop devices. They can manage large keyword groups and view their rankings on mobile and computer devices.  Also, users can discover new rivals in their niche as well as analyze SERP features.

SEO experts can generate amazing reports in PDF format, share reports with their teams, management, or clients. 

SEMrush SEO toolkit features a writing assistant for checking your content in real-time. This feature also provides recommendations to improve your content. The tool has a plagiarism checker to check the originality of your content. And you can use the Wordpress plugin, Google docs add-on, or the SEMrush interface.  

SEMrush supports integration with third-party tools. Companies can connect SEMrush SEO with Google search console, and Google Analytics to analyze website data. Trello integrations allow users to turn insights from SEMrush data such as website and content audits into action plans. 


SEMrush SEO is one of the best search engine optimization platforms for brands, SEO experts, and marketing managers. The platform allows users to manage their SEO activities. Beyond management, the tool offers smart recommendations to help users drive website traffic and improve ranking in organic search engine results (SERP).