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Sendible Features and Reviews

Sendible social media management software helps brands and agencies to streamline their social media management with planning, collaboration, engagement, and analytics.


Sendible is a low-cost social media management tool that focuses on providing solutions for marketers, social media managers, brand leaders, digital agencies, and corporate communication executives. This software offers agencies a platform for content scheduling, reporting, collaboration, and insights on all social networks.

Over 10,000 marketers in the world use this software to manage their profiles and deliver brand results effectively. Businesses of all sizes use Sendible to tailor their posts for organic reach maximization. This social media management solution allows users to centralize brand social media management and schedule posts individually or in bulk. Plus, users can visually plan their content and share it with their team or clients.

Sendible allows users to preview their posts before publishing on the different social media platforms. This software offers users analytics on their follower growth, top posts per social network, and best performing platform. Besides, users can use the pre-designed reporting templates available or build their own to make reports.

With this social media management solution, reports can be sent to teams or clients automatically. Sendible allows users to engage with social media followers to improve brand community engagement. Additionally, users can give their team members and clients access to live reports to foster transparency.

Users can effectively engage with the audience, track results, and monitor the brand's reputation from one dashboard. Sendible integrates with multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google My Business. Plus, users have access to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Canva for content creation.

Agencies can customize this software as their own to impress clients and win more business. Users can grant custom access to team members and clients to foster collaboration. Besides, this software's mobile app allows users to stay productive on-the-go.

Product Details

Sendible social media management software allows users to plan their social media calendars for every platform. Users can create content and schedule posts for all platforms in advance to save time. This software allows users to switch up the content for each social network to boost organic engagement. Plus, users can group and schedule campaigns to keep the content flowing.

Sendible allows users to get a visual overview of their past and present social media activity. Users can upload and optimize images and videos as they are creating posts for each platform. Additionally, this software allows users to share content with RSS feeds at regular intervals with ease.

Sendible social media management software gives users suggestions for content creation. This software offers content suggestions to users on what is likely to boost follower engagement. Users can quickly source for royalty-free images via Flickr search and Google Image. Besides, users can access existing cloud content by using integrations like Google Drive and DropBox.

Sendible social media management software's dashboard allows users to manage multiple social networks, engage with followers, and monitor the brand's performance. Users can seamlessly engage with followers, delegate to team members, and identify essential messages from one place. This management solution allows users to monitor their brand or their client's brand reputation online. Plus, users can create branded reports to show insights into their efforts.

Sendible social media management software allows agencies to customize it to fit their brand and attract clients. Users can personalize the user interface, web domain, and email notifications to match their brand theme. This software allows users to build approval workflows for their team and clients to foster effective collaboration. Besides, agencies can manage social media for different brands easily by adding users, grouping profiles, and setting the permissions.

Sendible social media management software's mobile application allows users to stay active on the go. Users can manage posts, publish content, review performance, and engage with the audience from anywhere using any device. This mobile app enables users to manage all their social streams on different platforms in real-time. Additionally, users can compose and save unfinished posts easily on the app.

Push notifications allow users to stay on top of the brands they are managing. This function enables users to know when they have messages or when people are talking about their brand. Besides, users can track how useful their posts are on different platforms on their phones, using insightful reports and analytics.

Sendible social media management software empowers users with a hub, which allows them to stay on top of conversations on all social platforms. Users can respond to messages and comments, stay on top of their client's brand, industry, and competitors effectively using this software. This software enables users to delegate to the best team members to deal with different conversations.  Plus, users can set up keyword searches to find leads for different brands they are managing.

Sendible social media management software allows users to see how their posts will look before they are published. This function enables users to make any corrections to posts and ensure they are on-brand before publishing. Users can preview their posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Additionally, users can preview multiple image posts for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Sendible social media management software enables users to manage their workflows effectively.  This software allows team members to contribute to the content library of brands. Sendible ensures that both team members and clients approve content before it is published. Besides, users can set user hierarchies and permission groups to limit access to some users.

Sendible social media management software supports multiple social media networks, blogging platforms, and social media marketing apps. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google My Business are a few of the social networks this software supports. Blogging platforms that integrate with Sendible include WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, and Blogspot. Plus, users can effectively use Google Chrome extension, Content Suggestions, and RSS Feed Importer without disrupting workflow.


Marketers, brands, and digital agencies use Sendible to streamline their social media management. This software provides users with dashboards, analytics, a mobile application, and integrations. The core strength of this social media software is its emphasis on time management.