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Sendinblue Features and Reviews

Sendinblue email marketing software provides cloud-based automation tools and marketing solutions to businesses worldwide through email campaigns and retargeting ads.


Sendinblue offers tools that allow businesses to engage with their audiences, sell their products, and grow their brand in the process. The software features an all-in-one marketing and sales toolbox used in email and SMS marketing, automation, ads, sending transactional messages, among other things.

Users can start with a free account, which limits emails to 300 messages daily and the upgrade as they have the need. Sendinblue helps their users to personalized email campaigns and automate their marketing and sales processes.

The software is equipped with features to optimize the users’ work experience. One of Sendinblue’s powerful features is using algorithms to help increase open email rates. This email marketing software chooses the right time to send messages – when the customers would be more inclined to open the email. The tool uses the history of the user’s contacts or previous campaign performances to fix the appropriate send-time.

Sendinblue’s campaign tools feature customizable templates that are designed to fit each user’s . And each one of them matches their business’ campaigns, making the results more effective. The software also uses marketing automation to speed up the user’s workflow.

Users can also create dynamic lists based on pre-set filters like search history or other behaviors. Moreover, Sendinblue automatically updates a dynamic list every twenty-four-hours.

Product Details

Sendinblue email marketing software allows users to create professional-looking emails and send them. Individuals can select what they like from the template library and build custom-made designs from scratch. They can add blocks and styles that match their brand and target audience with the intuitive drag and drop builder.

This software’s personalization feature allows businesses to add their contact’s name to the email to make it more personal. Completed messages are then sent at the perfect time to every recipient with the click of a button. Several users have expressed contentment with the minimal amount of time they need to spend on their campaigns, as Sendinblue handles the stressful parts.

Sendinblue email marketing software uses targeted SMS marketing to communicate directly with contacts. Businesses use this form of marketing for more urgent campaigns. They use it to promote special and time-sensitive events by drafting and sending bulk text messages to the contacts on their database. They schedule the texts, and the software sends them out at specified times. The feature also keeps the users’ contacts up-to-date on essential issues like order confirmations or shipping updates.

Sendinblue also monitors SMS campaigns with key engagement and performance metrics allowing businesses to know what works and what needs improvement. Users can identify problems in real-time with engagement statistics and deliverability reporting.

Sendinblue email marketing software allows businesses to manage all of their customer relationships in one place. The platform helps users centralize their contact information and manage everything with ease. Everything from relevant documents to meeting notes and previous calls is uploaded directly into the user’s CRM contact profile. Any necessary update is carried out directly from the site. Individuals can take things further by creating and assigning tasks to other team members and automating follow-up emails to customers.

Sendinblue email marketing software uses tailored messages to target smaller groups of contacts on the list. Sendinblue uses different dimensions like declared interests, previous purchase and engagement history, and other geographical or socio-economic characteristics to get the segments.

Organizations can effectively sort their customers into contact lists and note their particular attributes through their interactions. Sendinblue's segmentation feature increases users' email. The unlimited space for contacts and attributes allows users to store as much information as possible without hitting a limit.

Sendinblue email marketing software uses retargeting display ads to bring back visitors to the user’s website. The tool turns casual visits to business sites into the opportunity to sell more products. Sendinblue allows businesses to define the rules for creating their retargeting audience. They can choose from the various options set for both desktops and mobile devices. The platform also helps the user set maximum weekly budgets that allow them to find the right amount of people to reach with their campaigns.

Sendinblue email marketing software helps businesses reach a broader target audience on Facebook with campaign ads. After creating the perfect message they wish to send, users can select a CTA that corresponds with their brand and goals. They use Facebook ads to promote their content, talk about an upcoming event, or spread the word about new products and their brand. The lookalike audience feature allows users to find new leads that are similar to their best customers or contacts. They only need to set the parameters for the advertisement and enable the software to do the rest.

Sendinblue email marketing software allows users to view how their customers interact with their emails with click map reports. The platform’s dashboard shows the total number of clicks along with a visual map for more details. Sendinblue uses color codes to visualize email engagements, with grey signifying the least clicked, to red indicating the most clicked texts. The heatmap insights allow businesses to come up with innovative ways of improving and getting more value from their marketing strategies.

Sendinblue email marketing software optimizes email campaigns by testing two ideas and picking the one that performs better. Organizations can test different marketing ideas to gain deeper insights into their products and brand. Instead of guessing what their audience would like, Sendinblue allows them to test the notions. They pick the winning campaign from the one that yields higher open rates and engagement from the audience.

The A/B testing module eliminates the issue of deciding which campaign to run – this way, the audience decides for them. Not only do businesses get to improve their campaign’s performance, but they also get to know their audience better in the process.


Sendinblue email marketing software empowers both small and large companies to create and build relationships with their customers through sophisticated email campaigns. The tool utilizes marketing automation to leverage contact management and personalize workflows.