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Serpstat Features and Reviews

Serpstat SEO software is an all-in-one cloud-based search engine optimization platform that provides detailed search analytics data to its users.


Serpstat SEO software is targeted at various businesses and industries, especially e-commerce businesses, digital marketing agencies, in-house SEO Teams, and per pay click (PPC) content managers. The search marketing analysis tool offers keyword and competitor analysis, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and more. With these tools, a user can discover ways to get more traffic (by finding viable keywords) and ways to build authority by finding competitors’ backlinks and improving the user backlink profile as necessary.  

Serpstat also provides ranking reports for Google and Yandex. With all this information, an effective SEO campaign that delivers results and drives businesses towards growth and success is crafted and executed. 

The Serpstat SEO software offers various flexible pricing plans ranging from a free trial to an annual subscription. An unregistered user gets ten queries per day, ten results per report, and in-depth URL analysis.

For registered users, 30 queries per day, ten results per report, and an in-depth URL analysis are available. However, users who pay for the Serpstat SEO software get anywhere between 300 and one million queries per day, 100 and a million results per report, in-depth URL analysis, cluster research, site audit, and others.

With these competitively priced plans, users can choose what suits their ever-changing requirements and needs. Plus, the Serpstat SEO software can be accessed online or through a user’s phone as it supports iOS, Android, Linux, desktop, and web-based devices.

Product Details

Serpstat SEO software’s site audit gives users a comprehensive breakdown of a site’s overall SEO score. This in-depth inspection makes it easy for small and medium enterprises, digital marketers, and others to detect site errors that need to be fixed before returning to their position.

The site audit can be done before the work on a site’s SEO begins, when traffic is growing or sharply drops. The Serpstat SEO software shows over 60 types of errors divided into three levels of priority: high, middle, and low. Each level reveals how intense the issue affecting the page ranking in a search engine is. These errors are provided after the site audit runs through the site's HTTP status code, multimedia, headings, meta tags, markups, and page content. 

Serpstat SEO software provides a thorough backlink analysis report that includes referring pages and domains. Knowing the number of pages (URLs) and links that drive consumers to a user’s website is essential for any SEO campaign. Thus, Serpstat SEO software has developed algorithms that hasten data updates and provide reliable backlinks data. With these, users will receive a concise overview of their site’s referring domains and pages, top pages, quality metrics, anchors, and total pages indexed. Users can also generate quality backlinks for every content created by checking Serpstat Trust Rank and Serpstat Page Rank. 

Serpstat SEO software’s keyword research enables users to find new keyword and content opportunities. Here, users can find new keyword opportunities, discover related keywords that could boost content relevancy, and get interesting ideas to inspire new and audience-targeted content.

Users can get an improved view of any keyword’s popularity with a graph. Besides highlighting how a keyword has performed for the last 12 months, the chart allows Serpstat users to create and plan ad campaigns according to current trends. Users can equally get a list of paid and organic search results for a specific keyword. Other data, such as organic keywords and the number of Facebook shares, are also available. Facebook data gives users an understanding of their content's popularity in comparison with their competitors. Users can also see if they are doing the right thing with their proposed content marketing strategy.

Serpstat SEO software offers users a rank tracker. Users can stay ahead of frequent keyword ranking changes by tracking search engine rankings for chosen keywords. Users can track the top 50 domains for a keyword in Yandex search results, and the top 100 for Google - meaning that users will receive data from all fields, including that of tracked competitors. 

Users can share projects with team members and give employers or clients their logins for easy, automated reporting. Also, the Serpstat SEO software rank tracking can be measured for user-specified countries, cities, or languages.

Serpstat SEO software provides users with a keyword clustering option. Keyword clustering is a method used to create groups of related keywords, and it is an integral part of building the semantic core of a site. 

To achieve this, users can use the Serpstat SEO software to create keyword clusters based on Google search results. Once the software finishes with the grouping, users will get protoclusters (useful for broader website structures), superclusters (useful for website structures or on-page headings and subhead structures), and clusters (which are grouped based on the clustering level and clustering type settings, the region, and search engine, selected by a user).

Serpstat SEO software provides website analysis for users. Users can deploy this tool in two forms — URL analysis and domain analysis. Under a URL analysis, users can get a list of URL-specific keywords and their Google rankings. Users can discover URL-specific competitors and make a side-by-side comparison of the same URL. 

Under a domain analysis, users can track positions, explore top organic pages on any site, and even get a tree-view of their site ranks. Users are provided with infographics that illustrate several charts and diagrams of their site’s visibility, search traffic, organic keywords, ads, and others. 

The graphs make it easy for users, especially those unfamiliar with analytics and digital marketing, to understand high-level SEO concepts. Users can also do a domain versus domain comparison, analyze a competitor’s PPC strategies, and identify gaps in PPC campaigns. With these data, users can improve ad copies and target to reach a broader audience.


Businesses can rely on Serpstat SEO software for their keyword research, PPC analysis, competitor research, and rank tracking features. With these tools, users can create better content and drive audience-targeted traffic to their websites.