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SignEasy Features and Reviews

SignEasy electronic signature software enables professionals and businesses to use their favorite business and productivity tools to send, receive, sign, and manage documents from anywhere using any device.


SignEasy is an electronic signature solution that goes beyond digital signature management. The software focuses on simplifying the signing process and streamlining document management for individuals and organizations. Organizations  from different industries like legal, real estate, construction, financial, and transportation services. Businesses of all sizes use it to save time, foster productivity, and focus on growth.

Over 100,000 users at 30,000 companies in different countries use SignEasy. Users can access and sign documents quickly using their phone or computer, regardless of their geography. This software integrates with accessible business and productivity tools that ensure there is no disruption to workflow. Plus, users can insert their signature to any document by uploading a picture of it or by using their finger, stylus, or mouse.

SignEasy allows users to send multi-person document approval at once. The mobile app supported by Apple and Google enables users to complete paperwork and permissions on the go. This software supports document tracking, which allows users to know who has signed and who has not. Besides, users can configure the software to send automatic reminders to signers in the workflow who need to sign the document.

This cloud-based software captures signatures in different formats like JPG, PNG, PDF, Excel, Pages, and Word. Users can get approvals offline using this software. SignEasy is secure and regulatory compliant by offering passcode and fingerprint authentication to users. Additionally, documents sent and stored in this software use SSL encryption.

SignEasy e-signature software's API makes it easy for users to automate and regulate document workflows in their application. Documents signed with this software include a comprehensive audit trail. Users can add their company branding when sending files and emails to clients. Plus, they can reuse templates to save time and automate workflows.

Product Details

SignEasy electronic signature software integrates and works seamlessly with popular applications and tools. Google Drive and Gmail inbox allow users to sign documents directly on their platform. Users can import files from Dropbox, Box, and Evernote for signing and share or save it back on the solution. Besides, users can instantly sign sales contacts from clients on Zoho CRM.

SignEasy electronic signature software API allows users to add this digital solution to their application or workflows. This software's API is easy to set up, and it works on both web and mobile platforms. Clients can fill and sign documents within the user's applications or websites. Plus, clients can use the user's website or app to send files out for signature.

Users can be notified instantly of any document activity on their app or website. SignEasy allows companies or brands to put up their logos or themes at the different touchpoints of the workflow. This software helps users automate document preparation by merging custom data into templates. Besides, SignEasy ensures there is no disruption to the customer's flow even when they are using the platform of users.

SignEasy electronic signature software allows users to automate essential business processes. This software eradicates manual tasks, which instantly makes team members more productive. All documents signed using SignEasy are legally binding. Plus, users reduce documentation mistakes as the software's document fields help signers get it right.

This software allows users to save regularly used documents as reusable templates. Users can automate their document workflows to be able to send signature requests with ease. Besides, SignEasy allows users to track the status of their documents and receive notifications for every action carried out on it.

SignEasy electronic signature software enables users to customize approval workflows to fit their business. Users can modify the settings to allow recipients to sign simultaneously or in a particular order. This software enables users to automate notifications to ensure the right parties are in the loop at all times. Additionally, users can automatically send signed copies to these right people.

SignEasy electronic signature software mobile platform allows users to perform work functions on the go. Team members can sign and track documents on the go and send them back to the office using their phone or tablet. This software allows users to add their brand when interfacing with clients. Plus, users can upload a picture of their handwritten signature using the mobile app.

SignEasy electronic signature software allows users to send multiple documents for signing at once. Regardless of where the document recipient is in the world, this software ensures that users get their records and multi-person approval done in minutes. With SignEasy, users do not need to be at the office to collaborate with their team members using any device.

SignEasy electronic signature software allows users to manage their team members using a dashboard. This software enables users to add members, share templates, and remove members easily. SignEasy is legally compliant with different regulation bodies globally.

SignEasy's detailed audit trail includes the signer's email ID, timestamp, and IP address used for legal evidence. This software possesses biometric and passcode authentication that helps users protect their documents and avoid errors. Besides, every document stored on SignEasy uses bank-grade SSL encryption for protection.

SignEasy electronic signature software supports multiple document formats. Users can seamlessly sign documents across standard file formats like Word, PDF, Excel, JPG, PNG, and Pages. This software allows users to save their unfinished documents as drafts. Plus, users can access these drafts and sign documents offline.

Users can seamlessly import files from email, SD cards, and cloud storage services.  SignEasy has a signature interface that allows users to draw their signatures accurately. Users can add annotations, initials, images, and checkboxes in their documents. Additionally, SignEasy supports over 20 languages.


SignEasy offers a digital signature solution to professionals and businesses. It eliminates the need for paperwork and manual tasks by providing a platform for users to sign, send, receive, and manage documents digitally. SignEasy provides users with a dashboard, mobile app, status tracker, custom templates, and automation. The major strength of this solution is its attention to productivity and collaboration.