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SignNow Features and Reviews

SignNow electronic signature software is an eSignature solution that helps businesses develop fillable online forms, send documents for signing, and store documents online and from any device.


SignNow helps organizations hasten the process of signing and filling up forms. The software eliminates the need for users to create, print, and send documents via post or fax for signing. Business owners can request and sign documents for clients or customers while maintaining industry standards. More so, the software helps users reduce paper-based documents or signing workflows.

With this software, parties involved in a signing process can affix signatures to documents using any device like tablets, smartphones, and desktops. Even more, organizations can implement SignNow throughout the entire group or company.

SignNow integrates seamlessly with online services like Google docs, Gmail, and other tools within Google suite. More so, the software works with multiple document management and productivity apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Businesses can create an intuitive and secure signature workflow on multiple devices. The software also allows users to track the progress of documents sent out for signing.

By partnering with USLegal, SignNow gives users access to a robust library of legal packages and forms. With SignNow's API, organizations can also develop eSignature workflows and requests without having to write long lines of code. More so, developers can test the software's API features in their development environments before making it live.

SignNow also allows users to create teams, boosting team productivity. Users can share document templates and groups with teammates, keep track of team activities, as well as send bulk invites.

Product Details

SignNow electronic signature software allows organizations to send documents for eSignature. They can get legally-binding signatures from employees, partners, and customers online. Even more, the software enables them to request additional information by attaching supplementary documents.

Users can also keep track of sent documents by setting alerts or notifications for when documents have been signed and completed. Plus, they can get instant notifications when recipients refuse to sign and also set automatic reminders for signers to sign a document. This software also allows users to customize signing invitations and ask a recipient to forward documents to other parties for signing. With SignNow, users can send document templates in bulk to multiple recipients. Each person gets their copy of the document for signing. More so, users can create signing invites and links where each recipient receives a link to fresh copies of documents to be signed and completed. These signing invites can also be customized with a message and subject.

Additionally, business owners can choose for signers to draw initials and signatures rather than type. They can also create freeform invites, allowing recipients to decide what additional information to include and where they want to sign. SignNow also enables users to add Carbon Copy Recipients that are also alerted when documents are completed. Document expiration dates can also be set, helping users manage documents better.

SignNow electronic signature software enables users to manage and organize templates and documents by groups. Word documents can be imported, filled, signed, and sent out for signatures. More so, the tool allows the creation of team documents that can be shared with team members. Teams can collaborate on these documents and track the modifications made. Users can also add data to team documents before sending them out for signing.

Users can generate templates of frequently used documents that can need to be signed. These templates can be managed or organized individually or by groups. Also, documents can be organized by groups and sent out for signing as a group or separately. Users can also preview documents for quick checks. Plus, documents can be renamed by adding a new name to signing links. More so, users can create new documents by merging past ones.

SignNow electronic signature software supports team collaboration. Users can invite people to a team, share documents and templates with them, and keep track of their activities. This makes it easy for organizations to work well with others within and outside the business. Also, users can create shared documents and use shared document folders to invite team members to collaborate on documents. Even more, this software has an organizational dashboard for managing multiple teams. Users can also have an overview of their organization's setting and business' document count.

Organizations also have access to advanced options for teams they create. With these options, they can easily manage teams, change document ownership, change team admins, remove users, and keep track of documents. More so, templates can also be shared with team members, allowing businesses to streamline team workflows.

SignNow electronic signature software allows users to add their branding to documents. Customized documents, emails, and signing invites can be created to reflect a business's branding. Also, communication and emails can be customized using the company's logo. Users can also create custom logos that ake emails and documents recognizable as belonging to their business.

SignNow electronic signature software supports PDF editing tools. The format and content of documents can be changed using the software's editing tools. Users can type texts anywhere on PDF documents. They can also create PDF documents with signature fields to sign themselves or send them to others to sign. Even more, users can add checkmarks as an annotation on PDFs.

SignNow electronic signature software allows users to customize signing orders.  Organizations can specify the order they want signers to receive and sign documents, maintaining a level of hierarchy and superiority. They can also remove and add signers if needed, and specify the fields for each of them to sign and complete.

The tool also allows users to build complex signature workflows by setting up multiple roles and fields to be signed in a document. Businesses can also update email addresses and change recipients even after sending a document. Plus, they can add recipients from recent signers and contacts.


Organizations can utilize SignNow electronic signature software in automating document signing and management processes. The software allows users to create and collaborate with teams, and send out invitation links to clients, teammates, and vendors. More so, SignNow enables organizations to have better control of workflows and also refine their communication with partners and clients, boosting their customer experience.