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Sisense Features and Reviews

Sisense big data analytics helps data analysts, engineers, business managers, and developers analyze their data and gain actionable intelligence from complex data. 


Sisense prides itself as the industry leader in business intelligence for complex data. The platform primarily caters to the data needs of product teams, developers, data engineers, business analysts, and business owners. However, this big data analytics software offers solutions across business departments, including sales, operations, HR, IT, customer service, finance, and marketing.

Users can connect and analyze data from multiple data sources like cloud applications, social media, websites, and databases. Sisense provides developers, business people, engineers, and analysts with the tools to draw insight from complex data to make better business decisions.

This platform provides customized solutions for cloud data teams, business intelligence and analytics reams, and product teams. Sisense boasts of offing a cloud-native analytics solution that’s powered by artificial intelligence, end-to-end.

Cloud data teams can connect to data sources on the cloud to use and analyze data in minutes. Sisense’s big data analytics empowers data teams to increase their cloud investments so that they can develop, embed, and run analytics at scale.

Business intelligence and analytics teams leverage Sisense for their AI-powered self-service business intelligence needs. They rely on this platform to build actionable analytics apps using all their data. The tool simplifies complexity, and it’s easy for BI teams to deploy and use. 

Product teams use Sisense’s full suite of APIs to integrate white-labeled analytics into their products and services smoothly. An instant benefit of this API-first approach to embedded analytics is the time-saving that Sisense extends to users. This arrangement fits product teams that want to build custom analytic apps to differentiate their products or explore new sources of revenue. This application development approach works for any product and on any device.

Product details

Sisense’s big data analytics software empowers teams to connect data sources to create single-store data warehouses that are secure. One of the most significant benefits of single-store data storage is that it optimizes performance. It lowers query run time and makes compute cost more controlled. Moreover, having data in single storage increases users’ visibility into their data pipeline.

To achieve reduced query run times, Sisense relies on data warehousing infrastructures like Amazon Redshift and  Snowflake. Data teams using Sisense have the flexibility to model data as they go. They can answer unanticipated questions without having to rebuild their models by using both raw and modeled data.

Sisense empowers data teams to build data pipelines and improve the data performance of their cloud data. The software helps these teams to use data science tools like R, SQL, and Python to perform data preparation, predictive analysis, and natural language processing. The platform gives users the freedom to manage their compute cost by setting when and how often their data is refreshed. Teams can cut their query run-time from hours to seconds.

Sisense’s big data analytics software helps product teams turn data into data products. Product teams can use Sisense to develop and scale analytic apps that are customized to the users’ needs. These custom apps can be embedded in other applications. Using Sisense for analytics app development promises to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and lower time to market for product teams.

Sisense’s big data analytics software helps product teams simplify their analytics development, deployment, and scaling. Sisense relies on its proprietary database technology to ensure that its users can scale their data and userbase as they grow without compromising their product performance.

Sisense’s data analytics also offers robust data governance by integrating with its users’ existing authentication systems and record systems. This integration ensures that manual and programmatic user access, privileges, and security restrictions are maintained. Sisense’s data analytics also ensures that its users can monitor their system performance and track usage across the organization, within teams, and by individuals.

Sisense’s big data analytics platform ensures unified data management. Users can get a unified view of their data for easy analytics and governance. Accordingly, these users can connect and stream live data directly using an Elastic Data Hub, or they can connect and blend several data sources into reusable data models.

Sisense big data analytics solution makes dashboard accessibility easy for users on multiple devices. Users can access their dashboards on any device, including smartphones, desktops, tablets, wearables, and smart assistants. This flexibility means that users can check their dashboards on the go, discover and respond to new insights, and share important data with team members as relevant. In seconds, users can also receive notifications and updates on their smartphones for up-to-the-moment data inflows as they happen.

Sisense big data analytics software features data connectors to make data available on-premise and in the cloud. Users can power their dashboards using Sisense’s data connectors, which enables them to access their data regardless of where the data is stored. There ate two options for users here. They may choose to combine dozens of data sources using an accelerated cached data model or power their dashboards with live data from their high-performance database.

A vital benefit for users is that they can access all their data and make better-informed decisions. So they do not leave their data in silos as they can access and use every bit of their available data.

Sisense big data analytics software adapts to the specific needs of different teams and users. Marketers can track their PPC impressions, monitor advertising costs, vet lead quality, and more. Moreover, the platform features business intelligence software for PPC optimization, an agency reporting tool, and a marketing analytics dashboard.

Financial data users rely on the platform to answer questions on the efficiency of their profit yield from their revenue. Sisense helps them see the products or services with the most opportunity for growth. These businesses grasp their key profit or loss drivers using reports and dashboards from Sisense. Customer service uses the platform to understand their performance and metrics. Logistics and operations use Sisense to understand how to improve their operational efficiency, lower labor costs, improve operational transparency, and generate reports effortlessly.


Sisense primarily targets developers, analysts, engineers, and other high-level technical audience for its big data analytics solutions. However, it simplifies its processes and makes the platform accessible and useful to non-technical audiences. Sisense shines in helping businesses bring their data into one secure and scalable place for better governing and pipeline management.