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Skyvia Features and Reviews

Skyvia ETL tools software helps data analysts and organizations integrate data from multiple sources and applications, gain valuable insight, and make data-driven decisions. 


Skyvia ETL Tools software is a cloud-based ETL software for data import, transformation, migration, and continuous data integrationThis software allows organizations and managers to transfer data between disparate sources and different applications without coding.

With this software, managers can configure their data integration operations using editors and convenient GUI wizards. The process is executed in the cloud automatically, manually at any time, or based on a schedule. Users can view the integration operation results for each execution using the Run History.

Skyvia ETL tools software allows users to automate data imports to relational databases and cloud sources. Users can import data from CSV files to databases and cloud apps, perform mass data delete and update operations, or utilize upsert for data import without duplicates.

With this software, users can export their database or cloud data to CSV files. They can download the files on their computer or send them to file storage systems. Users can customize export by selecting objects fields and specifying filter conditions. 

Skyvia ETL Tools software offers a powerful ETL solution for cloud data replication. Users can create copies of cloud application data into a relational or cloud database, configure and automate data copying, and automatically keep their database up-to-date with incremental updates.

The tool allows users to synchronize their data between relational databases and cloud sources in both directions. Users can automatically keep data from multiple sources and platforms in sync. 

Product Details 

Skyvia ETL Tools software allows data analysts and managers to automate data imports to cloud sources and relational databases. The software enables users to import transfer data and CSV files to databases and cloud apps, perform mass data updates, delete operations.

Managers use Skyvia ETL tools software to import CSV files locally or from file storage services such as SFTP or FTP. The CSV file import options offer flexibility and allow users to import multiple CSV-like flat-file formats in various encoding and languages.

With this software, data analysts can seamlessly import database or cloud data directly to other sources. The software allows managers to transfer data between separate instances of the same database or app, join or merge related tables, or utilize advanced filtering to import records that match some criteria.

With this software, users can create new records and update existing ones or delete records from the target source. The tool supports the upsert operation and allows users to import data without creating duplicates.

Skyvia ETL Tools software preserves all relations data, including imported files, objects, and tables. Users can seamlessly specify the relations between the tables, source files, or objects. 

The software offers advanced mapping features for powerful data transformations. Users can easily import data even when the source and target have different structures. Managers can execute data splitting, use complex formulas, expressions, and lookups, etc.

Skyvia's import feature can optionally load new and modified data. With powerful data filtering and upsert support, users can configure data import to execute one-way synchronization of changes between multiple data sources.

Skyvia ETL Tools software makes it easy for managers to export data from cloud data sources and relational databases to CSV filesThe file can be downloaded on a computer or placed in a file storage system. 

The software allows users to select fields and export from the main target object and related objects. For example, when users export product prices from the Salesforce PriceBookEntry object, they can easily add product Name from the Pricebook name and Product2 object from the Pricebook2 object.

Skyvia ETL Tools software offers powerful data filtering capabilities. Managers can filter exported data using the fields of the exported object and related objects, whether the filter fields are added to exported data or not. The software lets users tweak all the export operations visually without the need for scripting or programming. 

With Skyvia ETL Tools software, users can export binary data from cloud apps and software that support attachment and file storage. Managers can export them as an archive with binary files and a CSV with exported non-binary fields. Users can customize export by selecting objects, fields, and specifying filtering conditions.

Skyvia ETL Tools software provides powerful online tools to help managers create copies of cloud application data into relational databases, and automatically keep the copy in an updated state. The software uses multiple data source-specific and optimization techniques to optimize data extraction performance and API use. The tool provides support for custom fields and objects for most data sources that have them. For data sources with complex internal structures, the software presents their data as relational models for easy copying to the database or JSON.

Skyvia ETL Tools software combines an optimized and high-performance batch data loading into databases with per-record and granular data insertion and error logging. The tool utilizes specific techniques to streamline performance and minimize warehouse limitations on data modification.

The software supports automatic schema creation. Users do not need to prepare warehouses or databases. Skyvia ETL Tools software can automatically create tables for their cloud data during the first replication. 

With this software, users can customize data replication processes by selecting what data to replicate and what data to keep in the cloud only. Managers can reproduce all the records or records matching specific conditions only. 

The tool also allows users to exclude specific fields from replication. After the initial full data replication, the software loads new and modified records from the cloud data source and applies changes to the database or data warehouse incrementally. 

Skyvia ETL Tools software supports two-way data synchronization between cloud sources and relational databases. With this software, managers can keep data from different platforms and sources in sync. 

The software has powerful data mapping features, and the sync feature is fully customizable. Users can define what data to sync, custom objects, and fields. Managers can map one table to multiple tables, utilize powerful mathematical and string expressions and lookups, etc.

With this software, users do not need to customize data structure, use textual IDs in their databases, or add custom external ID fields to cloud CRM objects. The only requirement that users need for databases is auto-generated primary keys. After the initial synchronization, the software captures and loads changed data only and applies the required changes from source to target.

Skyvia ETL Tools software supports integration with multiple cloud applications, databases, data warehouses, and CRMs. The software allows users to connect to cloud applications such as Dynamics CRM, MailChimp, G Suite, Shopify, Salesforce.

Users can integrate with file storage systems such as Amazon S3, FTP, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, FTP. The tool supports integration with database tools, including Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Amazon RDS, MySQL. With this software, users can mine data from data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Azure SQL Data warehouse.


Skyvia ETL Tools software allows managers to import, export, replicate, and synchronize data from multiple data sources. With this solution, businesses can access and share data in real-time, make timely business decisions, and drive business success.