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Smartsheet Features and Reviews

Smartsheet project management software helps creatives, businesses, product development, and operations teams to plan and execute projects faster, drive innovation, and achieve business success.


Smartsheet project management software is a planning and execution tool for small and medium businesses and large corporations. This software is suitable for industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, IT, retail, education, construction and engineering, nonprofit, and the government. 

Over seventy percent of Fortune 500 companies use Smartsheet project management software to plan work, collaborate, and execute projects. This software allows project leaders to visualize works to suit their organizational needs. Users can switch between Gantt charts, grid, cards, and calendar views. 

Smartsheet project management software allows creative teams to create tasks, organize them into sub-tasks, and assign teammates to tasks. Users can set task dependencies to monitor relationships between multiple tasks, view the project’s critical path to identify and fix bottlenecks, and display the percentage completion of individual tasks. 

This project management tool allows remote teams to collaborate effectively. Team members can attach files to tasks and projects from their computers or cloud storage applications like Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, and more. Furthermore, users can drop annotated comments and provide feedback on tasks and digital assets such as images, PDF, and more.

Managers use this tool to streamline work by providing automated updates and issuing approvals. Users can invite vendors, clients, or colleagues to review and approve work. Sales teams use Smartsheet project management software to accelerate project execution and save time by using automated workflows to automate manual and repetitive tasks such as reminders, status updates, and approvals. 

Reports and dashboards give stakeholders, and project leaders a robust, and real-time insight into project milestones, key performance indicators, and trends. With this tool, management teams can design dashboards and generate project reports to consolidate vital information, spot trends, and make better decisions. 

With the Smartsheet mobile app for Android and iOS, design teams can collaborate on the move. Smartsheet project management software supports integration with third-party applications such as Box, Slack, DocuSign, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more.

Product details

Smartsheet project management software empowers businesses and project managers to execute projects successfully. With this feature, managers can organize projects into tasks and subtasks, set start and completion dates, and milestones for projects and tasks. Team leads can assign teammates to a task, issue and revoke approvals, attach files to tasks from computers, or cloud storage applications, including OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and more. 

Smartsheet project management software helps organizations to save time and streamline work by automating repetitive tasks. Users can create automation workflows to send alerts such as weekly deadline reminders, requests daily updates on project status, request time-tracking, and hiring approvals. 

Creative and design teams use Smartsheet project management software to visualize projects in a way that sparks creativity and drives innovation. With the same data, users can seamlessly switch between multiple views, including Gantt charts, grid, calendar, and card views.  The Grid view or sheets is ideal for event planning or tracking customer feedback.

It allows users to customize columns, and assign properties such as tasks, and contacts to columns. Card views provide a more visual way for teams to view, share, and collaborate on projects. Team members can drag and drop cards and sticky notes to change their work status or provide updates. 

Gantt charts help project teams to seamlessly track projects, drag and drop project kick-off, and end dates. Users can build dependencies to show the relationship between multiple tasks, follow the critical path of the project to spot and remove bottlenecks, and more. The calendar view is excellent for creating team schedules, promotion, sales, and marketing plans. This view provides a detailed picture of all activities, tasks, timelines, and deadlines for completion. 

Smartsheet project management software helps project teams launch projects faster and increase organizational effectiveness by using pre-built templates. This software has a robust project library of templates to help project teams get started quickly. Some of the templates include project launch plans, balanced scorecard, monthly budget tracker, construction estimator, inventory management, and more. 

Project leaders use Smartsheet project management to drive effective communication and collaboration. With this feature, users can comment and drop feedback on tasks and projects. This software allows users to review, drop markups, annotations, and comments on images and PDFs. Users can upload files and invite stakeholders, colleagues, vendors, and customers to review, provide extra information, and issue approvals. 

Managers use Smartsheet project management software to allocate and manage resources. With this feature, project teams can work productively and deliver projects on time without running out of steam. This software allows users to track and analyze team workload, and the capacity to deliver. 

Based on the analysis from this tool, managers can forecast hiring needs, recruit new team members, or reassign tasks to existing teams. Resource management helps project teams to create budgets, schedule projects based on team capabilities, balance workload, and avoid burnouts. 

Smartsheet project management software allows project managers to manage projects and drive productivity wherever they are. With the Smartsheet mobile app for Android and iOS, design teams can work and collaborate using their mobile devices. Users can create tasks, set project timelines, leave feedback on tasks and files, view notifications, and reports on the move. 

Smartsheet project management software allows project leaders and management teams to create interactive dashboards and generate reports, consolidate project data, and gain valuable insights. Reports and dashboards provide an expanded view of project activities and status, key performance indicators, resources, and critical trends. 

Users can customize dashboards to display critical metrics and charts. More so, managers can drill down to get more insight and share details that matter most. Marketers can publish reports or share them with relevant stakeholders. Also, users can export the reports to Excel, Google Sheets, or PDF. Smartsheet project management helps businesses to make faster and better decisions. 

Smartsheet project management software allows project teams to work seamlessly by integrating with third-party enterprise tools and applications. This tool empowers project teams to connect to cloud productivity tools, including Skype, Google Hangouts, G Suite, Gmail, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, Slack, DocuSign, Workplace, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. 


Smartsheet project management makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to implement and manage projects. With this solution, organizations can drive collaboration, save time, and boost productivity. Managers use real-time reports and insights from this tool to track project performance, manage resources, and make better decisions.