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Splunk Enterprise Features and Reviews

Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics Software uses Machine Learning powered analytics to turn data from multiple sources into answers for businesses.


Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software offers solutions for business operations, IT, security, IoT, healthcare, and several other industries. Companies can accumulate and index all forms of machine data in real-time. With the Splunk Enterprise, users can explore, search, visualize, and analyze data in one place. The software also enables businesses to monitor and spot trends while identifying specific patterns in activities or customer behavior. Splunk also provides a community where users find apps that improve the software’s functionality and interface.

Professionals can scale from a single server to various datacenters during their data analysis process. Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software maintains data integrity, auditability, and secure handling. Users can organize, extract, and gather real-time insights from websites, app servers, social media platforms, sensors, open-source data stores, business applications, and more.

The software shares and provides access to machine data to businesses and organizations, helping them facilitate any insight they gathered in the process. After collecting data, Spunk produces graphs, reports, visualizations, and dashboards to assist the user in managing the acquired information. Analysts can create their reports with interactive charts and tables, and share them with other team members to improve productivity.

Experts using Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software can predict and avoid IT problems, reduce unplanned downtime, and explore more business options. It also allows for increased transparency in the corporate world by optimizing a customer’s experience and detecting fraud.

Product Details

Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software enables professionals to detect anomaly with machine learning. Users can uncover unusual activities and events in their businesses with Splunk’s platform. The anomaly detection command allows industries to locate any irregularity or glitch in their systems. The application filters down the results to pinpoint specific anomalies that the user can focus on fixing. Splunk’s machine learning tool kit allows analysts to fit and apply their models through a guided interface before testing and refining their accuracy.

Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software allows companies to discover and explore business processes and consumer experiences. Professionals can use the platform to get visibility on business operations by analyzing streams of data to identify outliers, patterns, and trends. Splunk Enterprise investigates potential causes of problems that could hinder productivity and drives continuous improvement after the issue is handled.

Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software helps System Administrators figure out what’s wrong with a machine. The platform reduces the amount of time analyzing system errors by performing the hefty tasks for the user. It processes aggregate data that the system generates and narrows down the suspects after obtaining relevant data. Professionals use the intel gathered to solve their machine’s problem and reduce production delays.

Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software uses event annotations to add context to trends returned by users’ time charts. Business managers can use the application to flag times when their servers went down to handle website login errors. Using event annotations provides companies with the ability to correlate discrete sets of data and find similarities between them. The tool highlights charts and graphs that give the users a perfect at-a-glance view of their company’s data.

Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software supports apps and add-ons that deliver immediate value to the user’s business. The various apps simplify tasks by presenting in-depth data analysis that empowers organizations and industries. Mobile Intelligence (MINT) improves user experience by providing end-to-end visibility into application performance and mobile transactions. Professionals can capture, analyze, and compare data without manual instrumentation. Splunk also monitors visitor activity and resources in real-time.

Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software enables analysts to replicate and store data in clusters. Businesses can maintain multiple copies of files and documents when they use Splunk’s Index Replication feature. It promotes data availability while preventing future loss. And if one or more of the indexes fail, the application continues with the process with the backups.

Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software helps companies to set up processes necessary for the recovery of data and services after a disaster. Users can back up essential data on the platform and restore them when the crisis has been averted. Splunk Enterprise supports multi-site clustering that replicates data on the various sites used by the client.

Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software enables CEOs and managers to improve workflow with intuitive process mining continuously.

Users can investigate incomplete or delayed behaviors and ensure fewer performance gaps in their systems. The platform helps them understand how to increase conversion rates and reduce their cycle times. Splunk offers businesses the opportunity to engage with their customers and ask questions that they were unable to do before.

Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software helps healthcare sectors improve IT performance that protects a patient’s privacy. The software allows healthcare workers to gain insight into system performance, protect records, and comply with various regulatory requirements. Users can also improve the uptime of their organization’s online services and patient portals.

Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software allows professionals to create and edit reports from their dashboard. After creating a search or a pivot that they wish to share with others, team leaders can save them as reports on the platform. The data can also be edited or displayed in a different manner that works on both web and mobile devices. The reports show statistics and visualizations of events.

Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software allows companies to regulate access control and mask data to prevent theft. Managers can decide to segment data or control searches and results to ensure the organization’s security needs are met. When exposing sensitive data to unauthorized parties, the user can restrict access to different levels using Splunkbase apps. Employees without the specified clearance would be unable to gain access to the restricted data.


Splunk Enterprise Big Data Analytics software offers industries a unified method of extracting and organizing real-time insights from multiple sources of machine data. The technology is used for business and web analytics, application management, as well as security and compliance.