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Sprout Social Features and Reviews

Sprout Social social media management software helps users create content, understand and reach their audience, engage their community, and measure performance.


Sprout Social social media management solution focuses on providing solutions for every member of the social media team like social media managers, marketers, social customer care agents, social analysts, and social strategists. Businesses of all sizes use this robust software to grow stronger relationships on social networks.

Over 20,000 organizations from different industries make use of Sprout Social to increase visibility, responsiveness, and boost efficiency. Users can use this software to effectively streamline and scale social engagement. With this platform, users can monitor their business reviews across different social networks at once.

Sprout Social allows users to set up a conversational workflow for messaging experience on the varying social network inboxes. With Sprout Social's mobile app, users can perform all social functions and engagement on the go.  This software makes it easy to automate time-consuming tasks like content planning, creation, management, and delivery. Besides, users can manage multiple social media profiles, networks, and campaigns easily on this platform.

With this social media management solution, users can deliver content at optimal times to get the most engagement. Users can set up workflows to grant access and permissions for content submission, review, collaboration, and approval. Plus, this software allows users to compare their social performance, track engagement, improve social strategy, and measure metrics from all social media platforms.

Users can detect trends from social conversations to inform better marketing strategies. With the dashboard, users can stay on top of analytics, social data, and content management. Sprout Social allows users to find out what people are saying about their business across all the major social networks, blogs, and forums.

Social media managers and marketers use this software to get transparent and authentic social engagement with followers. Social customer care agents rely on this platform to deliver relevant and responsive social care to customers. However, social analysts and strategists can benefit from this platform, as well.

Product Details

Sprout Social social media management software empowers users with engagement tools used to eliminate obstacles and manage social communities. This software allows users to offer customer support with ease. Users can automate and customize their social workflows for content creation, management, and approval to save time. Plus, Sprout Social enables users to manage all their social activity and message from one location.

Users can effectively communicate and assign tasks to their team members to foster collaboration and avoid redundancies. This software allows users to access essential audience data, report performance metrics, and manage issues with ease. With Sprout Social, users can analyze their ROI effectively to pinpoint areas that need addressing. Besides, practitioners, teams, agencies, and managers can use this software to manage social media platforms for their clients.

Sprout Social social media management software's mobile app helps users efficiently manage all their different profiles from anywhere and at any time.  Users can get access to their inbox, publishing functionalities, content calendar, and workflow tools on the go. This mobile app allows users to schedule, create, and publish social content across their different profiles in real-time. Additionally, Sprout Social's mobile app supports only Apple and Android devices.

Users can easily plan and curate content across third-party apps using this mobile app. With notifications, users can stay on top of all their messages as they appear in real-time. This mobile application enables users to route and manage tasks directly from their mobile devices. Users can use their mobile devices to manage their different social workflow seamlessly. Besides, users can send alerts to their team members, notifying them on the tasks they need to give attention.

Sprout Social social media management software enables users to schedule their social content to save time. This software offers users training materials to help them efficiently post their content. Users can strategize and organize content across multiple profiles and platforms using a content calendar. Plus, this social media management solution allows users to store, edit, and posy content from a centralized library.

Users can track metrics and measure content performance across different social platforms. This software allows users to post content specific times to get high engagement automatically. Besides, users can create and deploy chatbots for Facebook and Twitter quickly.

Sprout Social social media management software allows users to extract insights and measure performance metrics. Users can customize the reporting template to fit their brand. This software provides users with a display of all their social profiles connected. Additionally, users can compare their social metrics with that of their competitors.

Sprout Social social media management software allows users to plan paid and organic campaigns using relevant data. Users can access their business analytics to improve their social strategies. With Sprout Social, users can track the performances of their team members. Plus, they can view the different metrics in the form of illustrations for easy understanding.

Sprout Social social media management software helps users to know what people are saying about their business, competitors, and industry. Users can track and analyze conversations around topics relevant to their consumers and their brand. This software helps users to identify influencers for their brand while keeping up with industry trends. Besides, businesses can get real feedback on their new products before rolling them out.

With this software, users can identify gaps in their industry and utilize opportunities to differentiate their business. Users can use audience insights and performance metrics to upgrade other business aspects.

Sprout Social social media management software unifies the incoming messages from varying social media platforms. With this unified platform, users can respond to messages quickly and classify them according to importance. Users can monitor hashtags, locations, and keywords to find distinct opportunities for engagement. Plus, users can create team workflow to enable different team members to manage messaging for various networks.


Sprout Social is one of the best platforms for social teams and agencies to manage content creation, customer engagement, and performance analytics. It provides users with scheduling tools, reporting templates, a chatbot, and a mobile app. The core strength of this social media management solution is its emphasis on community engagement.