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Statusbrew Features and Reviews

Statusbrew social media management software helps businesses build stronger connections with their online audience


Statusbrew is a customizable social media management and marketing software that allows customer service, marketing, and sales teams to understand their customers or prospects better and also engage with them more effectively on multiple social media channels. The software enables users to streamline social media-related tasks and activities like publishing, scheduling, planning, and creating social media content and posts.

Moreover, Statusbrew allows team members to collaborate on social media content scheduling and planning by making all their content accessible from a shared pool. From this pool, team members can easily access content, create schedules for each, and ensure that they get to the proper audience at the appropriate time. More so, Statusbrew allows users to analyze and monitor the performance of their published content across multiple social media platforms. This enables users to identify best-performing content and see how they can improve others for better engagements.

With Statusbrew's team management feature, users can assign social media profiles and groups to different team members. Even more, users can track and evaluate how team members communicate and engage with their social media audience. Also, the software consolidates conversations and messages from multiple social media channels into a single inbox, allowing users to engage smoothly and systematically with their audiences. Plus, users can also automatically route these conversations and messages to team members depending on specific requirements.

Additionally, Statusbrew notifies users when people are talking about their industry or brand, allowing them to follow conversations and also make inputs when necessary. Plus, users can get insights and generate reports with vital metrics and data on audience engagement and content performance, making it easy to improve their social media marketing strategy.

Product Details

Statusbrew social media management software allows users to create customized posts and content for each social media channel. This way, they do not have to create each post from scratch for each channel. Even more, users can preview their content on multiple social channels in real-time to see how they would look once published.

Statusbrew social media management software comes with link shorteners and users can add UTM parameters. The software has a composer that enables users to create link posts for their social media pages and add UTM parameters to their links. This helps them monitor their campaigns and discover better ways of driving traffic to their websites. Users can either create their own variables or select dynamic variables for auto-populating parameters for each social channel. Even more, the software allows users to shorten links after adding UTM parameters using a brew social link shortener. At the same time, users can add tags to each post in their campaign and filter their content planner by tags to view content scheduled for a particular campaign.

Statusbrew social media management software has a Facebook post booster. Users can directly boost posts and schedule ads for Facebook by integrating their Facebook ad account with the software.

Statusbrew social media management software allows users to hide Facebook ads or posts from their timeline. Also, these dark posts are created solely for advertising purposes and not visible on users' timelines or their audiences' Newsfeeds. More so, the software has an Engage Inbox capability that lets users reply to threaded comments and conversations on highlighted content of dark posts.

Statusbrew social media management software offers customizable moderation rules. Businesses can solve the issue of spamming and maintain a good reputation online. Even more, social media managers can update tickets automatically depending on specific criteria like assigning tickets to team members, mark tickets as spam, close tickets, and automatically delete or hide comments on ads or posts. Also, these moderation rules automatically take care of obvious offenders.

Statusbrew social media management software supports Slack integration. Brands and agencies can collaborate with teams to monitor their social media presence and also publish content on multiple social channels. Also, with this integration, users can get alerts for failed, published, and scheduled posts as well as post approvals from moderators to editors. At the same time, the software sends users warning alerts when publishing queues are running out. Plus, users also get post reminders for upcoming events and notifications about brand mentions, comments, and direct messages.

Statusbrew social media management software supports image tools integrations for social media managers. These users can build their brand's presence on social media channels by integrating with image tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, Giphy, Pixabay, and Unsplash. Also, this integration allows users to directly add license-free images and gifs to their post from Statusbrew.

Statusbrew social media management software provides social media analytics. Statusbrew allows users to generate data-driven reports for better decision making across their business. With group reports, users get aggregated analytics and an overview of every profile in a group, giving them overall social health and performance of their business. Even more, users can generate social network-specific reports that provide them stats like best-performing demographics, posts, content, and so on. Plus, team reports can also be generated which give stats on response time, the number of conversations, and team engagements.

Besides, these reports are customizable and can be exported in CSV or PDF formats. Also, before exporting, users can white-label these reports using their brand logo.

Statusbrew social media management software gives users real-time notifications. Users can stay up-to-date with notifications for desktop, email, and mobile on updates of activities on their social channels.

Statusbrew social media management software comes with collaborative workflow tools. Social media agencies and teams can have multiple people managing multiple accounts on a single dashboard. Users can equip their whole team without having to share the password of their social media accounts. Even more, specific roles can be defined for each team member, and access to features, groups, and profiles can be granted to individual members depending on specific criteria.

Moreover, the software allows users to manage multiple brands on a single platform. Users can invite varied team members to groups and social profiles, helping them distinguish between multiple businesses and brands.


Statusbrew social media management software enables communication and marketing teams to maximize their social media efforts across multiple social media platforms. The software gives users access to social media management functionalities like analytics, reporting, team collaboration, and publishing. At the same time, users can publish, schedule, and plan their content across different social media channels. Plus, Statusbrew also supports customer service and sales teams to engage better with their social media audiences from a single dashboard as well as monitor performance and engagement. Also, users can gather and share performance reports with team members and keep track of their most-engaging content and hashtags.