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Storj Features and Reviews

Storj is an open-source platform that uses blockchain to provide end-to-end encrypted cloud storage services.


Storj is a crypto-powered cloud storage platform that allows any computer running its software to take up unused hard drive space from users looking to store files. Hence, Storj offers an alternative to Amazon's or Google's cloud storage platforms. Storj manages its data storage using software and a network of computers rather than a firm owning and maintaining the software.

Some of Storj’s components include storage nodes, uplink, and satellite. Storage nodes allow users to rent excess disk space and store and restore data for a fee. Uplink connections operate on customer computers while uploading files to the network, coordinating storage, and retrieving peer data. Satellites coordinate traffic between storage nodes and uplink connections. The satellites are responsible for storing metadata, maintaining honest storage nodes, and distributing payments.

Storj users enjoy buying, selling, and controlling their data. Users who value their privacy can keep their files without fear of people viewing their information or having adverts placed on those files.

Storj stores data in a distinctive way compared to other cloud storage services. Instead of taking your files and uploading copies to multiple servers, Storj uses a decentralized storage system. Instead of copying your files and uploading them to a few other servers, Storj provides up to 150 GB of free storage space to new customers, which is significantly sufficient for a new user.

When you upload a file, Storj divides it into 80 pieces, each stored on a different server. Over 10,000 servers, or "nodes," get deployed throughout 84 countries by the corporation. When you download or move your files, Storj needs access to 29 fragments of each file to reassemble the whole files.

Product Details

Storj, as a decentralized cloud storage network, works on a network of thousands of independent computers.Unlike Storj, traditional cloud storage solutions store data in large data centers. By installing Tardigrade, anyone with a few extra terabytes of space can become a node on the platform. All that's needed is a steady and reliable internet connection.

Storj creates and protects user data. Storj uses the Tardigrade software installed on the host computer to create and protect user data. This network of anonymous websites eliminates the need to trust cloud storage service providers to ensure the confidentiality of users' data. The system is also peer-to-peer encrypted, meaning that only encrypted files get sent to a network of independent computers. Each node only receives a random fragment of a larger file, with decryption keys distributed in the same measure across nodes and the host, making it impossible to hack. This technology protects user information from hacking and other hostile attacks. 

Storj allows for faster download speed from anywhere in the world. Storj’s decentralized system ensures the highest level of security and incredible redundancy against server failures. Storj is completely open-source, making it a bonus for security-conscious consumers. Your data is more safe using Storj's decentralized storage architecture. Even if a hostile attacker gained access to one of Storj's servers, they would need to access another 28 servers to recreate your files. Even so, Storj's servers encrypt all its file components at rest, making them uncrackable without your encryption key.

Storj enhances the speed of uploading and downloading files. Storj ran a speed test by uploading and downloading 1GB files over a 110Mbps internet connection; the result shows easy download and upload of files. The upload took a little over 25 minutes, which was impressive given that the process also included dividing the file into 80 pieces and selecting which servers to send each segment. It took one minute and 13 seconds to download the same file. Storj’s download speed was one of the fastest of the cloud storage providers.

Storj leverages latent storage and idle network capacity. Storj encourages consumers worldwide to donate free storage to businesses or users who need ultra-secure and private storage. Compared to centralized cloud storage choices, this decentralized architecture provides greater security, privacy, and economics. Storj’s latent storage ability ensures there is no malicious attack, and instances of network outages. 

Storj uses Ethereum's ERC20 token standard. This cloud storage solution builds a decentralized infrastructure on a model that leverages the STORJ token as an exchange of value across a network of consumers, storage providers, and open-source growth partners. The STORJ token is based on Ethereum's ERC-20 token standard and stored in any ERC-20 compliant cryptocurrency wallet. Creating a Storj Node entails hosting an encrypted sub-segment of other people's data in exchange for payment. You must have data storage and internet bandwidth to become a node operator.

Storj helps generate passive income by attributing excess capacity to paying customers on cloud storage sites. To meet the needs of node operators, Storj brings market power into an open storage economy designed to maintain storage supply while facilitating demand. Nodes need to get rewarded for their services to have a sustainable revenue model. For users, Storj DCS offers cloud storage for more private, secure, and cost-effective objects than centralized cloud storage alternatives.

Storj has an affiliate program that encourages third-party application developers to integrate their products with Storj DCS to store application data. The third-party application developers  use Storj DCS to keep their app data, and get a percentage of the revenue generated. Customers who store data through apps get cheaper storage space with increased security and privacy. 

Storj makes the transition from traditional to decentralized storage very easy for customers and storage providers. Nodes can run the Storj software client on Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems, so those interested in becoming a node operator can use their existing computing tools. For those looking to take advantage of decentralized storage security, privacy, and economic benefits, Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage DCS is compatible with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), making the switch quite seamless.


Storj is a decentralized cloud storage solution that provides speed, security, and reliability. Users can access files with speed from anywhere in the world using this platform, and there's no risk of data malicious attack or deleting files. Storj is one of the platforms that provide the quickest download speeds so far. The platform is a good choice for those with a lot of data and who are familiar with the command line. It's especially handy for globally distributed teams and cloud-based storage of sensitive data.