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Tableau Desktop Features and Reviews

Tableau Desktop business intelligence software helps business managers, analysts, and companies analyze data and gain actionable insights from them.


Tableau Desktop business intelligence software is a complete data analysis and visualization tool for companies, product teams, data analysts, engineers, and managers. Furthermore, the software has features that are tailored to suit a wide range of industries, including healthcare, supply chain, retail, manufacturing, digital marketing, travel and hospitality, government, and nonprofits.

The software allows users to collect, refine, and analyze data from multiple sources such as databases, emails, spreadsheets, videos, and more. Without writing any pieces of code, data engineers can connect and access data from cloud applications such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, and more. Business managers can securely access and utilize data through their desktop computers, web browsers, or embed their data into any application.  

Tableau Desktop business intelligence software allows data analysts to create and customize dashboards. They can visualize data using elements such as maps, charts, and graphs to monitor and understand data patterns, trends, and outliers across regions, territories, and demographics.

Tableau Desktop’s business intelligence platform supports collaborations across teams. The tool allows managers to create environments where they can share interactive data and visualizations about business forecasts and operational processes securely with team members and management.

Beyond data visualization, team leads can design scorecards and use them to track performance against key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Tableau Desktop analytics and interactive dashboard help companies to slice and dice datasets, generate relevant insights, and explore new opportunities for growth. 

Businesses use real-time intelligence data from the software to make data-driven decisions that will boost productivity and increase overall effectiveness. 

Product Details 

Tableau Desktop business intelligence software helps businesses to generate critical insights quickly. This feature allows users to create and share customizable and interactive dashboards using a simple drag and drop tool to add data elements, including colors, sizes, and more.  

Managers use Tableau Desktop business intelligence tool to create an expanded view of their data such as product sales data, maps, and profitability based on region. They can build a dashboard of their findings, and share their results on the web so that team members in remote locations can view them and take action.  

Building useful dashboards help organizations monitor data trends, uncover valuable insights, identify business opportunities, and make faster decisions. 

Tableau Desktop business intelligence tool allows data analysts to mine data from multiple sources.  Data is the lifeblood of every business. This tool will enable users to connect and analyze data from on-premise sources such as PDF, Microsoft Excel, etc. or cloud data sources such as SQL databases, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Dropbox, Salesforce, IBM, Tableau server, etc. 

Without writing a single line of code, the solution allows managers to access and merge separate data into a single dataset. Database managers, administrators, engineers can organize and restructure metadata to improve data quality. 

Tableau Desktop business intelligence software helps companies to maximize the potential of advanced analytics. This tool enables organizations to analyze data, perform complex calculations, and review statistical summaries from existing data. Users can create charts and add forecast, trend line, average lines, constant lines, box plots, medians, and average with 95 percent confidence interval for specific measures or all the measures. 

Advanced analytics like trend analyses, correlations, and regressions eliminate the need for assumptions and guesses. Management teams rely on advanced analytics from this software to gain a deeper understanding of their data, ask valuable and compelling questions, monitor trends, identify opportunities, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Tableau Desktop business intelligence software helps organizations to visualize their data on a map. This feature allows users to get more valuable insight into specific measures such as sales, profit, and quantity from their geographical data. 

With in-built postal codes and super fast mapping for over 50 countries globally, data analysts use this software to build interactive maps from existing data automatically. Companies can use customized geocodes and domains for personalized locations and regions like operational or sales areas, and more. 

Tableau Desktop business intelligence software supports instant geocoding. It automatically converts users’ location data into interactive and productive maps with 16 zoom levels. More so, the software may automatically use custom geocodes to map data that is critical to the business productivity need of the user.

Key demographic datasets like population and income are built into this tool to help users get started quickly. This platform allows users to import geographic data from geographic information systems (GIS), spatial data modeling, and analysis tools such as R or any other custom geocode data sources. 

Tableau Desktop business intelligence software supports multiple map types, including heat maps, flow maps, choropleth maps, spider maps, and more. 

The map feature and visual environment allow businesses to explore the world through visual data, monitor trends and data, and share findings with ease.

Tableau Desktop business intelligence software helps managers to communicate data and insights effectively. Beyond data exploration and analysis, this software allows managers to present data in a way that will enable stakeholders to develop a personal connection to the information.  

Team leads can tell stories with compelling narratives that bring the data to life and empowers every member of the team to make valuable contributions, ask questions, and analyze data visualizations. 

Tableau Desktop business intelligence software allows data analysts to extract vast amounts for data exploration. Data extraction helps to improve data performance and supports additional functionalities. It enables users to filter data, and implement features that are not available or supported in their original data such as computing count distinct. 

This software supports large data sets and allows users to create extracts containing multiple data rows. Also, it enables users to gain offline access to their data, save and use the data on local devices when the original data is unavailable.  

Tableau Desktop business intelligence software relies on cutting edge computer graphics and database technology to help users extract data within few minutes. 

Tableau Desktop business intelligence supports data sharing and collaboration across key stakeholders. This feature allows business managers to securely share data, dashboards, maps, and reports, and visualizations with their team members, management, or clients at the click of a button. 

Managers can create a collaborative environment where team members can share and work on data. More so, they can choose the most suitable integration options for their data environment.  

For users that want to enjoy the simplicity that comes with a fully hosted solution, they can use Tableau Online to share data with team members and third parties. Organizations that want complete control of their software can deploy Tableau Server on their preferred cloud solution providers such as Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, and more. Companies that have sensitive data and want full control of their data may install their software on-premise. 


Tableau Desktop business intelligence software helps data analysts and engineers to connect, analyze, and visualize data from multiple data sources. Data sharing and collaboration features of this software help companies to empower employees and customers with relevant data. 

The software helps organizations to generate actionable insights, identify business opportunities, and make data-driven decisions that will boost productivity.