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TeamViewer Features and Reviews

TeamViewer remote desktop software allows users to have remote access, connectivity, collaboration, support, and security for any kind of online endpoint from anywhere and at any time.


TeamViewer remote desktop software focuses on helping users securely and remotely connect to devices and servers over the internet. Businesses of all sizes can use this software to reach their full potential in the digital space. Plus, users can use their smartphones as a window to their workplace.

Over 2 billion devices use TeamViewer as their remote connectivity solutions provider. This software allows users to connect across multiple platforms; it supports Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Windows, and macOS. This remote desktop software empowers businesses with the Internet of Things solutions that enhance customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and product quality.

TeamViewer allows users to instantly and securely connect, operate, and monitor their servers and devices from anywhere. The IoT functionality of this software gives business owners full visibility into all connected devices with insights and status alerts delivered in real-time. Besides, users can access their Android and iOS devices using the TeamViewer dedicated application on their mobile device or desktop computer.

This software offers users an Augmented Reality solution that allows them to fix any pressing issues of any magnitude regardless of where they are. The end-to-end encryption on TeamViewer enables users to securely transfer sensitive data quickly, install programs to any device, and provide tech support. Businesses can use this software to establish channel groups to support their customers and employees. Additionally, business owners can track their team and their activities to get insights on the performance of each employee.

Organizations can develop custom customer portals and modules on TeamViewer to fit their brand. This software supports multiple languages so businesses can cater to a wide range of customers. Companies can add the TeamViewer API or the pre-built integrations to their applications to extend the functionality of their work environment.

Product Details

TeamViewer remote desktop software enables users to communicate with their team from anywhere at any time effectively. Employees can use the chat functionality of the software to collaborate with their colleagues, provide tech support, and perform IT maintenance seamlessly. Users can securely chat with their clients and teammates from anywhere in the world using video, messaging, or screen sharing on TeamViewer. This software allows users to select more than 20 contacts to send one-time messages to. Plus, all members of an organization can access chat history for reference purposes.

TeamViewer remote desktop software allows users to access and use any device remotely. IT staff can take control of any device from anywhere to fix technical issues remotely utilizing any type of device or operating system. This software offers whitelists, blacklists, and end-to-end encryption to ensure businesses keep their customers safe. TeamViewer supports desktop sharing and allows users to provide technical support for devices with the software installed. Besides, This remote desktop software offers cross-platform communication support for different platforms that support Linux, Windows, macOS Chrome OS, Android, and iOS.

TeamViewer remote desktop software offers businesses a smooth and seamless VPN alternative. Users can use any type of device to connect to the VPN alternative regardless of whether it is behind a firewall. This software allows users to share any type and size of files quickly. Organizations can offer tech support and IT administrative services to mobile devices using dedicated apps. The flexibility of the mobile app allows users to access remote computers on the go. Additionally, users can use their mobile phones to access their office desktop and remotely manage neglected networks.

TeamViewer remote desktop software allows users to wake and restart sleeping devices remotely. Users can install applications or updates and access essential files on sleeping devices. This software enables users with permissions to access all the capabilities on systems as if they were physically using it. Besides, TeamViewer allows users to install the software on the remote device to enable them to explore and fix any pressing issues.

TeamViewer remote desktop software offers users different file-sharing solutions for speedy data transfer. The end-to-end encryption of this software ensures all files transferred are secure. This software integrates seamlessly with Dropbox, Box, OneDrive for Business, and Google Drive for ease of file sharing. Users can quickly transfer files from one computer to another or to cloud storage for easy access. This software allows users to access their data and folders quickly. Plus, TeamViewer enables users to print their documents from remote devices using a local printer.

TeamViewer remote desktop software empowers users with shortcuts to help save time. This software allows users to open multiple connections for convenient switching between sessions simultaneously. The TeamViewer dashboard gives users a clear picture of what is happing with the remote device. Besides, users can access all the information on the remote device like operating system, serial number, and model.

TeamViewer's shortcuts allow users to access their necessary tools quickly. Users can automate repetitive and routine tasks and processes using scripts. Also, this software enables users to group their devices easily using relevant properties. 

TeamViewer remote desktop software offers organizations detailed reports with extensive connection logs. Businesses can discover the different performance levels of their employees. This software enables companies to track connections, monitor employees, and develop a billing structure using reports. The extensive action logs allow users to manage their team members effectively. Plus, businesses can understand the needs of their customers from customer feedback forms.

TeamViewer remote desktop software allows businesses to customize their support services and integrate them into their stack. Customers and employees can use the custom modules of organizations to access their devices without installing the software. This custom functionality allows team members and customers to participate in business meetings without installing TeamViewer.


TeamViewer remote desktop software provides businesses of all sizes with remote connectivity solutions to enable them access and connect to systems and servers from any device. This software allows users to offer IT support to remote platforms without needing their physical presence. Users can access and provide technical assistance to different remote systems on the go using the TeamViewer mobile applications.