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ThingSpeak Features and Reviews

ThingSpeak IoT software is an analytics platform service that allows users to visualize, combine, and analyze live data streams online.


Businesses use ThingSpeak IoT software to log applications, track locations, monitor social networking, perform online analysis, and processing of data in real-time. Professionals use the platform for prototyping and IoT concepts that require analytics.

ThingSpeak IoT software provides solutions for several vertical applications such as home automation, environmental, health, industrial, and vehicle fleet monitoring and control. The platform uses connected devices to communicate with people, provides sensor data and cloud computing resources where the information is analyzed to gain reliable insights. Data scientists and industry experts utilize the data by carrying out historical analysis on them.

The software allows users to send sensor data to the cloud, analyze and visualize them with MATLAB before triggering specific reactions. Products like Simulink and MATLAB support IoT systems of various sectors by helping create predictive algorithms, deploy cloud analytics, and develop/test smart devices. Businesses can store up to eight fields of data through each of the various channels ThingSpeak uses.

ThingSpeak IoT software stores all the information its users send to the cloud in one central location online. Analysts have access to their data for both online and offline use. The platform also allows users to import data from third-party websites. Businesses use the collated data to investigate connections or links between products and develop predictive algorithms.

Product Details

ThingSpeak IoT software allows users to create new and private channels to collect analyzed data. Analysts can read data from public channels and transfer them to the new ones they create. The platform allows users to write data to their ThingSpeak channels in different formats such as REST API, MATLAB, MQTT, or with third-party apps. These protocols enable experts to distribute telemetry information. Meteorologists can read temperature and humidity data from different weather-related channels and visualize the results on their private channels. With the help of MATLAB, they view trends, plot histograms, calculate dew points from the raw data, and forecast changes in weather patterns.

ThingSpeak IoT software helps users to share analyzed data with public channels. The settings panel allows users to view multiple options on their channels. The tab shows sharing options that will enable the user to set their channel as private, public (everyone can see it), or shared with particular users. Professionals can also import or export data on their channels.

ThingSpeak IoT software uses MQTT and REST APIs to update various ThingSpeak channels. Industry professionals also use the platform to analyze and chart numeric data sent from smart devices and stored on different channels. Using REST API calls such as POST, GET, DELETE, or PUT, business owners can update their feeds, clear, or delete their channels entirely. MQTT Publish methods help users in updating their feeds, while MQTT Subscribe allows them to receive messages.

ThingSpeak IoT software allows professionals to prepare and analyze their companies’ data.

Weather experts use the MATLAB Analysis app to prepare, analyze, and filter data such as estimating the average humidity or calculating the dew point. The visualization and analysis applications provide users with template codes to perform operations on live or historical data. Industry professionals can add new functions to the software to allow for modular coding. Using ThingSpeak Analysis, companies can read stored data or write new ones to their private channels. The URL filter enables them to scrape numbers from various web pages.

ThingSpeak IoT software helps businesses with event scheduling responsibilities. Data analysts can perform actions at different times or on a specific schedule with the software. Industry experts use the platform to communicate with devices, websites, or other web services. ThingSpeak IoT allows users to act on their data, send alerts through Twitter, and queue up commands for multiple devices. The software enables businesses to understand their communication protocols and explore different formats of Time Data. The TimeControl feature runs on a 24-hour cycle and can only be used 12 times per user.

ThingSpeak IoT software monitors and acts on inactive channels and sends alerts to the user. ThingSpeak helps professionals monitor their channel’s activity by providing apps to visualize or transform data or trigger a particular action. The platform sends notifications on different events and allows the user to react based on the information gathered. For example, if the software’s pressure sensors monitor the boiler pressure on a channel, ThingSpeak sends a notification about the event as soon as it stops receiving data. The platform allows the user to tweet about the failure and sends a command to the system to shut down operations.

ThingSpeak IoT software integrates with apps to visualize and transform data into various formats. Business managers can upload data from the web or send them directly from their smart devices to ThingSpeak platform channels. The feedback gotten from the apps allows users to schedule or track email alerts. MATLAB helps in exploring stored data before triggering sample codes to perform analysis, such as replacing missing values in data or calculating average humidity. Vendors such as Senet, LoRaWAN, Libelium, Beckhoff, Things Network, Arduino, and Particle integrate with ThingSpeak to make the software’s setup easier.

ThingSpeak IoT software allows energy data analysts to measure and analyze HVAC systems and large appliances. Industry experts use the platform to collect temperature and humidity reading to measure the energy efficacy of homes and factories. They also use MATLAB to analyze and visualize the data after gathering them. ThingSpeak IoT software opens up more opportunities for the industries to perform energy audits and predict power demands.

ThingSpeak IoT software stores information in the cloud, allowing businesses to analyze their data in both online and offline mode. Users can download data directly from the cloud and read them in either CSV or JSON formats. Analysts can also import data from third-party web services, investigate correlations, and create a predictive algorithm.


ThingSpeak IoT software allows companies and businesses to connect and store sensor data online to develop IoT applications. The platform also helps users in aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing data before carrying out appropriate actions.