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ThoughtSpot Features and Reviews

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics Software uses AI-driven analysis to gain granular insights from billions of rows of data and provide answers to users’ questions.


ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics Software grants users the power of more than a thousand analysts within their reach. The platform helps them utilize the power of search to analyze their business. Organizations can find anything from loans, leads to sales from the company’s database. Within a matter of seconds, employees can pull up relevant business information and, in the process, gain valuable insights.  

The platform allows users to share intelligence with team members across an enterprise, allowing everyone to remain on the same page concerning operations. Professionals use ThoughtSpot to analyze data, generate reports, and create dashboards without relying on the services of IT departments.

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics Software makes real-time suggestions as the user types an inquiry. With the help of the AI-backed solution, companies can transform existing data into a visually appealing story that every stakeholder would approve. The AI is programmed to automatically discover personalized and relevant information hidden in the user’s data. The SpotIQ engine makes thousands of inquiries about billions of data points and arms non-technical users with insights through trend analysis.

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics Software uses natural language processing that allows analysts to ask questions directly from their data and get results instantly. It also works well with plug-ins like Microsoft Office and other business intelligence tools.

Product Details

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics Software allows users to create charts and dashboards with its relational search engine. Businesses can conduct searches with ThoughtSpot and get an instant response to their data inquiries. The software offers lighting fast answers from billions of rows of data across multiple sources. It also provides relevant search suggestions for users as they type questions based on user behavior and metadata. The results are presented in real-time so the analyst can incorporate them into business decisions. For faster searches, ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics Software indexes schema and data on web caches.

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics Software uses AI to run advanced analytics algorithms on data so that organizations can spot actionable insights. The guide machine logic keeps the user in the loop and shows how the insights are generated. Analysts use the platform to execute queries and advanced analytics algorithms from various sources online to uncover market trends and insights. With the software’s AI, they can get suggestions to the next best questions and their answers in one click.

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics software allows companies to identify relationships between measures they didn’t know about, and detect anomalies and outliers automatically.

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics Software makes searching companies’ databases more engaging for users with the voice-to-text feature. Analysts can converse with their data using casual language and customized vocabulary to fine-tune their searches. After viewing how search terms are mapped, users can define their lexicon to suit a particular need.

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics software allows organizations to use only one BI solution to gather relevant data. The platform offers visibility into various aspects of their businesses and enables them to handle any challenge they might face in the industry. Users can schedule insights to be delivered to them whenever they need it or subscribe to useful information from related fields.

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics software allows administrators to control access to data. Managers can ensure that only employees with proper authorization can search and view sensitive data belonging to the company. With the software, they can monitor who has access to which columns and rows of intelligence. ThoughtSpot also helps organizations to protect search suggestions according to the parameters the administrators set. They can manage data through a centralized governance framework across shared data models.

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics Software simplifies complex queries for companies and provides automatic visualizations. Users can get 100 percent accurate results when they search across complex schemas while using a natural language. The platform allows them to improve their chart-building abilities and create more interactive visualizations. On-the-fly calculations make it possible for analysts to perform vital data analysis in real-time and apply them to their business operations.

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics Software enables companies to grow their data and user base along the way. Business professionals can scale out to any size of data as they grow without compromising their users’ experiences. The software allows them to manage distributed clusters while ensuring that their systems are always ready to go. ThoughtSpot continuously monitors the health of data clusters and repairs them when necessary to avoid administration overhead.

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics software allows companies to connect data at any scale. The software helps users access data from the cloud, flat files, on the organization’s premises, or data repositories. With ThoughtSpot, analysts can analyze data, regardless of its source. The platform helps business to leverage their existing ETL solutions through industry-standard interfaces.

Companies that connect to the cloud with ThoughtSpot allow every employee to get the most up to date solutions to their live-queries.

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics Software offers a mobile alternative that allows users to get valuable insights on the spot. Team members can access pinboards that were created by their leaders wherever they are in the globe. They can explore all of their companies’ data, whether they are on the business premises or in the cloud. With the software, every team member is kept in the loop and can engage quickly with market insights. The platform allows them to share and collaborate with company stakeholders and CEOs.

ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics software helps industries increase their search radius with embedded analytics and APIs. The AI-driven platform allows companies to improve their results by including data and charts directly from other websites, apps, or portals. Users can also tailor their analytics experience with the help of REST-based APIs.


ThoughtSpot Big Data Analytics Software provides both small businesses and industries with AI-driven analytics and solutions in a matter of seconds. The platform’s automated search and data analysis capabilities discover relevant insights hidden in an organization’s database. ThoughtSpot helps users ask dozens of questions and get immediate feedback.