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Trendalyze Features and Reviews

Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software allows businesses to search, monitor, and scale for IoT sensors and big data for monetizing data patterns.


Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software is a motif discovery platform that mines time series data for patterns. It allows users to find relevant information and insights from billions of web pages on the internet and identify actionable cases. The platform’s search function works like Google search and is based on deep learning and predicting data pattern shapes.

The cloud-based analytics tool pinpoints valuable micro-trends or anomalies with machine learning. Businesses use the platform to discover similar patterns in millions of time series data to detect all actionable cases. Analysts can set up monitoring dashboards to get alerts for major occurrences to enable them to make real-time decisions on the spot. Trendalyze allows organizations to predict the future of their businesses with deep learning, trend intelligence, or machine learning to benefit from opportunities.

Industries such as the banking sector, retail, healthcare, gaming, engineering, and energy sectors use Trendalyze to search and monitor data patterns while capitalizing on opportunities. Business professionals get instant and actionable insights from large amounts of granular data collected from human behaviors, processes, machines, retail, and banking transactions. The software allows users to capitalize on the value of insights by discovering similar cases from haystacks of data and utilizing them. Trendalyze gathers data on a very granular level to capture the exact footprint of every action, operation, or status change.

Product Details

Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software allows professionals to create and customize dashboards for monitoring events. Users can build customizable dashboards to track business deals and make smart decisions in real-time. Physicians use Trendalyze to oversee the heart rhythm and electrical activity of hundreds of patients at the same time. Engineers use the platform to monitor millions of sensors, while financial analysts use it for hunting for trends in tons of assets across multiple exchanges. Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software helps various industries gain insights that are relevant to their fields regardless of the data size.

Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software helps industries analyze data computationally to reveal trends and associations between human behavior. The software utilizes time-series data for recognizing patterns, benchmarking, forecasting, quality control, and more. Analysts can use the platform to set a target in units by using their car sales volume data from a particular period. They can use the variances in their successes across different times to highlight a problem or opportunity and make better business decisions.

Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software allows users to correlate motifs across or within measures and dimensions. Industries use the software to gather multiple attributes about events and conditions to understand and control business outcomes. They visualize and interact with the data to identify connected motifs. Since one or more of them are usually related, users can search to find other occurrences across thousands of time series.

Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software enables businesses to build collections of chart patterns. Professionals use the platform to discover evolving data outlines, define strategies for each one, monitor each occurrence, and then act on them. Trendalyze uses patterns that provide more information for industries than decision-making KPIs.

Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software helps marketers and retailers work on their analytics for demand generation. With the platform, business users are empowered to achieve precise price sensitivity estimates and optimize the promotion of their brands. Analysts can also forecast the marketing initiatives that would generate the most interest in a company’s product or services.  Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software allows users to determine targeted marketing programs that would benefit them.

Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software enables the education sector to utilize predictive analysis while analyzing research data. Students can use the search engine to access millions of information in seconds. The platform allows educators to leverage big data to improve the results of their students. With data rails, they can monitor activities and get a better view of a user’s performance. The behavioral analysis also provides unique and substantial feedback to each student.

Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software helps corporations to predict loyal customers and discover more lucrative ventures. Professionals can analyze sales statistics and identify particular products that require their attention and the ones that are already performing excellently. Trendalyze allows users to dive deeper into big data to gain reliable insights that will enhance the capacity of their organizations.

Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software allows organizations to perform self-service analytics to detect fraud. Analysts can use data mining to review and validate thousands of documents and files to discover links between texts. Insurance companies can spot minor details in data that could hint to possible loopholes in a system. Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software algorithms govern and validate data using pre-decided rules and regulations defined by administrators.

Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software offers industries the tools they need to visualize and analyze equipment. With Trendalyze, professionals can discover information about customer satisfaction regarding a particular product. The platform provides highly interactive self-service tools required to evaluate sensor data and improve output. Companies avoid repetitive mistakes in the manufacturing process by analyzing thousands of reviews and surveys. The software also monitors micro trends in IoT data and climate for predictive maintenance and utilization of assets.

Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software helps organizations to track compliance requirements. Professionals can use AI and big data to keep up with regulatory requirements in their respective fields. They can collect data from multiple sources, authenticate them, before submitting to regulators. AI minimizes error and reduces the resources and time that the companies would have spent in handling the process manually. The application also provides users with actionable insights after summarizing long and complicated compliance documents and highlights critical portions requiring immediate action. Industries use Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software to streamline their compliance process and avoid manual errors.


Trendalyze Big Data Analytics Software allows companies to unlock the value of their organization’s time-series data by looking for micro trends. Professionals use the insights gained to monetize profitable opportunities. Trendalyze was designed to help professionals without data science degrees or time for extensive statistical modeling.