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UltiPro Features and Reviews

UltiPro Payroll Software is a human capital management software that enables users to manage core human resource processes anywhere in real-time.


UltiPro Payroll software is a cloud-based human capital management solution.  The software delivers a comprehensive range of solutions that simplify the process of hiring, compensation, successions, talent management, onboarding, performance management, employees learning management, and lots more.

It transforms the arduous tasks of human capital management into mere clicks of a mouse. The software eliminates the need for massive paperwork. And this enables human resource managers to become more effective. UltiPro Payroll software offers role-based access. This feature limits employees' access to critical information. It allows team members to access only the information that will enable them to perform their job duties.

The role-based access helps preserve and maintain the security and integrity of business processes at all times. The software is not for human resource managers alone. It comes with a people management solution. And it is suitable for a wide range of other users like executives, supervisors, CFO, and more.

The software's interactive dashboard allows organizations to collaborate, assign tasks, and gain powerful insights. UltiPro helps users to work in real-time from anywhere - even from the comfort of their homes. It also enables users to customize the software to meet their needs. UltiPro helps organizations build a great workplace and culture.

Product Details

UltiPro Payroll software helps users to manage employees' benefits with ease. The software comes with the flexibility needed to manage payrolls without stress. It also ensures that employees receive their pay on time and appropriately.

UltiPro's payroll module can carry out real-time payroll calculations. It can process over 200,000 payslips within an hour. It allows users to customize the solution to their needs and work from anywhere and anytime. The software ensures that people have confidence in the payroll system. It is suitable for businesses of any size, type, and industry.

UltiPro Payroll software enables users to manage employees' files from an easy to use interface. The software allows users to store employee files on the cloud. This feature ensures that users can access the files from remote locations anytime. 

The software's file management system optimizes human capital management processes. It ensures that human resource managers focus on managing people instead of paperwork. UltiPro simplifies the file management process, minimizing the needs for stationeries and paperwork.

UltiPro Payroll software makes recruiting potential employees efficient. The software is easy to use. It delivers a personalized experience to potential employees throughout the hiring process. UltiPro's recruitment module is AI-powered. The software ensures that employers attract top talent to their organizations.

It integrates with LinkedIn and can help human resource managers to automate the hiring process. The software helps users source for candidates, manage and screen applications, build a candidate profile, identify and attract top talent, and make job offers.

UltiPro Payroll software onboarding solution makes it easier to onboard incoming employees. It helps to set the right tone for new employees, connect them to the organization. The software helps set up new hires for success, even before their first day. UltiPro facilitates a paperless onboarding process. This allows new employees to review and sign employee-related documents online. It also helps them to establish connections and collaborate with their colleagues even before meeting them.

UltiPro Payroll software offers employees customized dashboards. Employers can personalize the dashboards with welcome messages and dynamic content. The software also helps new employees to complete tasks from remote locations.

UltiPro Payroll software makes it easier to manage employees' taxes. The software simplifies the payroll tax processes. It can process hundreds of payroll tax computations.  The software reduces the stress of handling employee taxes manually. UltiPro has a Smart Tax Search feature. This tool helps recommend the correct tax amount based on the employee's locations.

The software integrates with UltiPro Giving. The integration enables employees to give back to society and practice social responsibility. The software also has a Model My Pay feature that enables employees to calculate their take-home pay based on different scenarios.

UltiPro Payroll software helps organizations to create actionable succession plans. The software enables organizations to gain powerful insight into their current talent pool. And prepare the workforce for a successful future. It tracks employees' details, compares individuals, and evaluates their performances. The software also empowers decision-makers to make strategic workforce planning decisions.

UltiPro helps users to find the right successors for specific roles. It leverages unbiased predictive capability to identify high performers. The software enables users to create personal development plans. The plans help organizations nurture the right skills and prepare them for future roles.

UltiPro Payroll software enables users to manage employees' performance. It can help organizations gain actionable insights on how to keep the workforce engaged. The software allows organizations to identify areas of strength, areas for improvement, and growth opportunities.

UltiPro's performance management dashboard helps keep track of employees' progress. It also assigns, and recommends goals to employees, rates them, and automates employee reviews. It empowers employees to perform at a high level and align them for better business results.

UltiPro Payroll software helps organizations to offer dynamic learning content to employees. The easy-to-use learning management system enables users to create content. It also allows them to convert existing ones into online courses. UltiPro Learning empowers employees to learn conveniently and from anywhere.

The software makes it easy for organizations to develop their training academy. And users can configure the software to meet their unique needs. The software's gamification and collaboration tools allow learners to track progress and motivate each other.

UltiPro Payroll software mobile app helps employees to access critical work information. It allows users to complete tasks on the go and access employee-related information. The mobile app leverages real-time data synchronization. This synchronization ensures that changes on the web version reflect on the mobile app immediately.

The app has a push notification feature. It enables employees to receive updates on upcoming pay details. The software's mobile app offers incredible users' experience, interactive interface. UltiPro Payroll software delivers secured access to users through Touch ID or Face ID.


Human resource executives rely on UltiPro Payroll software to automate their processes. It can also allow users to collaborate on tasks and gain rich insight into the workforce. The software's extensive suite of functionalities helps organizations eliminate the need for massive paperwork. UltiPro Payroll software core strength is in its product quality and value for money.