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Unbounce Features and Reviews

Unbounce lead generation software helps businesses generate leads by creating, publishing, and testing landing pages using AI-enabled tools, popups, sticky bars, forms, and more.


Businesses and brands use Unbounce to generate leads by building high-converting landing pages without writing any code. This software can be used in the eCommerce, SaaS, and agency industries to gain leads through PPC, social ads, and email marketing.

Unbounce lead generation software helps users build their landing pages fast using a drag-and-drop feature. This landing page builder is fitted with hundreds of landing page templates to help users instantly start collecting leads on their websites. These landing page templates are designed to work across desktop and mobile devices.

Users can customize the looks and functionalities of their templates. More so, these templates can integrate with thousands of tools to help with lead scoring, segmentation, management, and more. 

Unbounce has a Dynamic Text Replacement feature which allows it to match a visitor’s search intent with the content of a user’s site. It also has a split-testing feature to help users find what works the most for them. Unbounce users have reported a 40.7 percent drop in their cost per lead, a 72 percent increase in leads, and others have seen up to a 200 percent increase in their in-store sales.

With more than 50 popups and sticky bar templates, Unbounce helps its users collect leads on any page of their website. This feature also allows users to run seasonal offers, trigger lead generation based on visitor behavior, and more. Users can leverage Unbounce’s artificial intelligence (AI) feature to increase their lead generation by an average of 20 percent.

This software satisfies the needs of security-conscious users. It features two-factor authentication, data privacy and protection, password protection, user permissions, audit logs, single sign-on (SSO), domain protection, and version control.  Unbounce is GDPR compliant and comes with SSL encryption.

Product Details

Unbounce lead generation software has optimized mobile popup displays for improving conversion rates. The platform helps professionals automatically convert their desktop landing pages into a mobile version with a single click. The feature allows them to control every element of their business campaign from their mobile device wherever they are in the world. The customized mobile pages tailor views for more conversions. The landing pages respond to both desktop and mobile devices. Conversion rates are increased with accelerated mobile pages that load up to 85 percent faster than regular pages.

Unbounce lead generation software uses the drag-and-drop builder to add or move any element or content on landing pages. Professionals use the tool to adjust primary elements like call-to-action buttons, page sections, images, forms, social widgets, or text boxes. The advanced features like the embedded videos or lightboxes make the design of the landing pages effective without coding adjustments. Users can add or remove any content to their pages with the platform's widget panel.

Unbounce lead generation software uses more than 100 templates to make beautiful landing pages within minutes. Users could either choose to select from the array of designs while creating their sites or stick with a blank canvas. Themes like the O-SAAS show off the user's software as a service product, while the O-Consultancy template is suitable for consulting businesses. Each model is customized to suit the client's specific marketing needs.

Unbounce lead generation software duplicates users' successful landing pages to save time for new campaigns. The platform allows businesses to clone and edit the pages that worked well for them in the past for new ventures. The tool prevents them from starting from scratch by copying and pasting elements they like from one page to another.

Unbounce lead generation software allows websites to add custom scripts to different pages through a one-time process. The tool eliminates the stress of adding each text one by one to every landing page. The software automatically adds existing script from previous pages to the new ones, avoiding mistakes in the process.

Unbounce lead generation software affords businesses complete design control while creating their landing pages. The tool eliminates any constraint and allows them to realize the visions for their campaigns. Creatives are not constrained by grids, rulers, or boxes while designing the pages that match their campaign needs. The platform also provides access to free images from thousands of photographers across the globe. The image optimizer balances both quality and the proper file size to make the pages load faster. Businesses that require audio or video backgrounds to their landing pages can easily drag-and-drop clips to their desired sections.

Unbounce lead generation software uses Lightboxes to highlight vital information and improve the user's experience. The features allow professionals to maintain captivating land pages by reducing the cluttering of extra texts, images, and videos. Marketers and salespeople use lightboxes to ensure more targeted forms of advertising by segmenting customers by their interest. They also use the tool to link multiple call-to-actions to one form and trigger it once their customers are ready to convert. Unbounce allows users to create a hierarchy of contents for their visitors based on their level of importance.

Unbounce lead generation software allows users to convert visitors with checkboxes, drop-downs, and other hidden fields. Professionals use the tool to capture the lead information they need at a particular time. The two-step opt-in forms allow their visitors to indicate when they are ready to convert. Customized thank-you- messages add a personal touch to the landing page, allowing customers to feel appreciated.

Unbounce lead generation software uses Smart Traffic to match visitors to the pages that increase their chances of converting.

Unbounce notes each visitor's attributes and sends them to the landing pages that are relevant to them. Marketing agencies use the tool to create more appealing campaigns tailored to suit their prospective client's needs. The software optimizes and speeds up traffic results to get the best conversion rates.

Unbounce lead generation software uses real-time data dashboards to monitor how landing pages perform. The tool also tracks which campaigns or tests are functioning effectively. Businesses can visualize and measure each campaign performance and improve conversion rates in the process. Unbounce also allows users to connect Google Analytics to their accounts and analyze every single detail about the visitors on their sites. The insights provided by the software enables users to make informed decisions that shape their brands' outcome.


Unbounce lead generation software allows marketing departments and agencies to build high-converting and on-brand landing pages. Everyone from inexperienced marketers to professional web designers uses the tool to create webpages that align perfectly with their brands.