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V2 Cloud Features and Reviews

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software allows users to securely access data, documents, and business applications, from any device and anywhere in the globe.


V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software hosts users’ Cloud Computers so that they can work faster and remotely. The platform backs up business data every day and provides executives with full control of operations all the time. V2 Cloud supports multi-users, which allows for collaborative projects between various members of an organization in different locations.

The Cloud desktop boosts productivity by allowing employees to bring their own devices and work remotely. Managers can control their workers’ access to specific files and data in an organization. The software helps them provide what their staff members need at a particular time to work while restricting other private areas. V2 Cloud also reduces the need for users to depend on IT consultants for minor issues like converting capital expenses to small monthly operating costs.

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software supports small and medium-sized businesses. It allows them to add up to 250 users for each Cloud WorkSpace. Professionals can host databases, run internal ERP, and share files and applications within their specified workspaces.

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software secures companies’ data with two-step authentication processes, daily snapshots, and anti-ransomware. The security measures allow companies to add an extra layer of protection to their cloud desktops and prevent unauthorized access. The platform offers a mirrored location for users that stores their data in case something happens to the original storage unit.

Product Details

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software allows organizations to simplify the way their teams work remotely. The application enables users to achieve their daily tasks effortlessly. V2 Cloud’s desktop services ensure that non-technical managers can handle operations remotely. The sharing option helps teams to maintain effective communication and collaboration. With the platform, administrative officials can make sure that their staff remains productive during a work period. It offers them a full 360-degree view and control over all Cloud Desktops and simplifies user management and access. V2 also helps them track and monitor login/logoff requests, manage remote desktops, empower end-users, and install desktop applications.

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software enables businesses to publish applications on their servers. Companies can install programs in the software’s Cloud desktop and publish to specific users without giving them complete access. The program is rendered in the user’s browser to grant them limited access to an outside consultant or allow them to remove a worker.

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software provides professionals with one-click web access to multiple services from any modern browser. The platform reduces the need for companies to rely on VPN services by using USB redirection that leverages RDP over SSH encryption. V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software also offers built-in HTTP encryption and bidirectional copy and paste for team members in an organization.

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software allows businesses to utilize its regression testing tool to change and monitor technology and security. From building new software to building a security patch, the application affects the way users’ overall system works. Developers can use popular open-source regression tools such as Appium, Selenium, Robotium, and more with V2 Cloud computers. The platform automates the testing process and ensures that issues are detected and logged quickly to avoid production delays.

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software uses offline locations to protect organizations from ransomware attacks and security breaches. The application provides users with pre-installed antivirus and stores the snapshots in an offline site to ensure optimum data security. In cases where an organization’s servers are infected, V2 Cloud also makes it easy for them to recover lost data quickly and effectively. The software allows users to encrypt business communications and ensure that their cloud desktop remains protected. With V2’s file system snapshots, companies can maintain the integrity of the organizations’ database since it tells the computer which data block to preserve.

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software allows businesses to add up to 250 users per WorkSpace. The platform supports multi-user desktops and provides each worker with private folders for individual use and access to shared files for public use. The program allows companies to save time and reduce hardware and license costs by supporting a single installation. Each team member gets access to the program after the admin has installed it.

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software helps industries to understand and maintain network compliance while avoiding sanctions. The platform provides cloud computers that automatically backs up users’ data and protects it from malware. V2 Cloud allows professionals to comply with the various IT security and privacy regulations that govern particular industries. It also reduces the amount of unused hardware that companies might experience. Medical sectors that handle patient data can configure V2 Cloud as a HIPAA compliance software to monitor how sensitive information is handled. The software automates the processes involved and allows users to keep track of all the requirements.

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software provides users with different versions of Windows Cloud Server to safely host data. The platform allows businesses to scale down on their computing services and store essential data. Users can access critical information any time they need it and from anywhere in the world. Once they select their data destination and the level of cloud servers required, they can deploy cloud infrastructure in minutes.

V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software allows educational sectors to perform academic tasks efficiently and successfully. The platform enables school administrators to manage their systems without employing IT consultants. The application offers professionals extensive resources that allow them to assume supportive roles while staying at the center of opportunities. V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software helps users to save costs by providing hardware and ransomware protection from a single platform.


V2 Cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software allows small and medium-sized enterprises to automatically backup data and manage corporate operations. The software enables professionals to facilitate remote work and handle applications from a centralized platform. V2 Cloud also identifies potential issues and prevents breaches across digital applications and workstations.