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Velocify Features and Reviews

Velocify lead generation software helps businesses to reach prospective customers, generate leads, increase sales, and keep up with the needs of all their clients.


Velocify lead generation software provides more than 1500 companies with customer relationship and sales management. The platform incorporates online marketing, customer care, and various communications features to improve the business needs of users. Velocify combines all the solutions in one user-friendly and web-based application to accelerate the effectiveness of each professional.

Through their dashboard, managers can monitor and control all business operations and reports, along with scheduling functions and other essential activities. The software was designed to help both small and medium-sized businesses to manage and evaluate high sales volumes. It also allows them to organize vital company data into a centralized platform while implementing optimized workflows.

Velocify lead generation software helps sales teams to discover and convert more leads by automating the entire operation. With the tool, professionals can get more detailed and accurate revenue reports for customization in real-time. Velocify integrates with Salesforce and allows business managers to monitor the activities and leads of field representatives. It supports a smartphone application that provides the teams with quick mobile access to new prospects.

Velocify lead generation software notifies specific members and employees through email or text about an automatic allocation of leads. Organizations can automate and streamline sales processes with the platform, allowing them to focus on improving the business and generating more conversions. Velocify is equipped with a wide array of applications designed to help users with their daily operations.

Product Details

Velocify lead generation software allows businesses to combine the power of sales management, email marketing, telecommunications, and more to increase sales. The tool enables users to navigate sales activities and improve customer and staff management directly from the dashboard. Professionals can check live reports and success/close rates of both past and present team members. With Velocify lead generation software, companies can utilize custom reports and analysis criteria to accelerate sales processes.

Velocify lead generation software has an embedded calendar and scheduling application that helps users to monitor and plan events. The platform enables businesses to manage sales meetings, training days, customer anniversaries, and more. Managers and team leads can use the software to monitor the progress and success of employees, review special occasions, and get reminders for client birthdays.

Velocify lead generation software integrates seamlessly with third-party applications and tools. The platform allows professionals to use Salesforce to leverage the best features of both systems and enhance their lead-identifying capabilities. With Velocify, businesses can improve the time they use in identifying real leads, converting them, and closing the sale. The software also integrates with a Dial-IQ system to allow managers to monitor the activities and progress of field representatives wherever. The notifications are sent to the users via email or text message.

Velocify lead generation software allows companies to stay in touch and keep pace with the needs of modern consumers. The platform enables professionals to convert high-volume and fast-paced opportunities into higher conversion rates, improving customer satisfaction in the process. With Velocify lead generation software, sales reps and agents can be quick and efficient when engaging new leads. It also allows them to maintain consistent follow-ups during operations.

Velocify lead generation software helps businesses to discover the right lead that would engage and convert their prospects into customers. Since trying to convert leads manually can be time-consuming and require good strategy and patience, Velocify automates the process to improve the user’s odds. With Velocify lead generation software, companies can pair the right lead with the right salesperson to increase their chances of converting them to customers. The platform automates routine communications and improves productivity by providing actionable sales insights. Professionals can respond swiftly to leads with Velocify as it allows them to follow the appropriate steps efficiently.

Velocify lead generation software allows organizations to establish and develop business relationships with prospects and existing customers. The platform enables loan companies and retail mortgage lenders to effectively manage consumer relationships since it is their most valuable asset. With this application, professionals can enhance visibility, compliance, and productivity while dealing with potential leads. Velocify lead generation software allows users to analyze and report potential leads, manage sales lifecycle and referrals, and automate several marketing strategies.

Velocify lead generation software enables businesses to use the Dial-IQ to engage and converse with leads at the right time. With the application, users can maintain an effective voice engagement and accelerate sales. Velocify allows professionals to facilitate the growth of their company’s conversion rate. This cloud-based management platform combines the strength of email marketing, calendar scheduling, sales, and customer management. Sales reps and team members can navigate through the system on the dashboard to check live reports, activities, staff performance, and more. The mobile application allows users to gain access to their organization’s backend and database, ensuring complete transparency.

Velocify lead generation software helps companies to maximize their online applications without adding more burden to their sales teams. The platform allows users to utilize every single opportunity that would streamline their business operations. Professionals can start sending automated messages and email communication that would help them convert more applications and speed up lead generation. With Velocify lead generation software, organizations can maintain control over what their sales reps and loan officers are saying to their consumers.

Velocify lead generation software allows industries to start achieving the return on their investment, minimize risk, and optimize deployment. Professionals can use the platform to guide their teammates through various implementation project phases. With  Velocify lead generation software, companies can curate the right email experience and send it at the appropriate time to promising leads. The platform allows users to enforce consistency and remain compliant while maintaining corporate-approved communications. The software’s lead distribution programs also help users to route the best opportunities to the right clients.


Automated Lead Nurturing provides cloud-based customer relationship management solution to organizations to evaluate high sales and organize company data. It offers a straightforward user interface for professionals to enable them to navigate the various business processes. With the software, users can automate vital business processes.