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Visme Features and Reviews

Visme data visualization software empowers both individuals and brands with tools to translate data into visuals and create documents, printables, reports, infographics, and content online.


Visme data visualization software focuses on providing interactive solutions for marketers, salespersons, communicators, executives, students, and educators. Businesses of all sizes use Visme to create engaging content and transform data into appealing visuals online. Also, users can edit, customize, share, and present any form of content using this software.

More than 4 million users in over 100 countries use this software to analyze, manage, store, and manage their content. No design skills are needed for users to use Visme effectively. The comprehensive collection of pre-built templates simplifies the visual content creation process.

Visme allows users to import data from excel and PowerPoint. Users can visualize their data by using numerous, customizable charts, maps, and data widgets. Many high-quality stock photos and vector icons are available for editing content. Besides, users can access live data.

This software allows users to save time by reusing their content across any design. With Visme, users can easily be consistent with all their business's visual content. Plus, every team member has access to the team's content repository to foster collaboration.

Sales teams can rely on Visme to help them develop brand-specific content. Users in internal communications can use this software to make sensitive internal data and reports visually pleasing and easier to understand. Additionally, educators and trainers can use Visme to develop engaging training materials for students.

This scalable software allows users to publish and share their content anywhere -- online, offline, or embedded to a website. Users have full privacy controls for their visual content. Visme does not require any plugin installations before users can access it on a browser on their mobile devices or PCs.

Product Details

Visme data visualization software can transform raw data into engaging data visualizations. Professionally made visual templates help users create data visualizations from scratch. This software enables users to create all types of graphs from bar charts to flowcharts to histograms. Plus, Visme allows users to upload static data and connect to live data.

Users can upload data as Excel or CSV file to populate charts and graphs. This data visualization software allows users to switch data between maps and adjust visual colors to fit their brand. Users can quickly visualize any state or region using graphs and charts. Besides, arrays allow users to visualize populations.

Visme data visualization software helps users to transform their presentation skills. This software features intuitive design tools and presentation functions that allow users to create fast, engaging presentations with ease. Additionally, there are presentation templates available in different styles for users to customize.

Users can easily import and export their PowerPoint presentations as editable. With Visme, users can develop workflows and processes using flowcharts, graphs, tables, and diagrams. Besides, all files can be accessed quickly and reused in different presentations.

Visme data visualization software allows users to grow their media and document library for future visual content development. Users can save icons, PDFs, reports, presentations, and infographics with ease for future use. This software allows users to make their visuals interactive by adding animation, videos, music, and voice-overs. Plus, users can create actionable areas on their visual content.

Visme data visualization software allows users to view and deliver their presentations anywhere. Users do not need any plugin to access this software. If there is no internet connection, users can seamlessly present offline. Besides, Visme supports all desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

This software maintains smooth presentation transitions on all devices. Users can easily access notes while they present to help them focus. Plus, this function works both online and offline.

Visme data visualization software enables users to make their visual content private, public, online, or offline. Users can easily share their interactive content online, embed it to their website, or post it on social media. This software allows users to protect their content with a password. Besides, they can download their content as PDF, HTML5, PowerPoint, and video to view offline.

Visme data visualization software empowers users with insights for tracking and analysis. This feature allows users to know who is viewing their content and the time duration spent. Brands can easily add and track members on their team. Plus, users can set permissions and create roles for members of their team to foster collaboration.

Visme data visualization software does not require users to have design experience. This software's intuitive interface makes it easy for users to customize their visual content to fit their brand. Besides, users can transform statistics and figures into shareable and interactive infographics.

The pre-designed infographic templates enable users to personalize their content to fit their brand image. Users can insert animated illustrations, gestures, videos, and characters into their infographics. Additionally, users can add embed maps from Bing or Google, embed documents, or embed forms.

Visme data visualization software allows users to create visual documents with ease. Users can share these documents as a link or post it on their website. Data tools are available for users to visualize data sets in reports. Templates for different industries and use cases are possible. Besides, document designs are available in all standard formats.

This software enables users to create visual documents like reports, ebooks, survey results, proposals, and whitepapers. Plus, encryption and passwords would allow users to share documents privately.

Visme data visualization software allows users to create and download different types of printables. This software can create menus, flyers, posters, business cards, and schedules. Data widgets, maps, tables, and charts can translate data into visuals. Additionally, users can insert video and audio into this visual content.

Visme visualization software enables users to create graphics for different social media platforms. The social media templates are easy to customize and modify. Users can choose from the layouts available for all social platforms.  Plus, there are over 100 fonts available.


Visme is an excellent platform for communicators, educators, salespeople, and marketers looking to create more appealing and engaging content. It provides users with pre-designed templates and tools for different types of visual content. This data visualization software emphasizes creativity and effectiveness.