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VMware Fusion

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VMware Fusion Features and Reviews

VMware Fusion virtual desktop infrastructure software allows businesses, IT professionals, developers to run multiple operating systems on a Mac device without rebooting.


VMware Fusion is a virtual desktop infrastructure software for businesses, software developers, IT professionals, and engineers. With this software, users can choose from more than 200 operating systems to run side by side with the Mac operating system, including macOS Catalina. 

The software supports the dark mode look and the Sidecar feature. With the Sidecar feature, users can use Windows directly from their iPad in fullscreen with a keyboard mouse, Apple Pencil, and touchscreen support. 

VMware Fusion offers advanced virtual machine graphics accuracy and performance. 

The software uses a hardware-accelerated 3D graphics engine and leverages Apple Metal graphics technology to drive complex GPU-intensive games, applications, and programs. The platform provides OpenGL 3.3 capabilities and DirectX 10.1 capabilities to Linux and Windows virtual machines and allows for 3GB of vRAM per virtual machine. 

VMware Fusion lets developers connect to VMware vSphere, ESXi, and workstation servers securely. Users can launch, control, and manage physical hosts and virtual machines (VMs), seamlessly transfer virtual machines from the vSphere data center to the Mac devices, and run them on Fusion.  

With VMware Fusion’s unity view mode, IT professionals can run Windows applications like Mac applications. The software hides the Windows desktop and allows users to launch windows apps directly from Launchpad, Spotlight, or Dock. When the app is running, users can view the app in Spaces, Mission Control, or Expose. 

Software developers use VMware Fusion to build and test applications and operating systems on macOS. Also, users can develop and test apps in a sandbox while sharing local source folders and files securely.

The software has a RESTful API that lets developers integrate with modern development tools such as Vagrant, Docker, Chef, Ansible, and more. With the third-party integrations, users can fit VMware fusion’s capabilities into modern Agile and DevOps-oriented production pipelines. 

Product Details 

VMware Fusion virtual desktop infrastructure software makes it easy for IT professionals to run multiple operating systems on the macOS. The tool supports numerous hosts and guest operating systems. 

With this software, users can design, test, and demonstrate software applications and solutions for any device and operating system, including OS X on Macs, MS-DOS to Linux distributions, Windows XP running legacy software applications, and mobile operating systems such as Android-X86, without rebooting.

With VMware Fusion and Workstation, companies can run and manage virtual machines (VMs) that are compatible with their corporate data center using a laptop. This tool offers advanced and secure connections to Workstation Pro servers, vSphere, vCenter, ESXi. Users can configure, drive, and control virtual machines or ESXi Hosts and gain improved visibility into Host topology and Datacenter. 

VMware Fusion allows IT professionals to transfer virtual machines using a simple drag-and-drop mechanism quickly. Also, users can control virtual machines (VMs) directly from the corporate data center, host, and share VMs across local networks and between Workstation installations by creating templates that can be transferred to vSphere. 

Managers can save time by using a linked clone to duplicate virtual machines and reduce disk space or use full clones to create shareable isolated duplicates. This tool lets users restrict VM functions that are unnecessary or pose a security threat to the organization, such as deactivating file sharing to isolate the virtual machine on a device. 

VMware Fusion offers vSphere ecosystem support. Users can build and test virtual machine templates and images that are compatible with the VMware ecosystem and run corporate data center workloads from their laptop 

With the network editor, users can create custom topologies and connect multiple VMs on different network types equipped with full DHCP and NAT control. This tool lets IT managers test applications and operating systems security even while they are isolated from the physical computer. 

VMware Fusion allows users to analyze network traffic using a network sniffer. Managers can capture data from the virtual network editor and open them using Wireshark and PCAP readers.

VMware Fusion offers virtualization solutions to help developers build and deploy software and applications. With this tool, developers can design complex cloud-scale applications and cross-platform solutions, and test multiple browser compatibility operating systems using VMware Workstation and Fusion. VMware offers excellent tools for developing Windows apps on a Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, or Linux apps, building container-driven web applications with workflow automation.

The software allows users to build and test software and applications in a virtual sandbox. Also, users can develop and eliminate virtual production environments, run virtual cloud stack on a Mac, demonstrate their entire application solution in real-time, and create safe rollback points to revert to well-known configurations. 

VMware Fusion offers a secure RESTful API for automation and third-party integration with modern development tools such as Vagrant, Docker, Chef, Ansible, and more. With the third-party integrations, users can fit VMware fusion’s capabilities into modern Agile and DevOps-oriented production pipelines. 

With this software, users can securely share paths and files from host to guest. VMware Fusion has built-in encryption that helps developers secure virtual machines and limit access to authorized users only. 

VMware Fusion helps businesses deliver corporate desktops and legacy applications. With this tool, companies can run Windows applications on Mac and run Linux on Mac or Windows without rebooting. VMware Fusion desktop infrastructure software lets users access Linux and 200 supported operating systems or apps from their tablet, Mac, or Windows devices. 

With this tool, companies can reduce costs, increase productivity, and user acceptance. Organizations use the software to extend the lifespan of legacy applications. Managers can deploy legacy applications on modern hardware, and use security and compliance technologies available for the newest host operating systems.

VMware Fusion helps professionals create and enforce encrypted and time-bound local virtual desktops that expire automatically and remove themselves from remote machines. Companies can reduce computer provisioning costs, eliminate downtime for mobile workers and branch offices by enabling and refreshing virtual desktop remotely.  

Managers use VMware Fusion to handle offshore development by accessing desktops that do not require a high-speed network connection. The software lets users enforce separation of personal and work files by isolating the virtual hard-disk from the physical machine, enabling or disabling copy-and-paste or restricting drag-and-drop. 

With this tool, IT managers can run password-protected, encrypted, and restricted virtual machines and ensure that only authorized users make use of corporate data. VMware Fusion lets managers enforce IT policies on the use of video cameras, flash drives, USB, memory cards, and other devices plugged into the laptop. 


VMware Fusion virtual desktop infrastructure software makes it easy for developers to build, test, and deploy applications for any cloud, platform, and device. With this tool, businesses can drive costs down, increase productivity, and extend the lifespan of legacy applications.