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VMWare Horizon 7

NameVMWare Horizon 7

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VMWare Horizon 7 Features and Reviews

VMWare Horizon 7 virtual desktop infrastructure software helps managers, IT departments, and business control, manage and protect windows resources and virtual desktops, drive productivity, and increase return on investment (ROI). 


VMware Horizon 7 is an app and desktop virtualization software created by developed VMware, Inc for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS operating systems. The software has applications in various industries and offers value for businesses, software developers, IT professionals, and engineers. 

The tool makes it easy for experts to manage, control, and deliver virtual apps and desktops in the cloud, on-premises, or a multi-cloud or hybrid configuration through a single platform to end-users. VMware Horizon 7 leverages an extensive workspace environment that is managed and optimized for software-defined data centers. The software helps managers control and protect all the Windows resources that end-users need, at the velocity they expect, and in line with the business productivity and business demands.

With this software, IT managers and professionals can transform static desktops and applications into fully secured digital workstations that can be delivered on-demand. The software allows users to seamlessly provision remote or virtual applications and desktops through a single virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and app virtualization platform to improve management and seamlessly entitle end users.

VMware Horizon 7 helps organizations increase their positive return on investment. The tool allows users to dynamically allocate resources with virtual computing, virtual storage, and virtual networking and efficiently manage resources. VMware Horizon 7 provides a single platform to enable users to extend application virtualization from thier data center to their devices, increase operational efficiency and drive down organizational costs

VMware Horizon 7 makes it easy for organizations to secure data and ensure compliance. IT department can use policies that dynamically fit into the end user’s computing environment to consolidate control, protect and deliver end-user compute resources. Organizations can leverage virtual networking resources to protect data center workloads and infrastructure dynamically. VMware Horizon 7 provides a rich and adaptive end-user experience for mobile workers, knowledge workers, and 3D developers across locations, devices, connections, and media. 

Product Details

VMware Horizon 7 helps IT managers and professionals deliver applications and desktop as a Service. The software allows managers to centrally manage images, streamline and improve management, drive down costs, and maintain compliance. 

With this software, hosted or virtualized applications and desktops can be delivered via a single platform to end-users. With VMware JMP desktop and application delivery platform, manages can easily entitle end-users, and instantly deliver desktops and applications to end-users across locations and devices. 

VMware Horizon 7 offers a unique platform for delivering shared desktop sessions and hosted Windows applications from Windows Server instances using virtual desktops, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), and ThinApp packaged applications. The software supports both Linux and Windows-based desktops, including Ubuntu, RHEL, NeoKylin, and CentOS. 

VMware Horizon 7 allows users to access applications, services, and resources through a unified digital workspace. This software enables IT departments to provide real-time validation and support and manage identity across sources such as LDAP and Active Directory. Managers can provide end-users with customizable and contextual access to resources via a single and unified workspace, at the velocity they expect, and in line with the business productivity and business demands.

VMware Horizon 7 supports smart cards, two-factor, and biometric authentication. The software is built and certified to meet strict compliance regulations, including the U.S. federal government compliance requirements. Some of the applications and desktops that can be securely accessed and delivered via the digital workspace include XenApp 5.0, Horizon virtual desktops, Horizon Cloud apps, VMware Horizon Cloud desktops, SaaS applications, RDS-hosted desktops and apps for Windows Server 2008, and ThinApp 5.0

VMware Horizon 7 provides instant clone technology and just-in-time delivery. This software offers an Instant clone technology that generally enhances security and reduces infrastructure requirement when coupled with VMware App Volumes. With the VMware JMP platform, managers can instantly deliver newly published applications and personalized desktops to end-users anytime they log in. 

The software delivers highly efficient personalized desktops to end-users every time they log in. Organizations can seamlessly scale publications, deploy them five to ten times faster, and eliminate image sprawl, streamline deployments with fewer components, and a firmly integrated stack. 

With this software, organizations can minimize security concerns and reduce endpoint security risks and concerns by destroying desktops once users log-off, drastically cut costs by pooling required infrastructure to reduce storage costs by 30 percent and deliver the personalization needed by end-users. With modernized Cloud Pod Architecture, organizations can scale to more than 50,000 desktops across over 50 sites with upgraded failover characteristics in lesser time than the traditional desktop virtualization models.

VMware Horizon 7 offers a vibrant, adaptive, and collaborative user experience. The software provides end-users with exceptional and responsive experience across locations, devices, media, and connections. VMware Horizon 7 delivers improvements in bandwidth

utilization of about 50 percent and support more use cases across organizations. 

The software delivers feature-rich capabilities and blast performances that allow end-users to stay productive at all times. The Blast Unity Touch offers an intuitive user experience across multiple devices and makes it easy for users to run Windows on mobile. The Horizon Clients with Blast offers a unified client and incredible experience across locations and devices. 

The Blast Local Access provides access to drives, USB, device peripherals, and local devices. Blast Extreme is developed on the industry-standard H.264 protocol and optimized for the mobile cloud. Blast Adaptive UX delivers optimized access across the LAN and WAN via the Horizon client or an HTML browser using either Blast Extreme display or PCoIP protocols. 

The Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport (BEAT) provides a great user

experience across multiple network types such as mobile networks, corporate LAN, or public Wi-Fi. Blast Multimedia offers a rich user experience and high-performance multimedia streaming. 

Blast live communication offers fully unified and optimized communications and real-time audio-video (RTAV) support. Blast 3D delivers excellent virtualized graphics, workstation-class performance, support for NVIDIA GRID vGPU with virtual desktops, and RDSH hosted applications.

VMware Horizon 7 makes it easy for organizations to secure data, ensure compliance, and drive collaborations across teams. With the session collaboration feature, multiple users across organizations can view and modify desktops in real-time. This feature is useful in industries including training, design, iterations, engineering, healthcare, education, and more. 

The software allows desktop owners to invite additional users to work and collaborate in real-time on their desktop while providing an excellent experience for all users. Organizations can create smart and role-based policies to enhance security, simplify authentication across desktop and application services to improve end-user satisfaction. 


VMWare Horizon 7 virtual desktop infrastructure software allows organizations to access and deliver virtual desktop and application via a single, unified, and digital workspace. With this software, companies can allocate and manage resources, drive down costs, and scale their business.