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VNC Connect

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VNC Connect Features and Reviews

VNC Connect remote desktop software helps organizations and professionals deliver remote access to data applications, simplify business processes, and drive productivity.


VNC Connect is a remote access and screen sharing software that allows organizations to connect to remote computers around the globe, monitor activities in real-time and gain control of these devices' operations. VNC Connect has solutions for IT professionals, operations departments, managed service providers, consumers, and enterprises. The tool has use cases across industries including oil and gas, healthcare, technology and software, aeronautics and space engineering, etc.

VNC Connect has an intuitive remote control that allows users to access their devices in the field, monitor operation, patch equipment, and resolve critical issues. The tool supports attended and unattended access and will enable managers to connect and gain remote access to computers whether the owners are present or not. With this software, organizations can allow remote access across physical and remote teams, customers, suppliers, and relevant stakeholders, drive effective communication, break barriers, and stimulate business growth. 

VNC Connect supports multiple operating, including Windows, Linux Mac, Linux, Pi, Raspberry, iOS, and Android. The tool allows users to provide remote access from PC to PC and mobile to PC. Managers with enterprise subscriptions can obtain unique keys that enable them to install VNC software on UNIX and older operating systems, and continually gain access to their legacy hardware. 

VNC Connect provides security and allows organizations to maintain privacy and meet compliance and regulatory requirements. The tool encrypts sessions using the 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption. Organizations can protect their devices using single sign-on (SSO), granular access control,multi-factor authentication, and rich session permissions.

Product Details 

VNC Connect allows organizations to access their IT resources remotely and drive productivity across multiple locations. The software enables managers to access their computers, track, operate remotely, or patch equipment in the field, provide support to teams, customers, or vendors. VNC Connect supports attended and unattended access. Managers can connect and gain remote access to computers, whether the owners are available or not.

With the intuitive remote control, managers can use the mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen and other resources as if they belong to the remote computer. Users can perform operations in both directions, such as copying and pasting text, using keyboard combinations, and special keys like Ctrl-Alt-Del.

The software interprets characters correctly regardless of the input language, platform, or keyboard type. Users can input text, figures, and characters with confidence. 

VNC Connect provides a responsive screen-sharing experience, and their patent technology automatically optimizes the user's network speed, thereby making it useful in high latency and low-bandwidth environments.

With this software, organizations can offer integrated remote access strategies that grow with their business. VNC Connect provides a single, flexible solution that drives innovation, new business practices and eliminates ecosystem barriers

VNC Connect allows managers to implement Bring Your Own Device policies (BYOD), drive innovation, and bring down costs.  With this software, organizations can explore exciting business opportunities and harness the benefits that BYOD culture offers. 

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies change the way companies, employees, and business teams interact. While BYOD offers multiple benefits, it comes with security risks, and IT support challenges. 

VNC Connect offers cross-platform support and enables IT departments and teams to support a broad range of devices and operating systems including mobile to PC, and PC to PC across Android, iOS, Pi, Raspberry, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Users with VNC Connect Enterprise subscription can get a unique key to enable them to install the software on a broad range of older operating systems and UNIX operating systems so that they can continually access their legacy hardware.

With VNC Connect remote desktop software, managers do not need to rely on VPNs or conduct complex firewall configurations and port-forwarding. Their cloud service provides direct cloud connectivity across devices wherever they are. Managers can establish direct connections for locked down or offline network environments. 

VNC Connect allows organizations to provide secure access to business-critical resources. This software delivers secure remote access that connects users to critical data and resources. It is built to offer unrivaled performance and security, balance, company-wide control, and privacy and help organizations meet regulatory and compliance requirements. 

Sessions on VNC Connect are encrypted using the 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption. Authentication is compulsory at the point of connection and is not delegated to the cloud. Organizations can protect their computers and devices with granular access control, multi-factor authentication, rich session permissions, and single-sign-on (SSO). 

Organizations can install VNC Connect on every device they manage or ownadd device access to their subscriptions, and enable access by anyone on-demand or at any time. VNC Connect allows users to add instant support to their subscription, connect on-demand or enable both capabilities, and cover multiple remote access use cases.  

During sessions, users are not restricted to interactions with remote devices or screens. They can transfer data and files in both directions, print files directly via printers at their location, and securely chat with team members connected at the same time. 

VNC Connect allows organizations to hire employees and resources anywhere in the world, provide seamless access to data and applications whether employees are working from home or other locations. The software offers multilingual support and is available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Brazilian Portuguese.

VNC Connect supports sharing, collaboration across teams, and team management. The software makes it easy for companies to manage online teams.

Managers can invite team members to share remote access, set roles, access levels, and grant permissions from a central location.

With the standard enterprise tooling, IT professionals can deploy VNC Connect offline, in-bulk, or remotely. Users can use policies to configure VNC Connect remotely and lock it down to prevent modification to settings. 

 VNC Connect allows users to create virtual desktops on computers running on Linux operating systems. Managers can provide visual remote access to headless Linux systems, and offer distinct workspaces to users that use shared resources simultaneously.


VNC Connect remote desktop software allows organizations and professionals to access computers and devices from remote locations. With this software, organizations can share data and resources across internal teams and external stakeholders. Organizations use VNC Connect remote desktop software to reduce costs, drive productivity, and improve customer experiences.