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WordPress Features and Reviews

WordPress content management system software empowers individuals, businesses, and developers with the tools to create and manage websites, blogs, or applications.


WordPress is an open-source solution that focuses on providing designs and features for users across industries to build applications, websites, or blogs — this content management software powers over 30 percent of the web. More than 60 million people in the world use WordPress to manage their content on their blogs, websites, e-commerce sites, and complex portals.

Publishers do not need to have any development expertise to use this software as the platform is designed to use drag-and-drop features. Developers, on the other hand, are empowered with sophisticated tools and functionalities required for website and application development. Besides, WordPress gives users the flexibility to extend or modify the code in any way they want to.

This content management system software provides users with multiple plugins to enable them to extend their functionalities. Users can develop any type of sites they want, such as an online community, an e-commerce website, a government website, a photoblog, a personal blog, or a news website. Additionally, there are different themes available for users to choose the one that aligns with their brand.

Users can upload their themes and customize their websites to their preferences. WordPress allows users to import their blogs or websites from other platforms seamlessly. This software supports more than 70 languages, and users own all their content.

WordPress has a community that comprises thousands of content creators, developers, and site owners that offer help to users that need it. Users can get all the questions asked on the WordPress support forums on any issues answered. Besides, this free CMS software allows users to create different custom types of content.

Product Details

WordPress content management system allows developers to build plugins to extend the platform’s functionalities. Users can use the plugin repository on WordPress to host their developed plugin. This software offers a variety of plugins in its directory for different functions — some of these software solutions allow users to display their social media feed while others protect users from spam.

Wordpress enables users to add forms, forums, complex galleries, social networks, social media widgets, calendars, blog comment management, and team collaboration to their sites. More so, users can get analytics reports, search engine optimization, social media sharing, and security by adding the plugins that offer these functions.

WordPress content management system software allows developers to create themes for themselves and other users.  This software enables users to create both simple and complex WordPress themes seamlessly. Users can get access to the different WordPress themes available in the directory and select the one they want. Also, users can make their WordPress themes available for free by putting it in the theme repository.

WordPress content management system software's REST API enables applications to be able to interact with WordPress sites seamlessly. This software functionality allows the theme, plugin, and app of users to have a new interface for content publishing and management. Users can use the WordPress REST API to build an interactive user interface, create a plugin, and bring their content into different applications. Additionally, users can enable modern plugin interfaces and the block editor without compromising the security and privacy of their sites.

WordPress content management system software allows developers to build applications with ease. This software provides users with a lot of back-end tools used to create different apps. WordPress provides users with URL routing, databases, HTTP requests, user management, and translation features for their application. Besides, users can utilize WordPress REST API to interact with their apps seamlessly.

WordPress content management system software offers users default content types. This software allows developers to create their custom taxonomies, metadata, and post types by adding a few lines of code. Users can customize their websites, blogs, and applications on this platform seamlessly. Plus, WordPress gives users free rein to take their content in any direction.

WordPress content management system software mobile app allows users to create content on the go. Users can easily create, edit, publish, and consume data anywhere they are using the mobile app. This mobile application is open-source, and users can check the stats of their sites on it. Additionally, users can access this mobile app using any Android and Apple mobile devices.

WordPress content management system software allows visitors to leave comments on users' sites or blogs. This software's pre-built comment tool enables users to engage and discuss with their followers and friends with ease. Besides, users can seamlessly moderate any discussion they want.

WordPress content management system software offers its users an optimized site or blog. Any website created with WordPress is search engine optimized from the start. Users can add SEO plugins if they need a more comprehensive control for search engine optimization.

WordPress content management system software allows users to import their websites or blogs from another publishing system. This CMS software comes with importers that make importing content from Blogger, Movable Type, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, and Tumblr seamless. Besides, users can import from other publishing systems with ease.

WordPress content management system software allows users to own all their data exclusively. This software ensures that only users or people with appropriate permission can access their site content. Users have an exclusive right to their content, data, and website. Plus, WordPress ensures that users do not lose their content.

WordPress content management system software gives users the freedom to use the software in any way they want. Users can install, modify, and distribute this software with ease. This CMS software has a license under the GPL, which protects the freedom of users. Additionally, users can build their websites in any language other than English.


Wordpress CMS is one of the best platforms for developers, publishers, and business owners looking to build a website, blog, or an application. Users can extend their website to their specifications using the numerous plugins available. WordPress provides users with a pre-built comment tool, a mobile app, themes, custom metadata, and post types. This CMS solution emphasizes mainly on flexibility and customization.