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Wordsmith Features and Reviews

Wordsmith natural language generation software enables companies and organizations to automatically create stories in any language or format based on their data.


Wordsmith natural language generation software uses a natural language generation engine to transform users’ data into insightful narratives. Businesses can personalize unique sets of data to create content that corresponds to each user’s interests, roles, and responsibilities. The platform empowers different organizations to produce millions of narratives within a fraction of the time it would have taken them to compose them manually.

Wordsmith helps users generate valuable stories that paint a clear picture of their company’s data. It allows them to understand things that are happening in the industry and how exactly to manage them. With Wordsmith Language Generation software, organizations can turn structured data into human-sounding narratives, and scale their content production in the process.

The platform allows analysts to utilize real-time content updates for composing personalized reports and written analytics on a scale. Industries use the platform to produce millions of stories and insights that allow them to engage, monetize, and delight their customers. Wordsmith’s natural language generation technology also provides users with voice-assisted analytics and intricate dashboards that improve their productivity levels.

Wordsmith Language Generation software allows companies to produce written analysis for business intelligence dashboards and create portfolio summaries and updates for their clients. Users can also use the platform to personalize customer communications through email and in-app messaging.

Product Details

Wordsmith natural language generation software allows users to insert different forms of data and integrate them into a tableau. The platform provides data variables that the user can reference throughout their template. The variables serve as dynamic placeholders for companies’ data and allow professionals to format how their narratives are written. The software helps analysts to change the casing for their texts by selecting from one of the many formatting options featured on the platform. Wordsmith also provides a section that allows users to set up options for numbers, lists, dates, and time.

Wordsmith natural language generation software helps organizations to create narratives with synonymous words, phrases, or sentences throughout their templates. As soon as the user creates a story, the platform randomly selects an option or tries to suggest synonyms that suit the particular occasion. Wordsmith allows professionals to add alternative words to their texts to prevent the application from generating content that sounds the same. With nested synonyms, businesses can rewrite one sentence in over a thousand different ways.

Wordsmith natural language generation software enables analysts to use conditional logic while writing rules for scenarios that could affect their organizations’ data.   Companies use the platform to ensure that their business narratives are accurate and unique before making informed decisions. With the data variables section, users can write rules in the gray box area and then type what they want their narratives to contain. Professionals can organize their branches by adhering to the top-down rules when making decisions based on the available data. These branches serve as IF-THEN-ELSE statements that are based on the organization’s data.

Wordsmith natural language generation software allows users to see the logic behind the rules of their narratives.  

The platform helps businesses view the full branch rule involving both the parent and child logic. It ensures that the parent logic is correct so that the child logic follows the same steps. Wordsmith helps users develop a sense of where they are in the branch structure as they write more complicated and intricate branches. The logic above the branch allows analysts to navigate to different levels of a branch quickly.

Wordsmith natural language generation software helps professionals to add plain text notes to their branch rules.  Analysts can use the Condition Rule Descriptions to explain complicated logic in easily understandable terms for their clients. The technology also allows them to flag rules they wish to revisit later or add footnotes for other members of their team. Users can add the description by clicking on the three dots located at the top right corner of the branch window.

Wordsmith natural language generation software allows users to duplicate rules by copying logic to a new one. With the feature, businesses can create more rules that improve their operations by repeating particular sections within a branch. Wordsmith changes a part of the branch’s logic to apply to new scenarios within an organization’s data.

Wordsmith natural language generation software enables professionals to add another template from a project. The platform allows team leaders to split up parts of a model and share them with other members of an organization. They can also reuse the same synonym or branch throughout a template without experiencing any difficulty. Wordsmith allows multiple teammates to work independently on different templates while the master template gets updated with their work.

Wordsmith natural language generation software allows users to review branch rules and test narratives within their editor. The platform reduces the need for analysts to visit the preview tab to pinpoint potential errors with a branch logic. Users can cycle through different rows of data to identify a particular rule that needs to be written.

Wordsmith natural language generation software helps companies add more variability to their narratives and make them sound different from each other. With Wordsmith, users can measure how similar or dissimilar their stories are to one another. The guide allows them to identify parts of their templates that are producing parallel texts. The software flags specific words that are included in every generated narrative and allows the analyst to add more variation to the template. Wordsmith Language Generation software provides variability scores that are suitable for all types of narratives, including business reports and SEO.

Wordsmith natural language generation software allows industries to see a live preview of their narratives side-by-side with their templates. Users can visualize how any update they make affects their overall story from the Wordsmith editor. The changes they make syncs with the platform’s data tester and enables businesses to view the results in real-time.


Wordsmith natural language generation software provides small businesses and large enterprises with a useful tool for generating content from data. The natural language generation engine creates clear and logical descriptions for various things that rely on unstructured data.