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Workato Features and Reviews

Workato ETL Tools software allows IT experts and business owners to collaborate in rolling out, operating, and building automation.


Workato ETL Tools software gives users an intuitive interface to manage, build, and design integrations and automation without knowledge of programming. The software also allows IT operators and app admins to design simple and complex workflows. This design is done with a combination of error handling, loops, conditions, triggers and action, and apps. They can also add or change new actions whenever they want.

Business analysts and developers can also use the software in building integrations that automate business processes. Workflows can be designed without any code. Even more, users can customize or clone already-existing community recipes that are ready to deploy.

Additionally, users can reuse integrations and also share them with other users. These reusable integrations can be customized to fit other specific needs.

Workato ETL Tools also offers users automatic version control when they build integrations. They can upgrade to newer or go back to older versions without losing any work.

The software has composite connectors that support multiple actions and triggers. The connectors also allow consolidation of actions and triggers for cloud and on-premise apps. Even more, users have the flexibility to implement all use cases since the connectors support several interaction models like periodic or scheduled events, real-time webhooks, and polling.

Furthermore, users have access to secure connectivity for on-premise integration with custom apps, ERP files like Microsoft CRM Dynamics, and databases like MySQL Plus, the software helps users to optimize resource consumption when retrieving large volumes of data. This is done using cursors that transparently process data in batches.

Product Details

Workato ETL Tools software comes with an intuitive dashboard. Users have an overview of real-time data regarding connections and recipes in their accounts.

Also, business users can correlate recipe jobs to business metrics. Plus, they can visualize trends across time and identify outliers that affect their business directly.

Additionally, this feature gives users a snapshot of recipe issues, allowing them to create solutions efficiently. Even more, users get error notification emails with a focus on issues with top priority. Plus, they can customize filters by folders, recipe status, and date.

Workato ETL Tools software provides users with job graphs. An overview of recipes' health within a specific timeframe is generated for users. Also, users have access to a snapshot that can be modified according to the filter parameters that have been set. Even more, users can modify jobs graph using the filter tool to show relevant information about key recipes.

Workato ETL Tools software supports activity audits. Administrators can track changes to packages, folders, recipes, connections, and accounts.

This feature also gives users visibility throughout their projects. Hence, they can easily notice changes and analyze their impact.

With activity audits, users can log changes made, track the nature of such modifications, and use filters to navigate to specific changes.

Workato ETL Tools software offers users audit log streaming. The tool can store job histories of all users' recipes, user activity, and logins to any REST endpoint or an Amazin S3 bucket.

IT experts can use any log service provider like Datadog and Sumo Logic. Plus, the tool generates a JSON file for each event once users enable this feature. Also, the file size created varies depending on the details in the logs.

Workato ETL Tools software allows users to schedule numerous scenarios. With a scheduler connector, the tool allows users to schedule workflow processes. Users can set specific times and frequencies for workflows to occur.

Also, this tool comes with scheduler triggers that allow users to schedule they want a recipe to run.

Workato ETL Tools software supports secondary connectors. Users can automate the movement of data across two separate instances of the same applications. Also, this feature allows a user to connect secondary instances to a subsidiary and a primary connector to a corporate instance.

The software supports connectors for apps like Wrike, Slack, ServiceNow, Salesforce, QuickBase, JIRA.

Workato ETL Tools software allows users to perform batch processing. This way, users can use one job to process multiple records or different rows of data. This increases data throughput and speed when users move large numbers of records across different apps.

Workato ETL Tools software gives users access to Workato Teams for collaboration. Administrators can also keep track of things and ensure security.

With the Teams feature, the software allows role-based access control. Users can see access control for multiple objects and assets like jobs, recipes, connections, and recipes. Even more, they can group operations like operate, edit, and read into pre-defined roles. Also, users can create custom roles like marketing ops and marketing admin.

Additionally, this feature allows a single user to be part of multiple teams. This allows them to contribute to the deployment and development of different recipes and even operate these recipes. A single IT expert can head numerous departments at the same time.

The Teams feature also provides better security for users using SAML-based Single-Sign-On apps like OneLogin and OKTA. This centralizes security and fastens de-provisioning and provisioning.

Furthermore, this feature allows IT professionals to keep an audit trail of changes made when multiple users work on the same recipe. Also, with auto--versioning, users can roll-forward or roll-back changes without losing any data.

Workato ETL Tools software supports recipe ownership. A team of users that creates a recipe owns that recipe. Hence, when a user changes jobs or teams, their contribution to the recipe does not go with them.

Workato ETL Tools software provides users with recipe lifecycle management. Teams can collaborate simultaneously in a controlled and planned recipe development environment. Also, users can import or export packages containing recipes and their dependencies like message templates and lookup tables. This way, teams can maintain integration recipes in their multiple teams' environments.


Workato ETL Tools software helps organizations automate their business workflows across their employee, on-premise apps, and cloud apps. The software also enables IT and business users to develop workflow automation easily. Also, the software provides a chat-based bot-building platform that helps developers build UX centered around workflows and integrations. Even more, Workato ETL Tools provides Connectors that abstract and handle different aspects of data and app integration for scenarios that require custom development.