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XLSTAT Features and Reviews

XLSTAT statistical analysis software helps universities and businesses of all sizes analyze, customize, and share data results within Microsoft Excel.


XLSTAT focuses on providing data analysis and statistical solutions for organizations from different industries with focus on users in education and research. This affordable software works as an add-on to Excel. Businesses of all sizes use XLSTAT to prepare, manage, describe, analyze, visualize, and model data.

With this software, users can perform correlation, parametric, and non-parametric tests. XLSTAT allows users to export and share documents in GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIFF formats. Users can visualize data using a wide range of visualizations like histograms, scatter plots, probability plots, error bars, 2D plots, motion charts, and univariate plots. Plus, this analytical solution enables users to perform distribution fitting checks.

XLSTAT allows users to carry out an analysis of variance and covariance in multiple ways in Excel. Users can perform a multivariate analysis of variance to model a combination of dependent variables. This software enables users to model binary, ordinary, or ordinal data for logistic regression. Additionally, users can seamlessly model ordinal survey responses using ordinal logit models in Excel.

With this Excel add-on, users can develop a subsample of observations from univariate or multivariate data sets. This software allows users to generate different amounts of data from a theoretical distribution. Besides, users can use this XLSTAT analysis solution to detect latent variables that summarise variability among various variables.

This software enables users to mine data using principal component analysis, factor analysis, correspondence analysis, and discriminant analysis. Users can code and recode data automatically to save time. XLSTAT allows users to summarize the relationship between two categorical variables. Plus, users can test the association between rows and columns of a table with ease.

Product Details

XLSTAT statistical analysis software allows users to manage their data sets and get them ready for analysis. Users can source data from multiple sources with ease. Besides, this software helps users manage data in a variety of ways like grouping, deduping, joining, and filtering.

When deduping data, users can avoid input errors and duplications that occur typically. XLSTAT enables users to aggregate their data and get the summary table in time. Users can easily merge data based on a common factor. Filtering data helps users treat specific parts of their data seamlessly. Users can apply a filter based on multiple values. Plus, they have the option to keep or discard the filtered data.

XLSTAT statistical analysis software enables users to check if a data sample distribution differs from a theoretical distribution. The software allows users to fit a data-distribution to a data sample with ease. Users can use the distribution moments definition as a function of the parameters to determine the statistics of the sample. Additionally, users can estimate distribution parameters by maximizing the sample likelihood.

This software provides data distributions like Chi-square, Fisher, Gamma, Beta, Binomial, Poisson, Uniform, Normal, Lognormal, and Negative binomial. Users can test hypothesis distribution to check if the phenomenon follows the distribution. Besides, this software provides users with fit tests.

XLSTAT statistical analysis software enables users to develop a simple or multiple linear regression model. Users can create models to explain their data and predict the future. This software allows users to select variables for modeling in a variety of ways. Plus, users can validate the hypothesis of linear regression on their data by carrying out tests.

This Excel add-on solution allows users to correct common linear regression errors that arise during data analysis. Users can get a summary of their variable selection depending on the selection mode they choose. Besides, there are different tables users can use to visualize their data and variables.

XLSTAT statistical analysis software empowers users with tools to model binary, multinomial, and ordinal data. Medical professionals, marketers, accountants, and surveyors use this software to carry out surveys on patients, products, and risks. This software allows users to link an event (its occurrence or non-occurrence) to a combination of explanatory variables. Plus, users can calculate confidence intervals for different parameters.

XLSTAT statistical analysis software models ordinal survey responses on Excel. Surveyors can model ordinal variables when analyzing a survey carried out on their customers. This software links a cumulative probability to a combination of explanatory variables. Additionally, users can change the convergence and iteration threshold if they want to.

XLSTAT statistical analysis software helps users to deal with missing data removal and imputation. Users can use advanced missing value treatment methods to clean and complete their datasets. This software allows users to use techniques like mean imputation, NIPALS algorithm, MCMC multiple imputation algorithms, the nearest neighbor approach, and mode imputation when dealing with missing quantitative and qualitative data.

XLSTAT statistical analysis software allows users to fit data to any linear or nonlinear function. Users can model complex phenomena with ease. This software offers predefined tasks that users can use to select the model that describes an event. Users can improve the speed and reliability of their calculations by saving new models to the library. Besides, XLSTAT software allows users to adjust different variables at the same time.

XLSTAT statistical analysis software enables users to compute basic descriptive statistics on a large number of variables. Users can visualize data distributions using scattergrams, pie charts, bar charts, strip plots, stacked bars, and box plots. This software provides statistics like range, mean, geometric mean, standard deviation, Skewness, Kurtosis, mode, frequency, and mean absolute deviation for quantitative and qualitative data.

XLSTAT statistical analysis software helps users to detect latent variables that sum up variability among multiple variables. This software reveals underlying factors that affect the measured variables. Users can use a variety of techniques to extract latent factors from data. Additionally, users can transform their analysis results for a straightforward interpretation.


XLSTAT is one of the best platforms used by individuals and businesses from different industries. It helps users to prepare, analyze, model, manage, transform, visualize, and share structured and unstructured data. The core strength of this Excel add-on is its emphasis on flexibility and effectiveness.