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Zendesk Support Features and Reviews

Zendesk help desk software offers organizations scalable customer support and engagement solutions to meet their dynamic customer service and support needs.


Zendesk help desk software focuses on transforming customer service for businesses of all sizes. Organizations use this flexible software for customer retention, agent productivity, lead sourcing, and an increase in customer satisfaction. With over 145,000 users offering service and support in more than 30 languages, Zendesk helps businesses in different industries.

This software is customizable and scales to meet the needs of any type and size of business. Business owners can use this software to create customer-like experiences for their internal teams for secure communication and increased productivity. Zendesk help desk software provides industries with sales management tools that increase pipeline visibility and productivity. Plus, businesses can personalize support workflows and modules to fit their customer service workflow.

Zendesk allows different companies to organize workflows and track customer engagement. This software can transform large volumes of support data into market insights, which businesses use to build long-lasting relationships with customers. Besides, Zendesk integrates seamlessly with over 100 third-party applications.

This customer support software offers live chat functionality, which allows businesses to engage with prospects and assist them. Companies can easily follow leads to social media platforms where people are talking about their activities. Additionally, Zendesk allows users to build their self-service customer solutions using its features and knowledge base.

The support functionality of this software allows team members to work seamlessly using any channel like Email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and voice. Users do not need to learn any coding language to use Zendesk effectively. Enterprises, retailers, HR teams, IT teams, educators, and SMBs all rely on this software for customer service and engagement. Plus, this software is available via the chat module, and it integrates with Twitter and Facebook.

Product Details

Zendesk help desk software tracks and gathers all customer engagement from multiple channels like email, chat widget, phone, and social media. This omnichannel software makes it easy for businesses to prioritize and solve customer support inquiries. Team members can access and manage all engagement information. Plus, this software's organized workflow allows chat agents to get a full view of the journey of each customer regardless of where the engagement began.

The ticketing system of this software allows support team members to keep conversations going with customers on any channel without losing context. Managers can track KPIs, performance metrics and SLAs of each team member across customer experience seamlessly suing Zendesk. This software's issue tracking function allows specific issues to be flagged and quickly escalated to the right channel.

Zendesk help desk software allows users to create, organize, and distribute content with agents, customers, and the public. This software enables businesses to measure which of their content is performing best. Users can customize the knowledge solution to cater to their internal teams, agents, or customers. Besides, support agents and customers can use self-service to access the information.

Managers can easily restrict their internal knowledge base to specific groups to ensure information security. Zendesk allows users to translate their content to over 40 languages to cater to customers from different locales. The in-built reports provide businesses with insights to expose content gaps and identify areas that need new articles created.

Zendesk help desk software helps businesses strengthen customer connections and increase customer engagement. Members of the support team can guide and engage new and existing customers using community posts and discussions.

Zendesk enables agents to transition a community post to a ticket to continue the conversation. This software allows agents to have full visibility into the community activity of customers. Additionally, companies have complete control over the design of their online community for customers.

Zendesk help desk software helps salespeople to build meaningful relationships using integrated communication channels. Sales representatives can access everything on this software without distracting their workflow. This software allows companies to locate and organize new leads. Plus, sales representatives can create new leads from multiple channels like live chat, SMS, voice, and email.

Businesses can use customizable dashboards and reports to view and measure their essential performance metrics. Managers can find out how their sales representatives are doing regarding customer experience. This software empowers users with a database of 20 million companies. Besides, companies can segment their customers by location, industry, and role.

Zendesk help desk software allows businesses to help their customers in real-time. This software allows team members to send targeted messages to customers to keep them engaged on their websites. With pre-chat and offline forms, companies ensure customers can reach them at any time. Additionally, businesses can monitor their website visitors and analyze metrics to anticipate the needs of customers.

Customers can rate the performance of support agents to give room for improvement. Zendesk API allows businesses to integrate AI-powered bots into their chats. Also, companies can measure the impact of their engagement platform.

Zendesk help desk software enables organizations to use call center solutions to connect with customers. Agents can deliver personalized support and solve issues for customers over the phone. This cloud-based solution records every phone call and automatically creates tickets after every call. Besides, companies can integrate their telephony solution into the software.

Zendesk help desk software allows users to create their customer experience systems. This software enables users to connect seamlessly with customer data from multiple sources. Companies can understand and identify their customers to build personalized experiences. Plus, Zendesk gives users the freedom to create support solutions their way.

Zendesk help desk software enables companies to deliver the best experiences to their employees. This software empowers employees with a self-service knowledge base and omnichannel support, which helps to increase their productivity. Employees can access all collaboration, asset management, and support systems directly from the software. Besides, managers can automate specific workflows to reduce the workload of several employees.


Zendesk help desk software focuses on providing customer engagement, sales, and customer support solutions to businesses from different industries. This software enables organizations to be where their customers are - with its omnichannel functionality. Zendesk allows enterprises to use a customizable knowledge base to empower their agents, customers, and employees.