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Zoho Assist Features and Reviews

Zoho Assist remote desktop software provides a secure and reliable way to use unattended remote access to set up and manage remote computers.


Zoho Assist is a cloud-based software that offers remote support to help connect with remote computers securely. Without the need for installation, the software could support customers remotely regardless of their geographical location using attended remote support sessions. Plus, users can leverage unattended remote access to manage remote computers.

Zoho Assist differs from conventional remote desktop applications. With this software, users do not need to bother with computer credentials, IP addresses, and network configurations before initiating remote support sessions. The software works well with proxies, firewalls, or NAT. The only requirement is that the computers must have an internet connection.

The software allows users to decide how many customers they want to reach. With the free plan, they can add up to five unattended computers. This number can become unlimited as you proceed with a paid plan. However, there is no limit to the number of technicians you can permit to assist you with an unattended computer. 

Product Detail

Zoho Assist remote desktop software offers an easy, secure, and reliable way to troubleshoot without clutter and hassles. The software provides an on-demand web-based remote support session to respond quickly to customers. IT experts can manage remote computers effortlessly and set up unattended remote access. It offers multi-factor authentication, compatibility, SSL certification, and all major anti-virus software.

Customers do not have to be concerned with their firewall configuration or proxy. Zoho Assist offers cybersecurity as data exchange is encrypted and follows industry-standard, 256-bit AES protocols, and so on. Albeit, for troubleshooting to be smooth, the software must be compatible with the anti-virus used. This is not a problem because Zoho Assist is compatible with all the major anti-viruses.

It terminates any inactive session automatically once they exceed the pre-defined idle period. The software protects private information like Personally Identifiable Information (PII) by providing the option to keep the information anonymous. So, the user’s IP address, customers’ email addresses, and their IP addresses can stay safe. It also ensures that access to data is consent-based, so customers must agree to action before technicians can initiate unattended access sessions. It is a secure alternative to using VPNs.

Zoho Assist remote desktop software allows users to reboot and reconnect. It is more challenging for technical support technicians, system administrators, and MSPs to reboot and reconnect to a remote computer. Rebooting might not solve the problem immediately, but the software stabilizes the network to a state that allows users to resolve issues.

In most cases, when users update anti-virus or install patches or software, they have to reboot the system safely or regularly. Albeit, Zoho Assist prevents users from losing control when they reboot and reconnect to a remote computer during unattended access sessions and instant remote support.

Zoho Assist remote desktop software awakens or switches on an unattended, shutdown computer or one that is in sleep mode. One can then access and support the computers remotely once they switch them on. The software allows users to transfer files, fix issues, and update software without disturbing their customers. It also enables a technician to navigate multiple monitors connected to an unattended computer as far as they are connected to a power source. They can also invite their colleagues with Zoho Assist to help them resolve the remote computer’s issues.

Zoho Assist remote desktop software allows session audit and monitoring. The software records screen sharing, remote support, and unattended access session. Since troubleshooting does not always happen as intended, the ability to review recorded sessions can show where the problem is. 

Zoho Assist helps to create audit trails that contain all the data that is relevant for the session. It will be easy to trace how the operation happened down to the technicians who were involved with an installation or a file transfer—the software documents each session to form a knowledge base. Organizations can review or use them in demonstrations and training sessions.

The software allows users to download recordings and send them to their customers at will. It lets them choose from several resolutions to decide the quality of their recordings or downloads. Users can select the download quality manually, but if it is automatic, the system will choose a resolution that matches the user’s internet speed.

Zoho Assist allows users to maintain recordings with relevant details on a 5GB cloud storage. The details may include session ID, technician’s name, IP address, operating system, customer’s name, and more. It also provides filters that can help quick recovery of past sessions.

Zoho Assist remote desktop software enables presentations and online meetings. Since it allows screen sharing, one can hold training sessions, presentations, and host meetings with the software. Users can schedule mutually convenient meetings with their customers and set reminders to notify both participants and the presenter at the right time.

The software allows users to reverse roles and change presenters, even during a live session. It provides a virtual whiteboard that allows presenters to make annotations to guide participants. Members can chat through a built-in chatting system while the meeting is going on. During the presentations, presenters can transfer and receive files from participants. This prevents events of forgotten or lost documents and makes one always ready. The software allows you to take screenshots of important information during meetings.

Zoho Assist remote desktop software allows users to customize or brand their accounts effortlessly.  So, it is not uncommon to see an organization’s Zoho Assist account with their company name and logo. They can choose to create and access their Zoho Assist account through a customized URL. This helps organizations maintain their brand language. So, they can send technician invites and session invites to help them retain customers that are loyal to your brand. An organization can grant all its technicians permission to perform unattended access sessions, remote support, or both. 


Zoho Assist remote desktop software allows you to customize your account. The software enables screen sharing, which is suitable for meetings and training sessions. It allows users to record sessions and document the details. So, users can trace any troubleshooting issues by reviewing the recordings.