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Zoho CRM


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Zoho CRM Features and Reviews

Zoho CRM supports more than 150,000 businesses from 180 countries to help them improve their lead conversion, boost their customer engagement, and grow their revenue.


Zoho CRM provides customer relationship solutions to both enterprise users and small businesses. Although the software focuses on two types of business users — sales reps and sales leaders — they have created custom CRM solutions for specific user clusters. Specifically, you will find solutions for businesses in financial services, real estate, life sciences, retail, insurance, and agencies.

Apart from businesses, this CRM offers special discounts to charities who reach out to them for special pricing. This customer relationship management tool helps salespeople automate repetitive tasks, nurture their leads, and close deals.

Zoho CRM features a customer experience suite. This feature helps users engage with customers at different stages of their lifecycle and across multiple channels. It helps users manage their teams’ communications in one thread. Hence teams can understand their customers' behavior across different media channels.

This tool’s pricing ranges from free to $100 a month and has a wide assortment of features across these pricing plans. Users can use Zoho CRM on iOS, Android, and the web. The CRM features a wide range of integrations across categories like marketing automation, messaging, events and meetings, telephony, finance, quote management, document management, storage, and more.

Businesses have testified that Zoho CRM was instrumental in helping them achieve significant results. Testimonials include seeing a 65 percent boost in their sales pipeline, going from $1 million to $20 million in revenue in two years, and increasing repeat sales from 20 percent to 40 percent.

Zoho CRM also offers training programs for individuals and organizations that need them. They provide consultation as well as deployment and onboarding guides. These resources help users get up to speed on how to use Zoho CRM to manage their customer relationships.

Data compliance is taken seriously here. The platform is compliant with the EU-US privacy shield framework for data collection, retention, and use.

Product details

Zoho CRM offers multipurpose digital contact management to users. This CRM relieves users of their dependence on spreadsheets. It simplifies their contact management by offering them options to add tasks, create connections, log their sales activities, add notes to contacts, qualify their leads, and do a lot more with their contact list. Users can manage their contacts, leads, deals, and accounts using this feature.

Zoho CRM offers users email marketing solutions to create more personalized experiences. This customer relationship management tool comes with an email editor and formatting options. Users can personalize their messages by drawing from existing templates, crafting workflows, insert surveys, adding email opt-out options, and other features.

Users can also schedule follow up messages, get notifications when someone interacts with their email message, and use external email clients to messaging. They can leverage artificial intelligence to analyze and boost email performance. Zoho CRM comes with a filter tool that allows its users to filter emails by status or for leads in particular stages of the sales pipeline.

Zoho CRM supports data migration. So users can import their data from other customer relationship management platforms or spreadsheet into Zoho CRM. The platform is available in 25 languages, including English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Croatian, German, and more.

Zoho CRM empowers users to track their website visitors and generate leads. Salespersons seeking to find new leads can rely on Zoho CRM to track their website visitor patterns and leverage that data to generate leads using web forms. The CRM has live chat capabilities to instantly engage visitors, address their questions and concerns, and seize that opportunity to convert them to leads.

This feature tracks and saves visitors’ history so that salespeople can track each buyer’s journey over time. Using this feature helps you understand if a visitor is a new prospect or a returning customer so that they can segment them by sales pipelines.

Zoho CRM pricing starts from its free-forever plan to a $100-per-user-per-month plan. Small businesses can get started with Zoho CRM’s free version, and as they grow, they can adopt the paid solution. The paid solution ranges from $12 to $100 per user per month. However, users seeking extended features can either get them as an add-on or go for Zoho CRM plus.

The free version of the Zoho CRM allows three users only. However, users can access most of Zoho CRM’s useful features like the contact book, email marketing, lead generation, automation, analytics, customization, and more.

For extended features, users can rely on Zoho CRM Plus. The CRM Plus offers a free, no-credit-cards-asked 30-day trial. After the trial, users can choose to use the service monthly for $60 per user or pay for 12 months at $50 per month, per user.

Zoho CRM workflow automation helps users handle routine tasks so that they are more productive. Both free and paid plan users can access Zoho CRM workflow management but to varying degrees. While free plan users can set only one workflow rule, paid users can set anywhere from six to 50 rules.

Everyone can also access the tool’s email notification function to varying extents. People on the free plan can use five emails per notification rule and can only handle 150 emails per day. Paid users can use 5,000 to 25,000 email notifications per day. Overall, people on the paid plan can access more features like webhooks, approval processes, schedules, case escalation, functions, and more.

Zoho CRM provides data reporting and analytics for users to understand their customer relationship trends, sales, campaigns, and more. Users can access visually pleasant charts to help them quickly get the details of their performance without digging through piles of texts.

Zoho CRM is cloud-based and mobile-friendly. Users can access their data on the go. So they would receive notifications, view customer activities on one dashboard, and manage deals. Zoho’s mobile app lets users make offline changes and then sync the data when they are online.

Zoho CRM features inventory management, billing, invoicing, pricing, and vendor management features. Additionally, this customer relationship tool comes with a vendor management feature. Users oversee their products, sales orders, sales quotes, and purchase orders in one place.


Zoho CRM boasts one of the most advanced CRM platforms. It focuses on helping salespeople gain more leads, engage those leads, convert them to customers, and turn them into loyal, happy customers. Each pricing plan comes with one gigabyte of file storage space and the option to get five gigabytes at $4 monthly. It also has data administration features like data backup, data import and export, and data history. Users can extend the features of Zoho CRM with add-ons and integrations.