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Zoho Desk Features and Reviews

Zoho Desk help desk software offers customer support and builds meaningful customer interactions that adapt to different business needs.


Zoho Desk help desk software helps businesses of all sizes and industries focus on their customers. This software equips managers and agents with the tools needed to provide customer support, increase productivity, and make data-based decisions. Plus, companies can sync Zoho Desk with the other popular applications they use, seamlessly.

This software allows employees to automate repetitive tasks to save time and enhance productivity. With Zoho Desk analytics tools, managers can measure metrics and identify trends in their teams' performance and customer experience. Employees from different departments in an organization can collaborate and communicate efficiently to offer customers the best support. Besides, this software supports a wide variety of channels like social media, phone, email, and live chat.

Zoho Desk allows customers to create a knowledge base that enables customers to find answers to their questions on their own. Businesses from different industries can customize every aspect of this software like the layouts, ticket status, templates, and portal to suit the uniqueness of their brand. Agents can collaborate with other teams and offer customer support to customers on the go using the Zoho Desk mobile app, which is available for Apple and Android devices.

Industries like insurance, finance, education, hospitality, SaaS, telecommunication, retail, and HR rely on Zoho Desk to offer customer support and engagement to their customers. This software uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure that businesses stay on the loop in every aspect of their customer service. Zoho Desk integrates with Slack to ensure that there is internal collaboration within any organization. Additionally, businesses can define the level of access different employees can get.

Product Details

Zoho Desk help desk software ensures that agents run a smooth customer support process across various channels. Agents can access and reply to all support tickets from different channels from one interface. This multichannel software allows agents to get context on customers regardless of the previous channels they used. Plus, companies can create a customized Help Center for their brand complete with FAQs, a Knowledge Base, and articles for customers to find answers themselves.

Zoho Desk help desk software helps managers measure their customer's satisfaction and how much their customer support has improved. Businesses can make better decisions for their customers by measuring and tracking metrics like typical ticket resolution time, frequent inquiries, and the highest ticket traffic. This software allows users to create dashboards and reports that can be scheduled and exported. Besides, reports help businesses pinpoint areas that need improvement.

Zoho Desk help desk software enables organizations to integrate with useful CRM, invoicing, and inventory systems. Businesses can customize this software according to their brand guidelines and needs. Zoho Desk allows users to manage different apps from one interface seamlessly. Additionally, this software enables businesses to personalize every detail of their help desk.

Users can extend the functionality of this software to build a robust, custom customer service engine. Zoho Desk allows its users to write custom instructions to accomodate complex processes. Developers can use APIs to integrate this software's modules with other third-party systems and portals.

Zoho Desk help desk software allows organizations to create separate departments for product types or subscription levels. Different departments within an organization can customize their help desk with channels, SLAs, and team members to foster organization.

This software allows businesses to automate tickets routing to the right department or agent using rule settings. Zoho Desk enables organizations to have separate self-service portals for each of their departments. Plus, managers can track agent response, resolution times, and performance for each department.

Zoho Desk help desk software allows organizations to secure their customer data by setting permission access for different employee roles. Managers can manage the information visible to employees by creating organization charts on the software. Businesses can customize permissions to suit the size and needs of their team. Besides, Zoho Desk allows organizations to control who can access data within different helpdesk modules.

Zoho Desk help desk software allows customers to get answers to their questions before contacting support. Businesses can provide Help Centers for each of their brands with different SLAs, articles, channels, and notifications. This software allows organizations to customize their portal to fit their brand using CSS and HTML. Plus, businesses can decide whether to make their Help Center public or private to visitors.

Zoho Desk help desk software helps organizations to build a community of customers who can help each other. Managers can moderate all community posts to reduce unwanted participation and spam. Additionally, managers can add multiple moderators to stay on top of community discussions.

This software allows users to make their community public or restrict it to only logged-in users. Employees can use the community to interact with customers quickly. Also, companies can use this community to make product announcements to their customers.

Zoho Desk help desk software offers organizations an AI-powered assistant, which helps them stay on top of all aspects of their customer service. This software's AI assistant automatically answers customers' questions using the content in an organization's knowledge base. Companies can train this AI assistant to perform other actions like placing and editing an order. Managers could receive notifications if the assistant's solutions did not help solve customer issues.

Zoho Desk AI assistant adds context to every ticket to ensure agents classify, prioritize them according to importance. This functionality also analyses the performance of employees around the clock to identify anomalies. Business owners can make data-backed decisions with the help of this AI assistant, analyzing trends and patterns.


Zoho Desk help desk software is a customer support solution used by businesses from different industries. This software helps companies prioritize and pay close attention to their customer base on various channels. Zoho Desk allows organizations to build a Help Center for their different brands -- it also enables them to customize all aspects of their help desk for different departments. This software integrates seamlessly with multiple CRM and productivity systems and applications.