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Zoho Social Features and Reviews

Zoho Social social media management helps agencies and businesses create custom dashboards, monitor mentions, and schedule posts on their social media pages.


Zoho Social is a media publishing tool that helps businesses create content and also automate their publishing activities. Users can either publish their posts instantly or schedule it for multiple social media platforms, all from a single window. This window also gives businesses the percentage of engagers likely to interact with the content at a specific time. Similarly, Zoho Social has a SmartQ engine that allows users to post their content when followers are more likely to view them. This engine also enables users to target Facebook posts using different time zones and locations. Plus, there is also a bulk scheduler that allows users to create and schedule multiple posts at the same time. Even more, Zoho Social has iOS and Android apps that let users publish posts from anywhere.

This social media management software also has a SociaShare extension for Firefox and Chrome. This extension enables users to share posts from their preferred browser without switching windows. Even more, Zoho Social's collaboration capabilities allow teams to work together on ideas for creating engaging content. Teams can also view and share social media performance reports amongst themselves, which helps them collaborate on improving their social media strategy.

Zoho Social also provides monitoring tools that alert users when customers send a message or reach out, ensuring that they respond on time. With the software's search tools, users can track competitors and also find new business opportunities, events, and hashtags, which can be saved for when they are needed. More so, users have access to analytics and statistics that give them relevant visual reports and data on their social media performance and presence.

Product Details

Scheduling: Businesses can manage, organize, and plan their social media pipeline, as well as control how and when their content reaches their audience. Also, users can create posts and schedule them across multiple social media platforms. Even more, the tool allows users to pause and resume their scheduled posts whenever they want.

Zoho Social also allows users to repeat their posts to reinforce important updates. More so, the software's SmartQ engine enables users to schedule posts for when their targeted audience is most likely to see them. Users can also create targeted posts by choosing the location or timezone of their targeted audience.

Moreover, the software has a publishing calendar that allows users to schedule posts and then drag and drop them on a calendar. This way, users can work closely with teams to create better content marketing strategies. The publishing calendar can also be used to preview scheduled posts, manage content pipeline, and drag and drop posts to reschedule. Even more, Zoho Social has a Bulk Scheduler that allows users to schedule posts in bulk from a spreadsheet.

Monitoring tool: The software enables users to monitor hashtags and keywords as well as what is being said about their brands across multiple social channels. Users can also interact and respond to visitors that engage with their brand on social media. Also, this tool allows users to send welcome messages to new followers as well as inline direct messages to continue a conversation.

This feature also gives users access to a customizable social listening dashboard for tracking brand mentions, followers, tweets, and so on. At the same time, each member of a team that is monitoring different social media activities can set up their personalized screens and dashboards.

Also, users can search for relevant keywords, people, and social media conversations. Even more, users can view details about hashtags and profiles from within the software.

Collaboration tool: Users can add team members and work on a campaign together or share a custom report with them. More so, specific roles can be defined for each team member that is added. And, users can also specify the features, social channels, and brands that each team member can access.

Teams can also create posts, edit posts, and get their drafts approved from a single tab. Even more, users can share reports with team members and also export these reports or share them directly via mail to persons outside the team. These reports would also carry user's branding.

This feature also gives users access to a collaboration tab where the entire team can see general conversations. Users can also monitor the activities and profiles of every team member from this tab. More so, users can set up real-time notifications for when team members or clients share something.

Analytics tool: Zoho Social helps users analyze the impact of their social media by creating insightful reports on their social media performance. Users also have access to a social media analytics dashboard that provides in-depth social media metrics. This dashboard also allows users to discover more about their followers, like demographics and language.

Also, users can identify their top-performing posts and determine the best times to engage with their audience. Even more, they can track the source of their traffic and also the distribution of clicks across multiple social channels. The tool also allows users to compare paid and organic impressions and gain insight on their best-performing posts.

Additionally, this feature allows users to schedule custom reports and pick stats from multiple social channels to a drag-and-drop report dashboard. From this dashboard, users have an overview of relevant information, and they can also customize time frames for each report. Even more, users can set reports to be sent automatically to team members and clients. Plus, these reports would carry users' logos and branding.


With Zoho Social, users can manage multiple social media platforms, monitor keywords and hashtags, and schedule posts. This cloud-based social media management software allows businesses to create and publish posts, share content, collaborate with teams, as well as monitor their social media presence and performance. Even more, users can identify new leads and access analytics and stats for improving their social media strategy. At the same time, the software integrates with multiple platforms like Google My Business, LinkedIn, Desk Integration, and more.